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One of the major reasons the community exists is because of the myths that are perpetuated by the industries of our society.

In marketing, a lot of times the actual need for a product is created by the advertising. Most products are marketed even though there is no need for it - they create the illusion of a need.

There are a few industries like this that perpetuate the myth that meeting women is based on external factors. So many industries profits driven by the promise of meeting the opposite sex - penis enhancement, alcohol, pheromones, fashion, plastic surgery etc...

So in the end while looks will get you in the door it is ultimately your personality that will determine your success. Even if surgery could make you look just like Brad Pitt, you'd still need to fix your personality before you'd start attracting women.

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I see jerks get women all the time. Is it possible to be nice and still get a woman?

Instead of thinking nice guy vs. jerks, I want you to differentiate on a higher level. Everything is not black and white. Start thinking of attractive vs. unattractive behavior and you won't have to worry about being a jerk.

The five levels of the attraction hierarchy are Warm dominance, Intrigue, Connection, Credibility, and Leadership. Warm dominance means your livelihood and general feeling of well being is independent of her behaviors and decisions.

Intrigue means there is something she is trying to get from you, get you to do or find out about you. Notice that jerks usually create these two very naturally.

But there is a way to be intriguing without being hurtful to women. Think about a movie. If you knew the entire plot and ending of the movie before you saw it, it would be a lot less interesting.

Attraction is very cognitively related to curiosity. If you can always be withholding parts of yourself the entire time, then she will always be curious, interested, attracted.

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