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The Relationship Rewrite Method

Getting your man back is a totally different phenomenon than wooing him the first time. But with this new step-by-step guide full of tips and tricks, you will have him tumbling back towards you. It is possible considering the creator of the program. James Bauer, better known as the guru behind the website beirresistible.com, have been helping people like you in mending their relationships. He has been tending to a variety of clients and because of this interaction, and his previous expertise in relationship science, he has mounted a great deal of understanding of the subject matter. The author has developed this program as a very easy guide that can be followed by everyone. It is a PDF that will change your life for good just the way you want it. It works on a very basic formula of planting a seed of the same tree that you had groomed all those years. With this program, I assure your relationship will develop faster and better than what it was before. You will see how everything goes beyond your expectations and how your bond with your man becomes stronger than before. There are no bonuses with this one, but I assure you won't need any. Read more here...

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Divorce Rate

The divorce rate in the U.S. is among the highest in the world, at 4.5 per 1,000 population in most nations the rate is under 3.0 per 1,000 (United Nations 1999). Whatever its causes, the relatively high divorce rate in the U.S. creates a relatively large population of single people in mid-life, sometimes with children at home certainly young enough to seek another life partner, but often too busy with children or career to spend much time broadening their social circles to find other single people. This population might represent a significant portion of

Who to flirt with Flirting for fun

Clearly, it makes sense to exercise a degree of caution with people who are married or attached. Most people in long-term relationships can cope with a bit of admiration, and may even benefit from knowing that others find them or their partners attractive, but couples differ in their tolerance of flirtatious behaviour, and it is important to be alert to signs of discomfort or distress.

Managing many relationships at once

So have you been cruel and insensitive Yes. For having chased other girls No. You have been cruel and insensitive for having established a one-on-one relationship and thus giving her grounds to assume that your chasing other girls will mean the end of your relationship with her. Of course, you can do all the explaining you want with her now, but the fact is - you have been leading her in a false direction. In order to avoid any such unpleasant consequences, frame your relationship with her the way _you_ would like to see it from the start. If you want to be with her but not with her exclusively, let her know. If she walks then most probably she wouldn't have fitted into your future anyway. If she stays, it has been _her_ decision to accept your terms and now you won't have to worry about keeping your possible adventures a secret from her or how hurt she might feel if they came to her knowledge, she won't have to feel paranoid, jealeous or miserable because she knows, that as the two...

Words as Power Tools vs Pointless Chatter

ne of the major foul-ups guys make with women is that their conversations often tend to be unfocused and pointless. When we get into the nuts and bolts of how to negotiate your seductive conversations with women, you'll see that you'll need to be careful to manage both the content and the intent of your words if you have any desire to eventually direct the relationship along towards the bedroom. Things have to occur in a certain order. If you try to skip over an important step, the seduction will explode in your face like one of those trick cigars in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You must read and react to her cues to escalate the nature of your relationship at the proper time, or you're dead meat.

The Comfort Factor and the Novelty Syndrome

Remember that everything new eventually becomes old. Every car you've ever owned lost its shine and luster. Every relationship you've ever had eventually wound down in one way or another. Why Because your interest and attraction level in her lowered once you could take her for granted. Long-term relationships require a certain level of reinvestment to keep them going, and we'll talk more about that later.

Making up for missed opportunities

Try eyebrow flashing the big boss at work. They're the top dog because they're not only good at their job, they're also good with people (one would hope ). You'll start registering with them on a subconscious level and can build up your relationship with them as you work through the book.

Ask the Love Coach

Children delight in being silly, but for most adults silliness is a lost art Rediscovering this art with your partner can put 10me zing into your relationship. Think of some completely sifly things to do together. 6low bubbles. Go to the zoo and make faces at the monkeys. Play a kids' game such ii Twister. Buy some face or body painti and paint each Other. Have a food fight Use your imagination the idea ii far the two of you to dissolve together in helpless laughter and there's no telling where that might read

Unless youve dated a Stripper in the past

Mention that you had a girlfriend who was an Exotic Dancer (quick note, never refer to Strippers as Strippers. Always call them Exotic Dancers or Dancers. It's much less demeaning and will set you apart from most guys). You also want to mention that your girlfriend was a long term relationship - not just a one night stand.

