The Ten Commandments

Now it's time to revise some rules of interaction with society. You may consider these your ten commandments, learn them by heart because in the time to come they will completely alter the way you act. Start implementing these rules in your behavior.

1) Flirt- Women (and other straight guys also buy the way) love men who flirt. Flirt with women you want, flirt with women you don't want, flirt with the world. I'm not talking about sexual flirting; I'm talking about plain flirting. Once you adjust yourself to be that kind of guy, you won't believe how easy talking to women becomes. The next time you talk to the bank teller, even if she's 50 years old and is happily married, tell her how unique her glasses are and that you really love them (be honest and never give false compliment). Then next time you see that cute and chubby girl at the office ask her if she's lost weight and got any tips. If you can't think of any compliment just smile and say "Thank you for making me smile, have a nice day". This sentence alone, when mastered can make you an instant prince charming. There is nothing sexual about these flirts, they just make you seem (and actually be) a more pleasant and fun person. You can also 'flirt' with guys; compliment them on their new haircuts, their nice tactics at yesterday's office poker night. This is done because when preformed correctly, it will actually make people seek your approval because you are sending out a message that your opinion is important. Women sense this and it will make them give you the respect you deserve. Be more careful when you 'flirt' with men so you don't seem gay.

2) Be unpredictable- Women's main goal in life besides shopping and talking on the phone is the desire to "read" other people, and men in particular. Honestly, sometimes I get the feeling they think they are James Bond on Casino Royale trying to understand his opponents twitches in a poker game. The easier it is for a woman to "read" the guy and understand him, the less appealing and attractive he becomes to her. On the opposite, the more of a mystery you are, the more she is eager to learn about you. That's why you must always keep information to yourself and give her practically nothing. Never have a regular and predictable behavior for any given circumstance. Don't always reply to her text messages instantly; wait an hour or two sometimes. Don't always suggest the same things to do. Don't always hang out with the same people. Don't be boring! Get interesting hobbies making you an interesting person (such as knowing a few magic tricks, playing the guitar etc.) - I will recommend some later on.

3) Remember you are worth a lot- If you have to 'suck up' to a woman in order to get her to go out with you, have sex with you or whatever, it only means you are worth less than her: you know it and now you let her know it. Remember you are the prize to be won, and she is doing you no favor in going out with you. I was once out on a date with some chick who constantly reminded me that she doesn't have sex on the first date. If I had tried to 'ask nice', she would have let me down. I told her that I don't mind about that because I can stop at my fuck buddy's home on the way back if I want sex, and actually I'm sticking around because I'm having a great time (by the way that was the truth. except the part about having a good time). I ended up fucking her in my car on the beach and she was practically begging for it. This is maybe the most important piece of advice anyone will ever give you. Be a man! Be proud of whom you are, never ever let anyone step over you and people will respect you for it. I once had a date with this girl and we agreed that I would pick her up at 21:30 from her house. I was there at about 21:35 and waited until 21:45. I called and she said she'd be down in one more minute. I waited until 21:50 and split. She called me at about 22:00 asking where I was and I politely said that I don't like people wasting my time. I said I was going to meet a few friends who were getting together at a bar nearby and if she wanted to make up for it she can take a cab to the bar. She did so, and after she said she was very sorry and just wanted to look the best for me (Bullshit) I ended up forgiving her, and we had a nice night. Remember: Respect Yourself!

4) Never lose control- A sniper is taught to fight off any instinct he may have that could jeopardize his mission. When you're looking in your scope, your care about nothing else in the world. It doesn't matter if its a million degrees hot or zero degrees cold outside, if there's a fly itching your face, or you have to cough; a sniper always holds it in and is ALWAYS IN CONTROL! When a sniper finds his target in the scope, he never lets go and the target is already as good as dead. How does that apply to you? Well, many people have a hard time controlling themselves 100% percent of the time, and that one percent that they mess up on will screw up their whole mission. Thus the rules are as follows:

• Never drink too much alcohol - Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy the occasional bourbon, but you should never drink to a point where you are even a bit over loose. Never ever get drunk because you won't believe the stupid shit a drunken guy may say, or how a reputation of "the guy who threw up on the new carpet at that Christmas party" will stick. If you have a problem with that, seek professional help.

