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If you end up having dinner with a woman (I don't recommend, but it's not the end of the world) and the check comes, most women actually take their wallet out to pay anyway. At that point, just let them pay half.

If it's not a big deal for you, then just pay for dinner. It's not going to hurt you. So long as you don't get hung up on this, it's not something that will affect your outcome either way. It's only when you start doubting or are uncertain if you did the right thing that hurts you.

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In general, avoid anything negative. Don't talk about how your job sucks or how you feel like you think you might be getting sick.

Stay on positive threads that put your best foot forward. At the same time, don't BRAG. You should understate all of your great achievements and points of value. Focus more on creating a warm, accepting, friendly vibe where you are both supportive and approval giving of each other.

If she meets up for a date with you, she's VERY interested, and your job is only to enjoy yourself with her, and lead the experience - not than impress her.

How do I find out if she's interested in me?

You have to stop thinking attraction as something that is either there or not, and rather as a process in which leading the logistics is included.

Attraction and seduction is a process ANY man can lead any woman through. So instead of wondering if she's attracted, you should lead her through the process and make her attracted.

But as a general rule ask yourself these questions:

1. Does she call you? (calling you for a favor doesn't count)

2. Does she try to get together with you?

3. Does she laugh and giggle when around you?

If the answer is yes to any of these, chances are, she's attracted.

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^ How do I make a good impression on a date?

By showing her that you have an INTERESTING life. Don't try to impress her by taking her on expensive dinner dates. Three rules for dating: Cheap, Convenient, Conversation. Don't spend a lot; don't drive way out of your way, and do something where you can connect.

Show her what the most interesting parts of YOUR life are.

Don't try to accommodate her.

^ If they talk about liking other guys in front of me, does it * mean they don't like me?

Not necessarily. A woman who is VERY into you, and not a "tension-responder," won't do this though.

What is more important is how you react. Do not get upset, angry or jealous. At the same time don't get TOO enthusiastic about it. Act like it's not a big deal, as if she's talking about her brother or something. Like "of course you're dating other guys, that's what women do, isn't it?"

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