By Vincent DiCarlo

sCubed is a step-by-step method for flipping the "sexual-selection switch," allowing you to invert the traditional sexual roles that are so commonplace in our society today.

In other words, sCubed is your introduction to the realm of the gigolo. If you internalize the sCubed methodology, then over time women will begin to treat you the way men usually treat beautiful women.

They'll hunger for your time, attention and body instead of the other way around. They'll escalate physically with you. Not only will they buy things for you, they'll take you out on dates and even on vacations—just in order to stay in your good graces.

Won't that be a nice change in lifestyle for you?

The multitude of sCubed techniques were put together from a variety of sources and disciplines. About 25% of them came from the field of psychology, 25% of them from the profession of pimping and the study of animals in the wild, and 50% came from Vincent DiCarlo's "Attraction Hierarchy" which, like sCubed, is part of the DiCarlo DiClassified library of attraction techniques.

sCubed centers around the perception that sex is more valuable to a woman than it is to a man.

Believe it or not, it is!

But why should you focus on sCubed as opposed to other pickup methods? Well...

• sCubed essentially removes "last minute resistance."

• sCubed makes isolation really effortless.

• sCubed is the key to open the door to levels of game higher then that of the gigolo such as reverse supplication game and pimp game.

• sCubed allows you to shift your focus onto developing your lifestyle instead of centering it around women. It's more like women are now centering their lifestyles around you!

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