• Never let your anger control you - If you yell like a maniac when you're pissed, again: seek professional help or get non-subscription medication. It's OK to be upset sometimes but extreme anger is one of the most pathetic and childish qualities a person can have. Adults see it as a weakness and turn-off.

• Always mind what you say- In the Special Forces there is extreme compartmentalization (meaning you only know what you need to know and not a bit more). To be honest, as a soldier I felt insulted that we are good enough to risk our lives but not to know what other units are doing there. Now I understand that it is in order to protect that unit from certain "slips of the tongue". A friend of mine once had a "Rate Her Rack" Poll with a few guys from his office, where they gave 1 to 10 scores for the tits of all the girls in the office and they all had a laugh about it. Later that night my friend was enjoying a nice cold one at the bar and just happened to mention this funny poll to the bartender who just happened to be the boyfriend of one of the girls rated (who got to the very respectful third place). The Bartender told his girlfriend about this (talk about pussy-whipped), and it was very awkward for my friend 'The Pervert' with all the ladies at the office ever since. The lesson to be learnt here is that you should never tell people things that may come back to bite you in the ass. Any bad thing you did (or anyone else), keep it to yourself; unless you know exactly who and what kind of person you're talking to.

5) Always look well and be groomed- Seen the movie Blackhawk Down? The rangers there thought they were going for a clean 1 hour mission and getting back, so they didn't take any night optics or extra water, but when shit got complicated they were stuck there for much more. You never know when you might run into a woman you'll want, so always make sure you don't look like a caveman! I'm not talking about shaving to go down to get a few groceries, but always be clean and with your hair and clothes in some kind of reasonable order. Women can be found anywhere! Not only at pick up bars. I will mention that later in Advanced Training but you should remember to look for them everywhere you go: the grocery store, the ATM line and even when you visit you grandmother at the retirement home!

6) Be cocky and funny- If you've read a book of the same genre in the past, this can't be new to you, but the problem is that few of the other books is that they don't give enough examples. In the Advanced Training section I will show you many examples! For now, just try to figure it out for your own. try not to be only cocky but cocky and funny. For example if you're with a woman at a bar and you think she's drinking more that she can handle (and that's very bad for you because no one wants to take home some throwing up and crying chick), don't say "I think you should stop drinking, you're making a fool of yourself" because you'll insult her and she'll hate you for it. Instead, say something like "I think you should stop drinking, I don't want to feel guilty about seducing a drunk girl when I take you home tonight". When you say something like this with a smile on your face you are both cocky and funny, and are probably going to get laid without her passing out from the booze :)

7) Never Settle- A sniper never takes a shot at a "grunt" (a regular low ranked soldier). His position and bullets are too valuable to be spared on "Pawns". A sniper acquires quality targets (officers, machine gunners, vehicle drivers, other snipers or anyone else whom disposing of will literally change the rules on the battlefield). If you decide you only want to sleep with women who are a 7+ or 8+ then you must stick to these standards, even if it means going home alone once in a while. Sure fucking an ugly chick won't kill you, but low standards are a turn off to other women and are generally pathetic. If you want to fuck an uggo at the beginning to get in shape and boost your self-esteem that's fine, but after that you must set your limits!

8) Body Language- Studies may differ in percentages, but it is a consensus that most of communication is actually non-verbal. Have you ever wondered why some men get hit on by women without doing anything? It's not all about looks, it's mainly body language! There is a whole section about this in the Advanced training section, but here are a few pointers:

• Keep your body "open"! Never crouch your back or cross your hands - it is very unappealing. Always keep your shoulders up and open your palms.

• Control your space. Just like the dominant male in nature controls the best territory, a man that puts his arm or leg on the chair next to him, will be perceived as the dominant male.

• Touch your male friends (not too much obviously)! Men who are affectionate to their male friends and touch them are perceived by women as the dominant males: much more than those who are only touched or have no contact.