Tip 27 Dont ever settle

One possible problem with this passive method of seduction though is that the women who select you with their flirtatious interest are often of no interest to you. This is the age old quandary of Love and Romance unfortunately unrequited love offered by one person, unreturned by the other. Finding that perfect someone is the great quest of our lives, and it is by no means an easy task. Just look at how many people fail at it look at the divorce rates, the broken families, the broken hearts. Men and women bounce from one relationship to another all their lives trying to find that special someone who they can love and who without reserve will love them back just as powerfully. How many of your friends are just barely hanging on or suffering through with someone they've grown to dislike or even despise

Let me show it to you on an example Lets say you decided you want to visit Paris France

You may have more than one goal in mind. For example, you may be looking for a long-term relationship with a view to marriage and at the same time you want to enjoy short-term relationships with people who you do not consider as good enough candidates for long-term. There's nothing wrong with it

Every one of us is the result of an unbroken chain of ancestors each of those managed to attract at least one sexual

We were talking about short-term and long-term relationships and why men are more eager toward the former than women. Summing it up Women consider commitment as indispensable when it's about long-term relationships. Even if you underscore in departments of looks and money, your commitment can make up for those.

Tip 23 Do not postpone your personal meeting for too long

This is the right time to go and meet in person. If you lose the momentum, you may jeopardize your relationship. Summing it up Do not correspond for years. Six months is about the limit from which your relationship can only go downhill. You don't need to go and meet right away but you at least should start planning your personal meeting.

The Bottom Line Choose with Care

Things may have been simpler in the old days, when the only officially sanctioned sex took place within marriage. Nowadays, going to bed with somebody no longer necessarily means a lifetime commitment. Even so, I believe sex is far too important to be entered into frivolously, and choosing a sexual partner is not to be taken lightly. If you want your seduction experience to be truly delicious and sweet, you must take time to consider the wisdom of your choice before you abandon yourself to passion. As artist and writer Kent Nerburn wrote, Choose carefully and tenderly. Touch has a memory of its own. It does indeed, and if you are mindful of your choices, that memory will be one of perpetual delight.

Step 6 Close the Sale

I know this sounds crazy, but I used to deny women who wanted sex in the first date or two, thinking that this kind of restraint was going to be respected and would make her want to get me in bed even more later on. In many cases, if the woman is interested in a long-term relationship and she's very attracted to you, this can be true.

What will you do to find her

I've included a planning worksheet as a resource for you to at least begin the process of deciding what you want. These are the starting criteria you should be thinking about before you decide to get involved in a long-term relationship. If you are just looking to date and have no intentions of a relationship, you might keep these in the back of your head as you gain experience. You might not have dated enough women to understand what priority you place on certain elements, and the more you meet and date, the more you'll be able to see what works and what does not work for you.

Keeping your fantasies to yourself

If you find yourself constantly tempted by another person, maybe it's time to sort out whether you are looking for an excuse to bail from your current relationship, and if so, you need to take a good look at your relationship and either fix it or leave it. Whatever you do, don't complicate it by cheating. In the long run, cheaters cheat themselves first and foremost. There are better ways to get out of a relationship than being thrown out for being a liar and a cheat.

Women need men to dominate them

Do you remember when the marriage vows used to say, Love, honor, and obey Then there was this big feminist uproar over the inclusion of obey, and it was dropped from the ceremony. What that vow was really saying was the unspoken reality that for a long-term relationship to work, there has to be a point where a man can command authority over a woman. If he does not, then she will lose her feeling of security with him, and her subconscious attraction mechanism will point her away from him and towards a man that can provide that feeling of emotional desire.

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

Fulfill those primal needs that she (desperately ) must have satisfied. And just what are these great emotional yearnings Well they must not be common knowledge, because if they were the divorce rate wouldn't be up around 50 every time we check it, right I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of people must never be able to get a really good sense of whether or not their potential partner has what it takes to make them happy -even after a long courtship -- because soon after getting involved in a committed relationship, they seem to find themselves miserable. Why Because the partner they chose to spend the rest of their life with turns out to be incapable of satisfying their basic emotional cravings. It isn't long before the resentments and disillusionments follow along in the parade of bitterness. Always keep in mind how fundamentally insecure women are whenever they get into a long term relationship. Are your eyes roving over to that blond bitch sitting across the room Hmmm...

The Low Self Esteem Chick

There's a more dangerous side to the Low Self-Esteem Chick that I want you to be aware of. Many women (and men) use their relationships for validation instead of developing a solid sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. If her sense of self-esteem is really low, she could get very clingy and needy, and she may become easily attached to you, even if you let her know you don't want a long-term relationship. So be gentle and careful when you seduce a woman who you suspect may need a lot more validation and approval than the average woman.

