How do I ask a woman on a date

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It's less about the actual language you use to ask her out and more about the circumstances of your interaction.

If you have just met her and you have a playful and flirty vibe happening, then just suggest you continue the conversation at another time. Once she agrees to that, go ahead and exchange contact information.

It can be as simple as:

"It was nice to meet you today." "Yeah"

"We should do this again" "Yeah"

"Great. I'll give you a call." "OK"

(Exchange numbers)

There should be a flow of qualification before you propose meeting up with her. In other words, if it comes out of the blue, she' more likely to be surprised and reject it.

So you want to get her in a state of agreement before doing this. So once you get on a topic of commonality, build excitement about it.

For example, you find out she likes art.

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Her: Yeah I really enjoy art.

You: That's great. You know there's a Picasso exhibit downtown next week. Her: Oh really?

You: Yeah. I love Picasso, I remember when I saw Picasso for my first time when I was in 3rd Grade. I used to think it was really foolish to be honest.

But then once I got older and started to appreciate subtlety, it came

ALIVE. Do you like Picasso? (You're setting her up now, to want to say she can appreciate Picasso)

Her: Yeah I think he's brilliant.

You: Definitely. We gotta check out that exhibit.

At that point you should be in "phone game," or if you're already friends with the woman in your social circle you'd also be in "phone game". Once you get her on the phone, you're going repeat a similar process as the one above.

Remember, it's not necessary to meet her to do the thing you talked about doing when you got her number. She may be expecting it, and it may be easier, but it's not necessary.

You want to invite her along to join you in something YOU enjoy and will be doing anyway. So the idea is "I'm heading out to the mall to shop for my sister's birthday, you should come along. I could use your expert-female opinion."

It should NOT be like "I'd like to take you to dinner this weekend."

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What do I do if a woman doesn't call back?

Did you leave a voicemail? Hopefully you did (hopefully you didn't do anything stupid like block your number either...)

Don't sweat it if she doesn't call. Wait a few days and call back. Or use text messaging. It's way better anyway.

^ If I haven't talked to a particular woman in a while, how would I strike up a conversation with her?

Talk to her as if you talked to her the day before. Never start out with "Hey long time no see" or "Hey remember me?" or "What happened to you." None of that.

Instead just be like:

"Oh my god! You'll never guess what happened yesterday, I saw a woman that looked just like you... from behind. So I ran up and smacked her ass and it was totally like a version of you like if you took the wrong path in life. Anyway what's new?"

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^ If you meet a woman from a get-together with your friends, how do you get her to date you? ((Is social-circle game" different than pickup?

This is a great question since 90% of people meet women through social circles or work. It's an interesting situation since there are a couple of factors at work.

Firstly, in a social circle situation, you're going to have the trust factor a lot higher. She knows you won't kill her, and you're not a loser, she'll be comfortable with you since you know a lot of the same people.

Secondly, she's going to be considering you as relationship material. She doesn't want to have just a one night stand with a guy in a social circle because that would just make things awkward. This makes it more difficult for fast lays.

Thirdly, if you ask her to get together with you, she's going to feel somewhat obligated to say yes, since her rejecting you is going to have repercussions to her. This obligation actually HURTS attraction, since it is counter to her freewill.

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Given all those factors, you are going to want to put most of your efforts on building intrigue, curiosity and sexual tension. If you can do that, a situation will be created where she actually gives YOU opportunities to fuck her. In other words she will isolate herself with you.

This is ideal in a social circle situation because you don't want to get rejected, which will hurt your standing with that circle.

More on social-circle game...

With a woman in your social circle, it's more complex, since she may hang out with you despite not being attracted.

The quick guide to rebuilding attraction with a woman who may or may not already be attracted is:

1. Demonstrate you can walk away

2. Demonstrate other women are interested in you

3. Demonstrate you are discrete

4. Isolate and escalate

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