• Look around! Men who are more aware of their surroundings will (statistically) make more eye contact with women. Women respond more positively to men whom they already had eye contact with.

There is much more to be added (from eye contact to reading a woman's signals).

9) Honor- Soldiers are taught (though some times without much success) to be men of honor in combat, and never do unethical deeds! A man of honor never goes for another man's woman. There are truly enough single women to choose from. I've seen "master seducers" taking pride at conquering other men's women, and excusing it with arguments like "if he could please her she wouldn't be looking for sex" or "if it wasn't with me she would have done it with someone else". The only time a man of honor can take another man's woman is when he truly wants her (beyond plain physical attraction) and feels her man is no good for her. Don't seduce a woman who's happy with her boyfriend, get her to dump him, and then dump her!

Another part of honor is to never degrade a woman you had any connection with, doesn't matter if you slept with her or if she blew you off. Never call a woman a slut or anything like that! As much as it is degrading for her, it's much more degrading for you. HONOR! People will respect you for it.

10) Protect Yourself- Always always always wear a condom!!! Never have a woman talk you out of it! If she's doing it to you, she's done it before, and there are so many STDs out there, the risk is just too great! You also don't want any bastard children of yours running around right? Because to be honest, can you really trust a woman you barely know to take her pills? This is all for women you recently met. When you're in a relationship with a woman you trust, you both get tested for VDs and she's on the pill, have fun and enjoy sex like god intended for it to be!

Read these Ten Commandments at least 5 times and know their titles by heart because these are the basic fundamentals of success with women (and life in general).


Congratulations! You have finished boot camp and taken the first and most important step on your road to success with women - self improvement!

Now it's finally time to learning practical methods of engaging women and making them do what you want. It is vital that you realize that you won't be able to pull each of these methods off perfectly. These methods are very different in the kind of character they demand. Some would have you be very cool, sort of like Pierce Brosnan in the movie "The Crown affair", while with others you will be more like Jim Carey (with the mask) in the Movie "The Mask" who is much more provocative. With time you will find the method that works best for you and your natural character.

Another important thing you should understand is that there is no fool-proof system of getting every woman you ever want. You can only do the right things do dramatically improve your odds but there will never be %100 success! Some Women are married or in a relationship. Some are lesbians. Some are just not in the mood for meeting someone. Some don't go for your character (for example if you are Jim Carey and she like Pierce Brosnans). Some don't go for your looks (If you're too short, fat, skinny for her). You won't get each and every woman you want. Don't worry though. if you stick to the training, you will have plenty.

To a true warrior, everything in battle comes naturally. He doesn't fear the noise, he doesn't fear the blood and he doesn't fear death. He has been trained to act automatically. almost by instinct if you will.

In a similar manner, a man who knows his way with women has his game "down". He knows what to do at any given state, he has his routines that he knows will work if the conversation gets stuck, and he knows what he is waiting to hear. To become that man, you will have to study certain 'routines' and 'behaviors'.

Not every guy can pull off any 'character'. Some are best with the extremely cocky-funny-playful image (for an example, check out Paul Rudd in "I Could Never Be Your Woman" which by the way is a g-r-e-a-t chick flick to watch with a woman to get her in the mood), others are best with the alpha-male-do-what I-want (like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club"). No matter what your eventual style will become, it will still include all of the methods and routines described here.

3.1. Peacocking:


Mystery isn't your typical "cover page" man. He is no Brad Pitt or George Clooney, but he still gets amazing attention from women. He does this by looking pretty ridiculous. He painted his fingers black, he pierced his lips, and he wears goggles for no reason. Why? Attention!!! People (and women amongst them) will approach you and ask questions about your appearance (you actually legitimized the approach)

Now I didn't take it as far as painting my nails black, but when in a club, I always tie my military headlamp to my arm and set it to flicker. This pisses some people off because in a dark environment it dazzles people. Women come up to me saying they like/hate it. Either way I know they're attracted to me and I'm going to have an easy time with them. If they weren't into me, they wouldn't have bothered talking to me about the flashlight. This is why in outdoors I like wearing funny t-shirts... they always get reactions!

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