She writes it down on a piece of paper and then you hand her a piece of paper with 37 on it About 70 of the population choose 37 for some psychological reason

You - Well, you know... Have something happen once, they call it lucky. Twice... *tap a finger on her nose while smiling at her seriously* they call it magic...

Comment: This is my variation of what was written in this great article.

Troubleshooting: What if you get it wrong and she chose 17 for example? You say. "Ohhhh well something must be wrong. I could have sworn I picked 17. OK, anyway nice knowing you. bye. (get up to leave) Ohhh you know what? let me just check something." take your piece of paper and burn it! Rub the ashes against the back of your hand (gently) and an amazing "17" writing will appear through the ashes!! How is it done? If you got it wrong, write the correct number on the back of your hand with chap stick (the thinner the better) without her seeing. sometimes it's also good to let it dry a bit by stalling time or putting your hand against you pants (the side with the chap stick obviously). The ashes on the chap stick will create a glamorous effect! Train on this at home to make sure you pull it off correctly (check it with the same chap stick and the same paper you'll use). It's a bit annoying because you have to go wash your hands after this, so I only use it as a last resort. If you do go to wash your hands say "Don't go following me in to the men's room like all the other women. wait here like a good girl." (This is classic cocky and funny).

You can read about another great trick Here. This is great for groups and you should have the woman you're interested in help you - but in a more advanced part of the game: after she's telegraphed interest in you! Give her an explanation of the rules. it's great for a 'personal connection', and have her take the "Magician's Oath" before you tell her how it's done. Tease her with statements like "If you can't take the oath seriously, I can't hang out with you", and then praise the best magic trick ever and don't break till she begs to take the oath. You'll need a few minutes alone with her... You can tease her during the game with statements like "ohhh I think Stacey is catching it. Anna (the one you want), you're way off!" - Don't tell anyone else how you pulled the trick off! It will be your little secret and if she's playful she will even remind everyone about it once in a while "Ohhh I can't believe how you did that! Are you really telepathic?!" (That sure demands a decent *wink*).

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