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Becoming really great with women can be quite a task depending where you are currently.

Many guys come into the game with the idea that they are going to be complete playboys overnight. When it doesn't happen for them, they see it as a failure and become discouraged. The solution is to take baby steps and treat each step as a success. This will give you the motivation to continue to improve.

You want to generally become a more social person. In other words, you want to talk to everyone around you, cashiers, waitresses, bouncers, etc. You will develop that part of your mind, and it will make you warmer and more open to having fun interactions with people. Some day it will happen with the woman of your dreams.

You can also develop auxiliary skills which will help this area of your life. For example - join an improv comedy group or take salsa lessons.

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^^I'ue heard that this thing called "inner game" is very important. What are some constructive ways to train my mind to have better beliefs and attitudes?

First realize where your "inner game" comes from. Your real life experience has influenced your thoughts. Your repeated thoughts have become beliefs. Those beliefs in turn create feelings, which motivate actions.

Actions can become habitual, which leads to you forming a certain identity, or an internal "I am X" statement. This whole process operates on a level completely below your awareness.

There are a number of tools you can use in order to get your inner game together. You can approach this on 3 different levels. You can choose to change your actions, beliefs or identity.

Changing your actions is something people do when they try new techniques. By experimenting with new behaviors and techniques, you can form new habits and begin to see yourself in a new way.

By never taking a woman's phone number, and only giving yours out you will slowly over time start to believe "I don't need anything from women." Or "I am indifferent." Changing actions via techniques requires the least amount of self awareness and focus, but at the same time is the slowest route to changing your identity.

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