Women Love It When They Are Whispered To

Everyone does.

If a below average chick says "stinky shit diarrhea" in your ear, you will be way more turned on than if she said it to you face to face. The same goes for women. So if the bar is loud (and you should look for above average loudness bars) you have every right to use this technique: she won't ask you "why are you whispering in my ear" because she knows it's loud.

When you start talking to her, immediately reach for getting your lips around nine inches or so from her ear. Then if she is responding by letting you talk to her in that manner, try to get closer and closer as the dialog develops. If she isn't backing away every time you are responding to something you are saying, and if she keeps asking you questions or is trying to make conversation, you know you are good and can go on with this method.

Within five minutes you should be talking to her in her ear, as your lips should be almost touching her ear. Keep your voice at a normal level, neither too quiet nor too loud. You goal is to keep it just loud enough for her to hear but not loud enough to allow her to move her head away. You want her to stay in that position, so that you can further stimulate her.

While you are carrying out the whisper technique, you should be also working on the second seduction method called "boob touch".

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