Techniques The Man Does Not Need But Should At Least Know

I believe these tactics don't create as much natural attraction, and they have a more brief, artificial effect. Forget about these ideas completely if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Even if these manipulative methods do work, it's BRAINWASHING a woman to do something for you.

The Right One Defined

The challenge of course is that the woman who selects you with her flirtatious interest is often someone who is of no interest to you, at least romantically speaking. This is the age old quandary of the game of Love and Romance unrequited love offered by one person, unreturned by the other. I'm sure you've run up against this particular wall several times in your life, most probably beginning in grammar school. Finding that perfect someone is the great quest of our lives, and it is by no means an easy task. Just look at how many people fail at it look at the divorce rates, the broken families, the broken hearts. How many of your friends are just barely hanging on or suffering through with someone they've grown to dislike or even despise People bounce from one relationship to another all their lives trying to find that special someone who they can love and who without reserve will love them back just as powerfully.

Give Her Your Exit Visa

One of the screening strategies a woman will use is to quiz you endlessly about your relationship plans. If you sleep with her a few times, regularly, she's going to consider you a prospect for a long-term relationship. She will want to figure out if you're The One or not. What you can tell her if she corners you about your relationship intentions is this I know we both mean a lot to each other, Sally, it's just that I think I might not be the best choice for you right now. I'm not really looking for a long-term relationship. I just don't want to get serious. I am also very busy with my work and business ventures, and I wouldn't be treating you fairly if we only saw each other once a week -or even less. I sense that you're looking for someone who will give you a lot more of his time and energy. I suspect you're probably also starting to be interested in seeing other guys, too, aren't you

She wants YOUR number instead

To salvage the situation, you might show her that you're not just another sucker and you're quite aware of the devious little hobby some girls have with respect to phone numbers. She of course will start assuring you, that that is not the case at all with her - tell her she can convince you by giving you her number Or you can bypass the naughty girls with naughty hobbies scenario by replying with something as innocent as Well I keep a rather hectic schedule, if you call me, you'll probably end up developing a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with my answering machine. I'm in and out a lot. However, with your number I could call you when I was able to actually talk.

Adventures Along the

You can make your own signposts for your relationship by planning activities that stand out from the ordinary, everyday dating experiences. These become signposts on the basis of their uniqueness. The whole point is to look upon life and your relationship as a continuing adventure. Adventure is not something that just happens to you it's something you create. As long as you are willing to create new adventures for yourself and your lover, the seduction will never end.

Hot Time in the Hot

Next we're going to get a little more gender specific and take a closer look at the most common fantasies of men and women. The purpose of this exploration is not mere titillation, but to examine ways in which the two of you can enrich your relationship and become closer.

Managing Relationships

You see, women are programmed by default to have monogamous relationships. You can do two things about this accept it and go along with it, or create new rules and reprogram the girl to follow them. Now if you really like her, and want to stay in a monogamous relationship with her, it's basically very easy. Just see her a few times a week, and have sex with her regularly. If you want to keep her, you will need to give her sex regularly. That means, at least 2-3 times per week. If you are new to the game or really young I suggest you experience a few monogamous long term relationships like this, perhaps for 3-5 months. You will learn a lot about women. that children can be raised. But that's not a good thing if you want to be a really good seducer. You have to be careful when your relationship starts going beyond 5 months, that you aren't becoming emotionally enslaved by the girl. Just pay attention, to who sets the rules in the relationship. If you want to establish a relationship...

Considering your date

If you are just dating for fun, then no major questions are required as the impact on your life is limited to that date and that's all. If, however, your goal for the date is to discover if he she has the qualities you require for a long-term relationship, what questions are you going to generate for that

Find Out As Much As You

Grab your pens, paper, and get ready to take notes. Well, maybe not, but studying skills will certainly be to your advantage if you plan to seduce a woman successfully. This is one of those hugely important things in a relationship when you're trying to move things right along to the level of romance. Getting to know that special woman is about the time you spend with her, and about what you get from communication, both verbal and physical. And the more you know, the better your chances. Trust me, if you plan to keep your relationship moving forward, you are going to have to find out as much as you can about her. Ultimately, it all comes back to what you can learn about her for yourself. While it is helpful to get a few tips from her friends, family, and acquaintances, too much of this type of fact-finding will make her feel more like a suspect in an investigation. So it's back to what you can find out for yourself. And the best possible way to do that is to get her in different...

