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You should demonstrate your awareness of these factors and also be able to control them.

Comprehension level - The amount of concentration required to intellectually follow the conversation at hand. This is mostly related to the environment and personality of the group of people you are with.

Energy level - This is how fast or slow the interaction is flowing. This has to do with the mood and energy level of the group.

Depth of Interest - This measures the level of affinity you have for each other. Talking about emotionally neutral (but interesting) things like the party you went to last weekend should occur earlier in the interaction than talking about how you've never met someone as wonderful and special as she is.

In general, you should subtly allow the woman to push the "degree of interest" deeper and deeper - meanwhile giving approval to the entire process.

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^ What should I say to start a conversation?

Generally anything can be good, as long as it's not cliché or doesn't put you into the category of a chump. In other words, there are some really typical things you should avoid:

"You're hot" "Damn, you fine" "You're sexy" "You're really beautiful" "Can I get your number?"

Notice what is wrong with these. They are basically asking the woman to make a snap judgment with very little information about you. In general you want to have a connection with a woman before leading her through the steps of exchanging contact information.

In general when first starting a conversation, you should do three things:

1. Demonstrate a willingness to walk away (through body language)

2. Create intrigue (through context)

3. Be playful enough to make it OK to talk to you (through vibe)

The following openers are good examples of this:

"You guys look like a lot of fun, I'm going to talk to you while waiting for my friends to get here."

"Why are X women so friendly?" (X = your current city)

"Is it true what they say about X women?"

"This looks like a conspiracy. Count me in."

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