Describe your vision and include her in it Troubleshooting

She challenges you with "Who says I want to be there?"

Well, ask yourself if you said what you said out of context. This technique should only be done when you guys can talk authentically to each other.

See Vincent DiCarlo's "Attraction Hierarchy" product for more on "authentic" communication.

Also, don't use this technique if you haven't gone out with her yet as it will creep her out! In addition, don't do it over the phone unless you've already gone out with her and are connecting and deepening your relationship.

If she looks at you funny and calls you "cheesy" you'll respond with

"Fine, no more romance for you." Then turn away, but don't be a dick-don't do it with some dickish attitude. Do it with a half-serious tone and raise the energy level while punishing her.

Or, you can say, "You like cheese baby? I didn't know you liked cheese." Just as if she told you that she loves cheese.

You are punishing her by disregarding her opinion of you while simultaneously raising the energy level. If she reacts badly to that and says something like "that's so condescending" then you'll reply:

"Oh I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Say it authentically and hug her warmly-she tried to get to you, but you got to her instead, and now you're making her feel better. Who's got the high status now? LOL!

So now you've learned how to create a fantasy about a future that engages her senses and gets her visualizing a wonderful life with you.

This will go a long way to having her think about you when you're not around, but it's not the complete package-you've still got to demonstrate you passion for your vision to make this fantasy believable to her.

When the two of you are together, do whatever it is that you do that is congruent with your vision and have her wait for you to finish those things rather than putting them (and your vision) aside for her.

This will reinforce you power in her eyes to pursue and make your dreams a reality. This is extremely attractive to women. When you hang out at your place, tell her to sit quietly for five minutes while you finish a scene in a play you are writing so that she won't interrupt your flow.

IF you are serious about and you demonstrate this by making her wait, it will show you that you can be counted on to actually finish

, which sets you apart from all the other posers who never get anything done.

If she gets antsy or distracts you do not chase her or propitiate her in any way for what you are doing. If anything, take care of her feelings yet stand your ground:

"I didn't mean to keep you waiting, it's just that I had to get this out of the way so we could spend real quality time together and my mind could be more focused on us."

Warning! Do not overdo this! Do pay attention to her-just don't impact your dream in a detrimental way to order to do it.

So now you know how to emphasize your vision over time with her, which in her eyes makes you out to be the kind of high quality man that gets things done and isn't needy.

But vision isn't everything. Remember, there are three more strategies in sCubed besides vision:

Sexual Tension

• Compliance

They are essential to flipping the sexual-selection switch!

What are 3 ways you can emphasize your vision over a girl? 1

What are 3 ways to get a woman involved in your vison? (List them in order from least to highest compliance) 1

Sexual Tension Explained 17

Vague Language 18

Vague Language Troubleshooting 19

Kino Indifference 20

Kino Indifference Troubleshooting 21

Playfully spank her 22

Playfully spank her Troubleshooting 23

Throw her on to your bed 24

Throw her on to your bed Troubleshooting 25

Sexual Tension Exercises 26

Sexual tension is the contrast between an arousal state & the absence of any overt physical or verbal advances.

Done successfully, sexual tension will not only make most women very open to a sexual encounter, but it will also make the girl sexually attracted to you to the point of escalating on you!

Warning! If done correctly, girls will escalate on you like a drunk guy at a bar all over a hot girl-or they can get very giddy, and though they won't escalate on you, they will do whatever you tell them to do!

Incidental Touching is the act of touching the girl in a non-overtly sexual way. This gets her comfortable with physical contact without her feeling like you're "making moves" on her. Plus, she'll be wondering if you're doing these things on purpose to escalate or not. Women just love the mystery of it! For now, let's look at two powerful ways to introduce sexual tension...

• Using vague language.

• Demonstrating kino indifference.

Now, if she gets nervous you might be nervous and telegraphing it. If she gets creeped out, you need to bear in mind that this is supposed to always appear spontaneous. If it doesn't, she could get creeped out because you'll seem desperate. If your actions look or feel sexual then it is and you're being too obvious with respect to your intentions.

Use language containing sexual metaphors-things with "double meanings." Use them to excite her in a covert way. This gets her thinking about sex, yet she believes it's her own doing.

