1. On page 36 there was an example of a script that could be used to escalate into a number close. Create your own script that creates a flow of agreement.

2. Typically when planning a date, you should invite her out join you in something you like to do. This is a creative way of letting her learn about you, and also shows you have things going on. What are three activities you enjoy that you could ask a woman to join you on?

3. What's a simple way of asking her to do that?

4. How can you transition to isolation i.e. just the two of you hanging out alone?

Dating Diablo Audio

6. Dating - what to do in person

| qS Should I be taking women out to dinner and buying them flowers ?

Not at first. A big component of attraction is leadership and compliance. By taking a strong lead and directing her to put work and effort into the interaction, you will increase attraction.

Taking women out to dinner and buying them flowers displays TOO much interest early on. Aside from being completely cliché and typical, it could potentially scare a woman off.

Put your efforts on bringing a woman into your reality, i.e. invite her out to join you in things that you are already passionate about. Women love learning new things, and you will give her a great opportunity to discover who you really are.

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