Your room

Most of this stuff may seem obvious but they are all stuff you need for your room. You can't create the "right" ambiance with a fluorescent light instead of candles.

A "dirty laundry stenched" room will totally cock-block your chances of getting laid.

Having to run around look for stuff she may need before, during or after sex is a complete turn-off.

You went this far and got the chick to come back, you don't want to flush it all down the toilet just because you weren't prepared for her. Most of this stuff is the type of kind you buy once in a full moon. A good lube bottle can last many months.

"When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail."-Roosevelt

Small Fridge

You got your chick back in your room. Everything's going perfect, you are making out like no tomorrow and you just know that with the momentum, sex is imminent. Then, she asks for a beer/Coke/water/wine what-have-

Your room you. During the time it takes you to go to the kitchen, pick something and come back, she will have reestablished her judgment, she will check her watch and realize that it's too late for this, and that she is about to go to bed with someone she never met before. Now, if you got a little fridge fully stocked with the basics, when she asks for something, you reach over with one hand while playing with her breast with the other.

Other things you should have. They are all worth getting since they don't get used up so quickly: Chocolate syrup, Marshmallow or whip-cream Honey

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