Do the same for the next two questions

It could be someone from a similar back ground to you. Someone who understands the opposite sex and is into self-help programmes. This is an area that you are willing to be flexible with. It is not critical that these needs are met and if they have hit only 3 out of ten of your points, it's not dangerous to you or your relationship. If you feel any point in this section is critical, put it onto your critical list.

Excite her and yourself with the anticipation of more

By kissing a woman, you identify that you are in a relationship with her. It tells her that you want to be with her, which gives her a sense of security. This is an important step towards moving your relationship into the bedroom. She will be more willing to become intimate with you if she feels safe and secure with you.

Insecurity The Parasite Of Relationships

Work on your own insecurities, restrain yourself from losing your cool, keep your mouth shut if you don't have a good reason to accuse her, and you will usually see that your fears were unfounded. This is because when we are in a negative state, it colors the way we see everything, and if you rely on your feelings when you are in a negative state, you will ruin your relationship.

The key to knowing where to start is to understand the four levels of communication

At this level of communication, it is important that you provide a little distance between yourself and your friend. If the distinction between yourself and your friend becomes unrecognizable, it is possible for your relationship to go sour. If you know how to handle your own feelings, attitudes and behaviors, while maintaining your friendship at this level, you will build a successful friendship that can last a lifetime.

Common abbreviations and acronyms

Don't have to explain ) See Let's Just Be Friends for more details. o LTR - Long Term Relationship. Although the length of a relationship to qualify as long term can not be defined, the physical and or emotional involvement of such a relationship certainly extends beyond that of a chance encounter aka one-night-stand.

How To Stay With A Woman

When it comes to long-term relationships with women, men have a big challenge. We desire novelty, yet the things that women do that we don't understand we let get under our skin rather than just accepting them and moving on. Everyone is guilty of trying to change someone to suit them at one time or another. A good case in point of what makes a relationship last can be seen in the lives of the men who were part of the military during World War II. These men took the risks, and risked their lives every day. Their wives had to learn to live with the possibility that their husbands wouldn't come home, and there were so many that didn't. Their marriages lasted because they truly understood what mattered and what didn't, and how to make the most of what little time they had.

Appendix The Affect of Age on Seduction Interests

At this point, a woman's interest in men can go in many directions. Many single women will avoid any threats to their established state of independence. They worked hard to get to this level of self-reliance, and a man can often seem like a threat to this. This is not to say that she wouldn't want a long-term relationship, but she is just as likely to have a casual sex-buddy as well, since this allows her the freedom she desires.

Even if Youre Engaged or Married You Still Need The Rules

If you didn't do The Rules at the beginning of your relationship, your husband might ignore you, talk to you rudely, or treat you badly. You might wonder, Is his behavior the result of bad upbringing or something in his past Maybe. But we believe it's because you didn't do The Rules. He never needed to treat you like his dream girl. The same man who would act indifferent or ignore a wife who pursued him wouldn't dream of it with the woman who did The Rules.

How Do I Come Off As The Most Romantic Guy In The World But Only Have Chicks Be Interested In Me For Short Term

At the beginning he says, I'm a VERY busy person. I have so many things going on in my life that I don't think I have the time for a long-term relationship. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have one, I just don't think that now is the right time. So here's the deal You can have a little of my time, or you can have none.

Body Language A Conclusion

Usa Bodylanguage

A woman who is interested in you is stuck between two extremities. One, she wants to attract you, and two, she wants a long-term relationship (most of the time, at least). For this reason, she cannot overtly display her interest in you. If a woman comes off more forward than others, she is probably signaling her interest in a short-term relationship. However, since most women want more than just a one-night stand, you must expect them to be somewhat ambiguous with their signals. Most women are both undecided with their interest and are also concerned about coming across as being promiscuous.

Always End the Date First

Again, this is not about being gold diggers or princesses wanting to be doted on all the time. It's about determining whether a man is truly in love with you and, if not going on to the next. If you end up marrying a man who gives you a briefcase instead of a bracelet on your birthday, you may be doomed to a life of practical, loveless gifts and gestures from him such as food processors, and you may spend thousands of dollars in therapy trying to figure out why there's no romance in your marriage.

