If she brings it up immediately when you start talking to her

it's fine. It just means she doesn't yet know you but she wants you to know she's desirable. In this case, do NOT try to argue with her or be witty. Instead be understanding, non-threatening and continue to socialize with her. If your game is tight she'll become attracted and forget she even mentioned him.

If she brings it up after you've been interacting with her for a while already, at the moment you're trying to get her number or venue change her, then it means you've failed to attract her.

Most likely, after this happens she will attempt to cut the interaction off where it stands. You have expressed your intentions before you have sufficiently attracted her. By escalating prematurely, you are forcing her to verbalize her disinterest in you, and she will start to behave congruently to that. Not good.

If she brings it up once you're already in isolation, then you're also fine. She wouldn't have allowed you to isolate her if she wasn't intending on having sex with you.

Be cool with the boyfriend and assure her that you are discreet and do not kiss and tell.

Escalate as normal.

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^ If everybody loves me but that woman, what am I doing wrong?

People have a weak sense of reality. This is what allows Pickup Artists to do what they do. So you have to realize that people aren't choosing to like you or dislike you.

They are merely responding to the way you treat them. So in other words, people actually have very little "choice" of how to respond to you, they just react in the appropriate way to the signals you are sending out.

There can be many things going on in the situation. If other people were cool with you, it was probably because you weren't asking anything of them. And since you liked the woman, you probably sent out signals that you wanted something from her. Since she didn't want to give you that compliance, she acted disinterested.

Just look at the signals - and realize that you are treating her different than the other people. You are being someone else in your interactions with her than the other people, and that's what's causing the confusion.

I don't like nightclubs. Where else can I find women?

Quiet lounges at night, or in the daytime shopping centers / districts, coffee shops, college areas.

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