1. What are some cliché openers you have thought about using in the past?

2. What can you use instead of those? (List 3)

3. What are some signals you have gotten from women in the past that made you think that she wasn't interested? (List 3)

4. How can you re-interpret those as her being interested, but testing or playing hard to get, or just being shy?

5. On page 28 there was a list of things you could do to improve your chances of being approached. How would that list apply specifically to your life?

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5. "Phone game" and getting dates

How long should I wait to call a woman after I get her ^■^ number?

Typically I wait until the next day or the day after. I prefer to send text messages. The key is to make your first call really casual and talk to her like she is a familiar friend.

Don't try to make plans right away unless you have a great vibe with her. Just call to talk and share some funny things, and maybe laugh at something that happened when you met her.

More notes on phone conversation...

Never say any of the following:

"Hey remember who this is?" "Hey, this is Vin from X-bar" "Hey is this x-woman?"

Talk to her as if you talked to her on the phone before. Talk to her the way you would one of your friends. Be positive, send out a warm vibe and engage her. Don't just start blasting away with questions which put the conversational burden 100% on her.

Relax, and get yourself at ease. It's cool if you have something fun to talk about with her. After that, just focus on the vibe and get good at generating conversation out of thin air.

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