Psychologically disturbed women How to quickly recognise them and get rid of them even quicker

Careful this chapter is very, very important for those of you who want to use my book to seduce women with the purpose of having a long-term relationship or marriage. Stick these concepts on the mirror where you see yourself in the morning. Although this is not the worst of all signs, before entering a long-term relationship with her, remember two things she may be willing to do anything to get attention and if she has dependency problems, then she may be willing to do anything in order of not to become independent. And who pays the price of those problems in a long-term relationship you of course

The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

This instinct for protection protects life, but in many males - let's admit it the majority of males - reaches such limits that it puts the man in a state of psychological dependence upon and enslavement by the woman, which is the subservient mental state. All men should be kept by law from getting married or involved in a long-term relationship before they become expert seducers and have laid at least 50 women This frame is one of the major reasons for failure in your attempts to seduce a woman and the basis for a major loss of sexual interest on the part of the woman in a marriage or a long-term relationship. Man's subservient behavior enters generally into a marriage or a long term relationship if it is the woman's intention to obtain a marriage or a long term relationship. In connection with this argument is very important to read and understand the chapter Fidelity and Seduction a new context and also the chapter dedicated to Multiple Long Term Relationships (MLTR.) A really...

Listen More Talk Less

Communication is such an important factor in all relationships, business and personal alike, that it should come as no surprise that we need to discuss it here as well. What is communication, after all It is the two-way interaction that occurs, both verbally and non-verbally. What is said with actions is as important, if not more so, than what is said with words. But here we're going to focus our attention on the importance of verbal communication and what it will mean for your relationship. Keep in mind that when I talk about how things affect your relationship, I'm mainly concerned with your success in the realm of seduction.

MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships

As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself How can I satisfy my masculine sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term relationship In this case the answer to your problem is MLTR, i.e. Multiple Long Term Relationships. To maintain a multiple long term relationships, you must first reach a certain level in the art of seduction. As long as you are not expert in seduction, you will always be, concerning your sexual and affection needs, at the mercy of luck. your First Lady - but you can never give all of your time to her otherwise you cannot maintain your relationships with your secondary women.

Goodcommunication skills Listening as well as talking

Energy to give. (I am absolutely not suggesting you give material things to women who you are not in a long-term relationship. The giving I'm referring to here is an emotional giving that allows you to be as effective as possible during your seductions. We'll cover this later in Batteries are Full. )

Making A Good Impression

Often, the lifelong impression we associate with others occurs after the first two minutes of interacting. Dressing for status is a good idea. Any woman interested in a long-term relationship will be looking for a man who has resources. One way to show this to the world is to dress the part. In all likelihood, she will analyze everything that you do based upon the idea she has made in her first impression. If you dress nicely then she will take you to be confident and if you dress for comfort, she will think you are a fairly relaxed person. If you are playing the mating game by looking nice you are giving yourself more leeway. She will dismiss a few of your negative attributes if you did not make a good first impression. This leeway might just be the advantage that you need to succeed.

Understanding 8 Do NOT Lust For Results

Find the ONE to marry - DO WHAT OK OK so I have heard several success stories similar to this one. I am young and have a full life ahead of me. I am not looking into this YET. Using NLS to make your marriage work or make it better - ask someone who knows. Using NLS to make your relationship better - It worked for me and my ex. It also made me realize who I didn't want to be with.

Genetics seductions best friend

The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships. Woman needs to bind to herself only one genetically perfect man for a stable long term relationship, long and stable enough to become pregnant, give birth to one of more children, a relationship stable and long enough to last for a long period after the birth of the child children. If you behave like a pussy her sexual interest for you goes below the level of zero at the speed of light your relationship with her is sooner or later ruined

No Second Chances Period

The Long-Term Relationship A good portion of the men reading this book will want a long term relationship, while many others will only want casual dating. Your background and beliefs will play a large role in your decisions and goals with women. I will share my own personal philosophy with respect to long-term relationships, and you can hold this up in light of your own situation. Mistakes often made in long-term relationships and marriages My recommendation is to get yourself to a point where you are comfortable in your own skin (develop the Three S's), get enough experience under your belt to make better decisions, and then decide what woman you want in your life, and then you're ready (possibly) for a long-term relationship. Until then, you are merely a seeker and learner. Should you reach this point and decide that you do want to date one woman exclusively (and, again, I state that this should only happen if your goal is a long-term relationship and you clearly understand what it...

Starting an Office Romance

Make sure you can transfer elsewhere if the relationship doesn't go to plan. Or, if your company frowns on relationships at work, be prepared to leave the company in order to protect your career prospects and keep your relationship intact. If you dislike confrontation, ignore your friends' unreasonable antipathy to your relationship. They'll either eventually accept the relationship as it becomes part of the fabric of your group or the matter will come to a head and you'll all be forced to deal with it.

