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Let's be realistic. I asked you to go out and do all the preparation steps while you were reading this book. But since you are normal, you probably chose to read the entire book then to come back to it and do each of the steps properly.

Here is a summaryof the major steps involved in seducing women and bringing them home:

Go out and tan.

Shop for a nice set of funky clothes. Get the jingles, shoes and hepatitis glasses. Start doing sit ups if you got a "food baby". Groom your self.

Deforest your chest and pubes into a clean landscape. Get the stuff you need for your sex factory. Get the stuff you should have in your pockets at all times.

Then go out to a bar with a good female to male ratio. Spot the women that are easiest to hit on. Try to make eye contact with them. On the third glance, move in and spark up a conversation.

Talk to her for a while. Seduction Illustrated 148

Proceed to do the whisper. Do the boob touch or leg touch. Get her physically turned on.

Take her somewhere, on the way there, make out with her with the "spin&kiss".

Take her somewhere else, away from her friends. Make out some more.

Suggest that you two should keep on partying. Find a party or a motel or bring her back to your place, or hers.

Put some music on.

Make out while both your clothes come off. Have sex and wear a condom.

Good hunting!


Anthony Berger

Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear your stories, your variations of these techniques and other methods you may have used with positive results. You can contact me at: [email protected]

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