For example, say "You know how I like it." This gets her thinking about how you like sex, and how she can please you. Now let's say a waitress at the restaurant where you are a regular asks you how you want your muffin. Your response (with a straight face and no sexual undertone) will be, "You know how I like it."

This works because the subconscious mind registers all possible meanings of everything. This includes sexual meanings as well, and her subconscious will slowly bring them to the foreground of her mind!

Now let's say you invite a girl out in a rainstorm or to a place with water like the beach. Say, "You can come, but you might get a little wet." This will really get her thinking on a subconscious level about pleasurable things, such as the orgasms she's going to be having with you. ;)

Of course we know what "come and get wet" means to girls. Putting it in the context of every-day stuff gets them wondering what you meant, though they usually won't mention it because the don't want to be the one to come off like a pervert.

Let's say she says that she wants to go anywhere-like the movies, or the popcorn stand, or the bathroom. You say, "You want to go down there? Great, then let's do it!" This works because her mind is preoccupied with the task at hand. So she might not even register what you said, consciously, but subconsciously, it's building up. This is great because we all know what "going down" means-and "doing it." By actually going down there (wherever "there" is)T she's complying on a subconscious level so that later on she will go down there (we all know where that is).

"You know you like it when it's hard." This phrase is great because it describes sex to her, allowing that imaginary picture inside her head of what's going to happen become more detailed.

In another example, she complains about something being difficult or hard, or a lot of work (If you're smart you'll set up situations like this). At that point you'll interject, "Come on baby, I know you like it when it's hard like that." This describes sex, and gives her a clear image of how it's going to go down.

She calls you on it:

"Hey get your mind out of the gutter! Whoah! What? You're a pervert! I can't believe you're thinking of that!" You will respond with: "Where's you mind at right now, woman?"

Once again, the main problem with vague language is that you may "get called" on it.

The great thing is, if delivered properly you can play innocent.

If you can't it's because you're adding an inflection to your voice that's giving you away.

Don't say something juvenile like, "I really want your!" That's just wrong! Do we really need to go into why this is?

This is when you are indifferent to her reactions to your kino. You simply don't care if she likes it or not. You're doing it because you want to.

"I take it when I want it, but I don't always want it." is a good frame to have.

This lets her get used to following your lead and she will in time become very submissive. This also absolves her subconsciously of any responsibility for the sexual act, which is a huge fantasy for women.

A practical application of this is when you are going to cross the street and there's traffic coming, simply pull her out of the way.

• Edge out in front of her a little bit.

• Notice that there's a car coming.

• Put your hand out bracing it across the front of her body.

• Push her backwards slightly.

It works because this shows her that you're comfortable touching her and the protectiveness builds the perception of trust in her.

She gets creeped out or calls you on it.

You probably looked at her while you did it. Maybe you were looking for a reaction? Don't look at her while you do it! You're protecting her, not trying to mack on her! If she gives you some feminist BS about being able to take care of herself, say "Great, then next time you save my life." (Smile gently as you say it.)

Now you know how to create mystery with vague language and how to touch a girl so that you are indifferent to her reactions. Tactics like this can be used in a multitude of regular social situations and your social circle. It reminds them of what's missing in their lives! But, this won't escalate or turn her on directly~for that you'll want manhandling:

This establishes dominance because whatever her reaction, you still remain indifferent.

This in itself causes her to be more accepting of the event.

When to spank her? If she disrespects you or teases you, then without looking at her, say "What was that?" Then turn around (dominant but gentle) and spank her.

Don't wait for her reaction, just turn away.

This works because it sets a dominant frame that communicates to her that she can't get away with anything. This also makes her feel safe because when you have little concern for her reactions and won't take her shit, it showcases your emotional strength.

She gets pissed off.

Trust me, you weren't dominant enough BEFORE the fact.

You have to build up to this with the incidental touching, and how much you lead versus how much she lead.

She doesn't turn around. Grab her and turn her around!

So now you've got her acknowledging your dominance, which will greatly enhance the sexual tension. One or two of these and she'll be wondering when you're going to do it to her for real.

When you get to an isolation location, push her onto the bed or onto the couch. The benefit of this is that it turns her on. The way you do it is once you are in your sex location:

• Put one arm behind her back.

• Put one arm behind her knees.

When you pick her up, it makes her feel like you are powerful and protecting her, then when you throw her, she feels a thrill, which turns her on.