About Honesty And Blasting

You really won't feel satisfied in a long-term relationship where you can't be honest and vice versa. I'm not talking about ridiculous honesty, like saying some girl on the subway was looking at you, which will just start fights. I'm not talking about becoming an emotional explosion. I mean honesty about things in the sense of not hiding things or lying about things.

The Big Rule DOW Date Other Women

5) You trigger her exclusive mechanism too early Women don't want to be exclusive with any man right off the bat, and by focusing your attention on one woman, you will get them believing this is your intention, even if you're only thinking of them as temporary. By focusing all on her, she intuits this to mean that you want a monogamous, long term relationship, and this is never your objective until you've known her for several months. If you have a religious or other belief that tells you that you need to date only one woman, I urge you to re-evaluate that belief. I've seen too many men fall into a miserable relationship because he thought this woman was his be-all, end-all, and he discovers that she isn't what he expected. He consigns himself to a life of misery, telling himself that it's really not that bad. He asks permission to do everything and calls her The Boss. He signed on for the program that said when he found a woman that would give him regular sex, she was the one to...

Without Embarrassment

Now if we consider a more matured relationship (in terms of the length of time that two people have been dating, not how mature the individuals may or may not actually be), the woman will start angling around and nagging the man for a wedding proposal. A clever guy can forestall this final escalation of the romance for months or maybe even years, but not forever. His elaborate tap-dancing will be tolerated by the woman only because a lot of time has already been invested in the relationship, and she clings to the hope that it's not all been for naught. Tolerance is available, but it's not unlimited. Eventually this relationship will break apart if the escalation to marriage fails after a reasonable amount of time has dragged out.

Be Sensitive Without Losing Your Manhood

Okay, so we've got the idea of sensitivity down. Now it's time to talk about why men cringe at the notion of being sensitive. Men, by virtue of our social order, should be masculine, and sensitivity has often been seen as a threat to masculinity. It's common to view sensitivity as the line in the sand beyond which manhood no longer exists. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Don't get the wrong idea it's perfectly reasonable to be a bit uncomfortable with sensitivity at first. But there are ways to get around it, and they're well worth the effort when you're trying to advance your relationship. First, remember earlier when I mentioned that sensitivity is all about being in tune with yourself and with others. Being in tune with yourself simply means knowing yourself and not being afraid to tell your companion who you are and how you feel. That doesn't mean you have to become overwrought with emotion. It just means you should be able to express yourself, your desires and your...

Fish or Cut Bait Relationship Evaluation

DE4 The following questions help you evaluate your relationship. The list of questions is divided into particular areas. Answering these questions can help you decide whether it's time to move on or move up. Keep track of your answers in your dating notebook (see Chapter 1). The purpose of these questions is not to tally up points so that you can fit your relationship into one of three categories, like the two of you are okay, need a couples' counselor, or are toxic for one another. The purpose of these questions is to help you understand what you should be asking when you think about your relationship. When you evaluate your answers, try for the middle ground

So Who IS This Carlos

When I got to my early twenties, I even had a few of what some people call long-term relationships. Mixed in-between was a lot of seduction, but I had no idea what I was doing. It was mostly luck and ignorance. Somewhere in my mid-twenties I started to slow down and think about what it was that had created this success I was having. When I started analyzing, I started having more gaps without sex, but much more insight as I figured out what the secret was to attracting and sleeping with women. From average to beautiful.

Have Making Relationships Last

Your relationship with a woman begins from the moment you say hello. That relationship can last anywhere from a minute to a lifetime. However, a sexual relationship with a woman begins when you first engage in sexual activity with her (whatever your personal definition of sexual activity is). The relationship changes significantly after that point. As such, it's important to make it clear to her and to yourself what you want and what you're offering before sexual activity happens. In the early chapters, we discussed taking stock and figuring out what you want from your relationships with women. Now is a good time to revisit that question in light of the three types of love feelings that Helen Fisher enumerated lust, romance, and long-term attachment. Roughly, those three translate to short-, medium- and long-term relationships. For shorthand, let's call them fling, romance, and partnership. Just as the three brain circuits for lust, romantic love and long-term attachment are...

In Order to Get Something You Have to Pretend You Dont Want It

If you can place most of your focus on the act of flirting and little on the potential results - then you will find yourself in a position to look at the world in an entirely different light. Everywhere you turn flirtable women will be available for you to play with. I know that your relationship with the fear of rejection is very troublesome for you, but this new kind of attitude is a fantastic way to short-circuit away much of its power. When you flirt with a woman, you're just tickling around the edges of her psyche to determine if she has even the slightest amount of interest in you. If after a moment or two there doesn't seem to be any, then you simply move on no harm, no foul.

