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1. Escalation is all about windows of opportunity. What are three times in the past you have missed a window of opportunity to escalate with a girl?

2. What could you have done at each of those moments?

3. Incidental kino is very important for escalating meanwhile maintaining sexual tension. What are three ways you can be "in contact" with a woman, without it being an overt escalation?

4. The number one factor that determines how likely a girl is to get alone with you, is how much curiosity and intrigue you have built. What are three scenarios you can create to build curiosity about your isolation spot?

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8. Relationships

^ How do I get a woman interested in me for a relationship?

By not being interested in HER for a relationship.

Really, don't think about trying to be "boyfriend material." That's a pretty common strategy that gets guys nowhere. The way to get a woman into a relationship is by doing the following:

1. Hang out, have fun with her.

2. Get her alone, escalate to full close. (Make the sex VERY good)

3. Continue to be cool, NEVER get possessive, jealous or insecure.

4. Repeat the process until SHE brings up the topic of relationships, then at that point it is up to you where you want it to go. If she brings up relationships, it means she wants one.

Dating Diablo Audio g Vv It seems like all the women I meet think I'm a "nice guy " and wind up being my "friend." How can I get out of the friend zone and start having sex with these women?

The major difference between "just friends" and "lovers" is the amount of intrigue and sexual tension you are creating.

By withholding some part of yourself, there is always something for her to pursue.

The best way to get a woman alone with you is to not be asexual or indifferent, rather to create a sense of curiosity or intrigue in her.

If you were to imagine two opposite ends of a spectrum like "Indifferent, and probably gay" to "All over her, and pushing to have sex" then the optimum sexual tension would reside in the perceptual center of the two. It is the place that will be most stimulating to her and get her to wonder about you.

Lots of times the "Let's Just Be Friends" talk comes from a guy trying to "talk" out his feelings to a woman. He will sit her down (before he's even slept with her) and tell her how much he likes her. The key is not to talk about your feelings, but rather act on them and escalate physically.

So, create tension, maintain intrigue and continue to escalate, meanwhile NOT talking about your "feelings." Let her get to the point where SHE talks about HER feelings to YOU.

If women are telling you they want to be "just friends," it means you are missing part of the attraction hierarchy.

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The levels are:

1. Warm dominance

2. Intrigue

3. Connection (Sexual Tension)

4. Trust

5. Leadership

LJBF ("let's just be friends") is usually a result of missing levels 1-3. You're safe, you're available to her, and you're trying to escalate (Meaning you have levels 4 and 5.)

Warm dominance is often the most difficult one to get since it has a lot to do with your beliefs which are hard to control. In other words, are you acting differently or do you feel differently because you like a woman? If the answer is yes, then you don't have warm dominance.

You need to work on your internals, to the point where your livelihood and energy is drawn from things outside of meeting women. That way any one interaction with a woman won't affect how you feel about yourself.

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^ How do I tell her I want to see other women?

Firstly, you shouldn't ever initiate this conversation. In other words, you should never "tell her" you want to see other women. It is likely however, that she'll bring it up, or asks if you're seeing anyone else.

If the answer is yes, and you'd like to keep it that way you should be absolutely honest about it. Sure, you may lose some women in the process, but many will respect your honesty and stay with you regardless.

You must set a precedence of seeing other women from the get go. Not only should you not directly state that you're being exclusive when you're not, but you also shouldn't ACT as if you are exclusive.

If she asks you if you're seeing other women you should say yes, and follow it up with a false disqualifier:

"I am. If I'm not the type of guy for you, then you probably shouldn't stick around. I don't want to keep you from meeting someone who can give you what you really want. You deserve the best."

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