1. What are three things you're doing right now that may be serving as "crutches" in the game?

2. What are some steps you can take toward removing those crutches?

3. Recall a time you could have been social, but choose not to.

4. Name 3 ways you can become more social in your everyday interactions.

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3. Fashion tfjOlSHoiv much importance do you place on your attire and "look"?

It's important to get your attire to a place that is considered average or "in fashion", just to show that you have a base level of social intelligence.

Going above that, I would NOT look to the "seduction community" for fashion advice. Lord knows I've made that mistake.

Get a woman to take you out shopping and listen to her. This will help you twofold. First, you will be in fashion. Second it will implicitly social proof you because other women will know that a woman picked out your clothes.

^q*^ How would you recommend going about discovering your personal style, or "look"?

Lots of experimentation. I'm still searching for my "look". With any guy who truly cares about developing himself and creating a great image for himself, I don't think the journey is every really finished. Fashion changes, and your taste changes as well.

What you want to do is experiment, and see what feels good on you. Find someone with a good sense, and have them pick out an outfit for you. Then have someone else pick something out for you - then pick out something YOU like. Through years of experimentation, you'll start to settle into something that feels right on you.

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What should I look for in terms of my own fashion style?

Your focus should not be on impressing women, but rather, relating to women. Impressing presupposes that you are lacking inherent value as a man.

With respect to dressing fashionably - the easiest way to do this is to get a female friend, and take her out shopping. Do this for an entire year, with different women, and you'll not only develop a sense of personal taste (realize what you like and dislike) but also an awareness of what looks good.

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