Girls Around the World

Then, the girls are the dominant ones and the men take a passive role. Swedish men hate approaching and being extroverted. Swedish women often complain about it and sometimes approach men themselves. The guys are often searching for long-term relationships, while the girls just want to have fun. The girls have no problem with taking you home and using you for sex. They are not used to dominant guys who know how to take control, so when you give them a taste of it you can't get rid of them.

Being a single man and living alone

Don't even dream once of entering a marriage or a long-term relationship if you haven't first brought to bed from 30 to 50 women. I am not joking. After that you can have some idea of women. How to obtain this result Study this book and apply yourself to the art of pickup and seduction at least a couple of times per week. You will notice improvements little by little. You cannot get anything without practice and constancy. Once you reach that level, you can consider yourself ready to make an important choice marriage, an exclusive long-term relationship or a life as a playboy. Only when you reach this level, are you ready for a long-term relationship with a woman you love or for the life of a playboy.


So she has plans for her poor husband. Soon after their marriage, she begins to wield her sexual tool like a club, hounding the bewildered sucker into greater earning power. She doesn't pout, like Lucy Ricardo, brattily crying and stamping her foot when Ricky says he can't afford to buy her a fur coat and withholding sex is too benign a weapon. Instead, she attacks his male ego, shaming him, belittling him, flogging him remorselessly to find a higher-paying job. jabbing an accusatory talon at him, she snivels that he's not a real man unless he finds the means to support her in style. He is a loser . He has ruined her life . Going home for him has become a living, sexless hell. What happened to the nice girl he married, who swore that all she ever wanted from a man was respect Love, which had never really been an issue in the first place, has fled in disgust. And when he straggles home after his new 60- or 70-hour work week, does she offer sympathy, or do they talk about their plans...

DON T Gawk at Women

Making eye contact is extremely important when you first meet a woman. You'll never progress your relationship with a woman if you keep looking at her chest. Despite that her clothing is sexy, and she has a beautiful, curvaceous body, you mustn't check out her ass or breasts so that you can get caught Direct eye contact is especially important if you are in a social environment and you are talking to this woman for the first or second time. Keep your eyes on her - not on the women walking by, or on her friends. If you are seriously interested in a woman, you should give her your undivided attention.


To that point, then, you must not lie about your intentions with a woman regarding your relationship with her. You do not tell her you are looking to settle down if, in fact, you're just looking to date around and have fun. That kind of deceptiveness will come back to haunt you, and you will earn a deserved reputation as a Player.


If the word Christmas or Hanukkah slips out while you're relaying a funny family story, so be it. If the Bible or the Torah or a Jehovah's Witness brochure slips out while you reach for your wallet, that's a bit over-the-top. Religion and your relationship (or non-relationship) with whomever you may or may not believe in is your own business at least for now. You don't want to put your date on the spot. If your date puts you on the spot by asking, say, whether you believe in God, simply change the subject by asking her whether she believes O. J. was guilty.

Who Pays for What

Eventually, if you date the same woman long enough, there will come a time when you decide to vacation together. If you know a woman well enough to vacation with her, then your relationship should be well enough established to openly discuss financial matters. If it isn't that far along, then postpone vacationing together. If it is, then the two of you can determine who should pay for what. In general, each of you should pay your own airfare and half of the food and lodging since you are both going to enjoy the vacation together.

What Ive Learned

I know everyone has different objectives on this forum. Mine was a long term relationship. Anti-Dump is right all the way. Speed seduction, for the case of long term relationships, is worthless. Forget NLP, forget Speed Seduction, unless you wish to practice them all your life. For a long term relationship, they are worthless.

Get Her Vitals

Before we discuss how to talk to women, let us talk about what the conversation should get us. When you first meet a woman, there are three pieces of personal information you must get from her. The whole basis of your relationship depends on getting this information. Success or failure at this task will determine whether or not you will see her again. You must make it your priority to get this vital information when talking to a woman that you have just met and that you're interested in. Focus on these three very important pieces of information.

Tests never end

In addition if you are in a MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships) relationship with more than one woman, you have to be prepared to react in the right way to their tests for the whole duration of the relationships. If you give them a chance to control you, the seduction starts off badly anyway and your relationship will be in any case unsatisfactory for both later on. It's better to start from the beginning in the right way. You have to practice recognizing the lack of respect and reacting to it properly because, if you don't, your relationship with that woman will sooner or later go into a bad state of crisis. Many women test in that manner your capacity of being a real man fighting for your own interests. If you give her the possibility of not respecting you, your relationship with her is already ruined from the beginning. You will never be able to seduce her.

