1. There are basically 3 criteria for a good date.

• It should be inexpensive

• It should be fairly convenient for you

• It should allow for you to have conversation

Looking back at your date from the last chapter, does it meet all three of these criteria? And if not, correct it so it does.

2. Make a list of positive topics you can talk about while on a date with a woman.

3. Page 43 had a list of criteria to determine if a woman is attracted to you. Make a list of women that you know that meet this criteria.

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If the belief is making you feel bad, then you should lower your standards just to get some base level sexual experience.

How do I go about the 'first kiss"?

The whole key to getting physical with a woman is that you have built a precedence of already having physical contact with her.

In other words, you haven't just tried to kiss her with no previous overt or incidental kino the entire time!

So you must build it up that way. The moment right before the kiss, she should KNOW you're about to kiss her. Either have her resting her head on your shoulder, or be looking into her eyes stroking her face with your finger, or running your fingers through her hair, etc.

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A good time to kiss a woman is when you are alone with her, and you are ready to escalate fully. I DON'T kiss a woman in a club or other social setting. That hurts tension and will make it harder to isolate her later on.

If you are ready to kiss her, you should have already hit these waypoints:

1. Overt kino with her hands - holding hands, escorting her by the arm.

2. Overt kino on her torso, back or legs. Sitting close and having her legs touching yours, placing her hand on your thigh, escorting by placing your hand on her lower back.

3. Overt kino on the face / neck area. Touching her neck, stroking her face / lips with your fingertips gently.

In addition, you should be in close proximity, have good eye contact, be relaxed and in a sexual state.

If they don't kiss me at the end of the night, does it mean they don't like me?

You should not try to kiss a woman unless you plan on having sex with her that day. Don't worry about if a woman "likes you" or not, just get her alone and escalate fully with her.

Getting a kiss is meaningless. Go for the real deal every time.

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This really comes down to seeing open windows of opportunity and capitalizing on them. I'm sure there are plenty of guys reading this who had a chance to sleep with a woman, but for some reason they missed the opportunity and now she won't even allow another opportunity to even happen.

Seeing opportunities and capitalizing on them is VERY ATTRACTIVE, meanwhile missing opportunities is VERY UNATTRACTIVE.

So more generally, get a great sense of fashion, and have a cool group of friends to hang out with, especially women. This will get women to want to hang out with you.

Once you can get a woman to hang out with you, and she gets alone with you, then all you have to do is escalate. Be aggressive and seize the opportunities as they arise.

The strongest way to get a woman interested in sleeping with you is to cultivate a strong sexual presence.

It is useless to create this desire in her if you're not alone with her, as it will just cause complications. So the first goal would be to use curiosity or intrigue to get her alone with you, and once she's alone, use sexual presence to get her interested in sex.

Sexual presence is being relaxed, confident and possessing a controlled arousal state. Do not escalate aggressively. Rather let it unfold, and keep her guessing as to whether you are going to have sex

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Keep in mind also, that most women aren't going to escalate on you. So it's your responsibility to lead the escalation in a smooth, but unpredictable manner.

^^^^ From an ex- student: "I've been trying some new 'tactics' out recently. In a nutshell, I've been consistently getting women from the point of meet-up to my bedroom usually within 30 min."

That's great. You realize the reason why you're getting them back to your place (and this is a technique I LOVE) is that you're isolating them BEFORE the time she is expecting you to have sex with her.

If you wait past 3-6 hours, she will start expecting you to want to have sex and be more resistant to isolation. Escalating quickly and smoothly catches them completely off guard.

(Cont'd) "I'll then proceed with physical escalation in the bedroom. I can usually get a make-out within 10-15 min. But I'm consistently getting resistance at the point of escalation past the make-out, i.e. kissing down the neck or removing the shirt."

Ok always use the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder while escalating:

Something like removing a shirt can cause LMR and isn't really that necessary to have sex with a woman. I'll usually lift the shirt so that our stomachs touch, or I'll kiss her body down there, but it's based on the same premise of getting a woman alone with you really quickly -

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- you want to take them by surprise, and then it's too late.

Never do typical escalations where she will predict what's coming next and be able to defend against it. Something like removing a shirt falls into that category. Get her committed to having sex - then you can always remove her shirt later.

|Q> How do you escalate from making out to actual sex?

Make-out to penetration is usually between 2-10 minutes. 10 minutes would be really long though (I would consider 10 minutes to be 'heavy last minute resistance'). Don't worry about the 2 steps/1 step thing that's advice directed at beginners.

I move like a kung fu master - always moving, always smooth, always distracting her from my next move.

If she resists a bit, I will stop whatever I did that she resisted and just do something else as if there's nothing wrong at all, completely enjoying myself no matter what - and try again later, but from a slightly different angle. I mean - the ladder is really optimal, and you shouldn't get any resistance once you use it a few times.

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