This depends greatly on the context The more inherently social a scene is the more aggressive you can be with your game

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example, you can walk up to a woman in a nightclub and immediately put your arm around her or hug her, and it's well accepted.

In fact the best strategy in these situations IS to be very aggressive and approach women, and actively socialize with their peers, meanwhile escalating kino via the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder.

In a scenario like a college classroom or at your gym that type of behavior would break the implied social rules. You have to take a much more laid back approach.

There is the additional factor that in a classroom or gym, you are going to see the woman again and again, so you should use that to your advantage.

In some cases she will become attracted to you the LESS work you put in. i.e. Make small talk, make a good impression, and then let her do the rest of the work while you are away - as she thinks of you all weekend.

In both cases, however you must make yourself known, and that involves at least interacting with her on some level socially whether it be laughing at a situation you both find amusing, or going all out and standing there engaging her not even giving her a chance to decide if she likes you or not, and before you know it, you have full escalation.

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^ What about being "direct" when I approach women?

You can show your direct interest as an opener, but realize it is not the opener itself which will win her over. Also, you have to have a very warm and genuine vibe, and the direct interest must show that you are paying attention, and not be cliché.

Also it helps if you are complimenting on something she has control over, such as her smile, energy, style, or a book she's reading, etc. (Rather than her looks)

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^ Should I tailor my game to the woman, or is it the same for everyone?

It really all comes from the same energy - warm dominance. I am comforting, accepting, approval-giving but at the same time playful and conspiratorial. As if she and I have this special thing going on that no one else knows about.

The one distinction I make however is her sexual comfort level. All women respond on a spectrum that runs from "Authentic" to "Sexual".

Women's responses to sexual communication in a social context can vary greatly. Some women are very stimulated by sexual tension, while others are shy expressing their sexuality early on. It's important to find out what her threshold for sexual tension is, and to work with that.

Women respond to communication on a spectrum. Those who are comfortable expressing sexuality in social contexts respond more to sexual tension, while those less comfortable respond to more authentic communication.

Women's emotional circuits are different than men's. While many men can be aroused with purely visual stimulation, many women need to feel comfort and trust BEFORE they can act on their sexual arousal.

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The purpose of Authentic communication is to create that comfort with her. Authentic communication is approval giving, honest, and non sexual. It's similar to the way you would talk to a friend or a family member you care about.

This doesn't mean sexual communication is inauthentic. Far from it. In fact, many women respond to Sexual communication because they feel a man is confident enough to be up front with her.

Your job is to push her to the limit of her threshold, until just before she begins to feel uncomfortable. At this point, switch to authenticity tools to make her comfortable. When her state settles, switch back to sexual tension and repeat the process.

Watch her body language, and listen to her tone of voice for cues that she's reaching her threshold. Is she changing the subject quickly? Are her shoulders tense? Is she backing away from you, as if she's not sure? Switch to authenticity, fast.

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What are some positive vibes to look for from women? And how do I use these vibes to my advantage?

I have this mechanism (it was trained into myself, not born with it) to basically interpret everything a woman does as a positive vibe.

She's making eye contact -> She wants me.

She's not making eye contact -> She's playing hard to get cause she wants me.

She's busting on me -> She wants to test to see if I can handle it cause she wants me, and needs to be sure. She's talking to my friend ->She's trying to make me jealous. She's from Florida -> God made her born in Florida for me because I love southern women :)

So really, you want to get to a place where your vibe is positive and inclusive, and accepting and approval giving. Whatever happens is ok, and it doesn't shake you.

When she gives you these positive vibes, you need to capitalize on them.

So for example here are a few rules of thumb:

• If a woman gives you eye contact, you should walk over and introduce yourself to her.

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^ What should I think about as I approach?

I try not to *think* at all while doing this. You want to get really extroverted and focus outside of yourself. Stay focused on the people and no matter what thoughts try to creep in, stay focused on the interaction that's right in front of you.

As far as beliefs are concerned, make sure they are positive. In other words - instead of thinking "What if she rejects me?" start thinking "How much fun can I have with this woman?"

Is it good to approach women aggressively all the time?

Well this could mean a lot of things, but generally, I'd say the answer is no. It's not a realistic behavior even for the best pickup artists.

When I work, sometimes I will aggressively approach for two nights in a row, but then usually I'll take the rest of the week off. It's just not realistic for a guy to want to have relations with that many women - he's fooling himself.

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How much practice do I need to get really good at this stuff?

You can get good by approaching 10 women a week, and making the MOST out of those approaches - sitting down and analyzing what happened in them and keeping notes. It doesn't hurt to have a great coach too, but sometimes a good friend with common goals will do.

4 Are there any situations where I absolutely shouldn't do pickup, and why?

Well, if I had a regular job, I wouldn't pick up women at work.

There are just TOO many beautiful women in the world to risk creating an uncomfortable situation. I don't see how people can do that - it's really coming from a place of scarcity.

Also I NEVER pick up a friend / wingman's girlfriend, or anything of that sort.

^ How can I get women's attention so they will approach me?

In general women don't approach that often, but here are some tips:

1. Look like you're having a great time ALWAYS.

2. Have a warm, accepting, approachable vibe. (Cool and aloof doesn't work)

3. Get a unique or funny t-shirt.

4. Get a cool jacket or hat. (No need to be ridiculous here)

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^ If I'm with a group of women and are only interested in one, how do I get the attention of that one woman without getting interrupted by the other women in the group?

You really want to get out of the mentality of "I only like THAT woman." If you can do that, and enjoy all the women equally, things will sometimes end up turning out in your favor. With more women attracted to you, the more power you will have to control the situation in YOUR FAVOR.

^ If I unknowingly insulted a woman, what actions should I take to fix the situation without supplicating or looking like a loser?

"Didn't mean to upset you, sometimes I go over the top when I feel comfortable with someone, and you're the type of person who brings that out, because you make people feel connected."

Or something like that... the formula is:

"Didn't mean to (presuppose you affected her emotions) it's just sometimes I (be humble and make it seem like your weakness) and you seemed (give her a cold read about being social, or understanding, or anything that will make her behave in your favor)"

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^ Ifl can dance well, how do I use it to my advantage on dance floors to pick up women?

Well I don't dance well, and I use THAT to my advantage.

1. Initiate confidently by grabbing her hand once you have eye contact.

2. Control and lead her, not the other way around.

3. Keep talking to her (just dancing usually isn't enough),

4. After a few songs say "Let's take a break" and escorting her to a seated area.

5. Continue as normal.

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