She freaks out when you try to pick her up. Do it anyway, but be firm and gentle.

She screams or kicks when you've got one arm behind her knees.

Hold them firmly, then drop them where they are supposed to go. They'll get over it.

She complains afterwards. Tell her, "You liked it-

She really complains.

You probably haven't set up sCubed enough for her to feel that you are entitled to touch her like that. Walk away and get some water. When you bring it back, ask her if she wants a sip.

So now you have a sure fire way to fire the girl up when you get her to an isolation location in a way that really sets up your indifference to her reaction to your physical advances. Warning! With the indifference techniques, things can still sometimes go wrong.

Look, whenever you're manhandling a girl, you are running the risk of a bad reaction. If this happens, double check and make sure you didn't do it in a way that was "off." See, whatever you did beforehand is really important. If you do get a bad reaction, say "OK, we won't touch, we'll be very proper, you sit over there, I'll sit over here. Isn't this fun?" Then change the subject.

You can also give her the retarded look (TRL) and look at her like she's from mars: "OOOH KAAAY..." Or be playful and social: "Relax, I was just being playful."

Whether it's kino indifference, vague language or manhandling, putting too much effort of focus onto the techniques draws attention to them. Practice them as if you were walking down the street.

So now you have three sure-fire ways to respond to the girl that really sets up your indifference to her reactions to your physical advances. This takes the responsibility for sex away from her, which is actually a relief. You are leading!

But if sexual tension is the setup, how do you play off that? In other words, how do you convert all her sexual energy into "her doing what you want?" That's what we call compliance!

WARNING! The main difference between friendships and sexual relationships has nothing to do with vision or sexual tension, but everything to do with the amount of compliance you're getting from a woman. Hence, we arrive at the third strategy of sCubed...

What are three ways you can have incidental physical contact with a woman? 1

What are 3 examples of vague language? 1

What should you do if you get a bad reaction from kino indifference?

What does kino-indifference mean in your own words?

Compliance Explained 28

True Compliance (TC) 29

TC: Have her come out to meet your friends 30

TC: Have her come out to meet your friends Troubleshooting 31

TC: Have her hold something 32

TC: Have her hold something Troubleshooting 33

TC: Have her pick something up on the way over 34

TC: Have her pick something up on the way over Troubleshooting 35

Dirty Compliance (DC) 36

DC: Troubleshooting 37

Virtual Compliance (VC) 38

VC: Examples 39

VC: Troubleshooting 40

Compliance Exercises 41

To jump ahead for a second, I need to alert you to the fact that compliance is properly rewarded through a process we will discuss at the end of this work, called shaping—the final strategy of Vincent DiCarlo's sCubed system. Used together, these two strategies will build attraction momentum.

Compliance is the perception of her working for you.

People want things they've earned.

They value them more than the things that come easy. Compliance raises her desire for you dramatically, because the more work she puts in, the bigger the reward she wants.

The benefits of this are low resistance to your commands, a spike in her desire for you, and sex being a lot easier to get. Sometimes, women will escalate with you if your compliance is high enough, and you've mixed in the other strategies of sCubed.

With this in mind, there are three kinds of compliance that are relevant to sCubed:

• True Compliance: She does things for you.

• Virtual Compliance: You role play a fantasy in which she does things for you.

• Dirty Compliance: She does something and you frame it as if she did it for you.

Compliance makes her feel like she's invested in you, so you're harder to give up because of all that work she put into you which would be for nothing if she gave you up. Also, incrementally higher investments build their own momentum when you've got a strong base of commitment. If you're over budget by %10, for example, you'll pat the %10 if it gets the job done right.

This involves getting her to do little things where she is actually putting in work or effort to make you happy.

True Compliance flies in under the radar, as the techniques are disguised as normal social behavior. But unconsciously, the momentum builds up to sexual behavior.

"Hey baby, why don't you come over and meet my friends. They'd love you." This makes her feel safe, and makes her feels like she's getting a window into your life, yet she doesn't realize how much work she's putting in--because when she's out with there your friends, she's going to be doing her best to make a good impression.

People like being invited and feeling included. It works as compliance because when you're there with your friends, she'll be more uncomfortable with your friends then she'll be with you! This is a good thing because the contrast in discomfort will be perceived as her being comfortable with you.

Continue reading here: TC Have her come out to meet your friends Troubleshooting

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