Approaching and Conversation ifc How do I decide who and when to approach

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There are two basic schools of thought about this. While some guys will approach basically whoever they like, there are others who only approach women who are already interested.

In a social venue like a bar or nightclub, it is very acceptable to socialize with everyone there. So in this type of venue I will approach any woman or group in the place.

In a daytime setting such as a mall or coffee shop, I've gotten to a place where I would rather approach a woman who is already interested. The way to gauge this is by reading her body language.

Have you ever been working somewhere, or maybe just hanging out, and a woman you really liked walked into the room? Remember tensing up a bit, or becoming "hyper-aware" and a bit more reactive to the situation? Were you more careful with your words? Guess what - people can sense this.

That is what happens to women when they are attracted too. So when there's a waitress serving me, and she says something that seems a bit out of place, or she waits around for a split second too long, I can read that she's attracted.

It may be in their facial expressions (they may go "out of their way" not to look in your direction) or they may perk up their body language and become 5% more stiff. (This is subtle but you will feel it with time)

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