The Dating Continuum

All the techniques and strategies that you employ in your quest, whether it's for dating, seduction, long-term relationships, or the big M (marriage) all exist on a continuum of interaction. This continuum begins with the first time you interact with a particular woman (see her across the room, bump into her at Starbucks), and ends with the dissolution of your relationship (stop calling her, breakup, divorce), no matter how long a time this may be. (Maybe even 'til death do you part ) It begins anew with every woman you meet.


Unless you're completely sure that your relationship is toast, the end bitter or not, you may want to try the greatest cure for couple misery ever invented the apology. An apology is only really useful if it's sincere, specific, and timely. If you did something wretched and thoughtless and selfish look, you're human, not perfect be specific and grovel. The bigger the boo-boo, the larger the apology. If the mistake hurt your partner, the apology should pinch your soul, your pocketbook, and your conscience. This isn't about buying your way out but rather reminding yourself and your partner that you are truly sorry. If repentance is expensive enough, it may give you pause the next time you're tempted to blunder in that direction again.

The Seduction Types

The following women are the various types you'll encounter, and I'll give you some information on overcoming their unique challenges. I'm presenting their negative traits so that you'll keep your perspective. A lot of guys go out to seduce women and have a good time, and they end up getting pulled into a nasty long-term relationship because they let a woman's good qualities blind them to all her red flags. Stay level headed and in control of your emotions.

On All Dates

If you are not into wanting a long-term relationship, then only appeal to the sexual side of a woman that desires the GENETIC WINNER. Why spend money, and activate the food and shelter , or long-term relationship side of her, if you are not even interested in appealing to that But even if you do want a long-term relationship, be careful that you don't spend money to impress her, and don't kiss ass to get her to appreciate you. Because when you are TRYING to do anything, she can tell.

Your Third Date

If you have gotten a third date with a woman, chances are good that she wants to take your relationship further. This is the date that will determine your future with this woman. One of three things will happen you will start kissing her, and take her to bed you will kiss and make out a lot but won't have sex or you will make an advance to kiss her and she will turn you down. If she turns you down, then you know you'll never go out with her again romantically. If you take her to bed on the third date, then you definitely know where you stand. Hopefully she will want to explore this sexual relationship further. If she returns your sexual advances, and you kiss and make out, then you know that taking her to bed is just around the corner. You may have to wait a few more dates, but as you already know, good things come to those who wait.

Life Rules by Badboy

Most guys, after they break up with a girl, they think about her for months. It's normal after long term relationships to have emotions for that girl, but the sooner you forget about her, the sooner you will find a new girl. Be aware that an end is a new beginning. It's smart to always have a backup girl in your life, so when you break up with one girl, you can jump to the other one. That is the reason why you should always stay social and go out, no matter how hot and perfect your girl is. There is always a chance you will break up.

Becoming Intimate

Unless your relationship ends early or you've both decided not to begin a sexual relationship, you have to decide when to become sexually involved with each other and talk about the associated general issues, such as sexual safety. If you and your partner aren't in agreement about when to begin a sexual relationship, then talking through the issues is important. Good communication is the cornerstone of any relationship and can resolve unnecessary areas of conflict or misunderstanding.

Build Anticipation

It's a well-known fact that women take longer to get in the mood than men do. A stiff breeze will do it for a guy who is eager for action But women need more attention, more lead-time. You need to hint to her that you are interested in taking your relationship to the next level, and let her know you think she's sexy and attractive. Show her lots of attention, and be very touchy-feely with her. By giving a woman these reassurances you make sure that she's going to stick around and give you what you want in return.

Youre Lost

Married people don't date. Let me repeat that. Married. People. Don't. Date. If you want to date, don't marry. If you're already married, then either work on your marriage or get out. Complicating a marriage that is obviously not doing well with another soul is mean, nasty, manipulative, and pointless.

On Masculinity

One-night stand or affair eighth Long-term relationship eighth Friendship eighth One-night stand or affair sixth Long-term relationship seventh Friendship seventh One-night stand or affair seventh Long-term relationship sixth Friendship fifth One-night stand or affair third Long-term relationship fifth Friendship fifth One-night stand or affair fourth Long-term relationship fourth Friendship fourth One-night stand or affair second Long-term relationship third One-night stand or affair fifth Long-term relationship second Friendship second Rating by women One-night stand or affair first Long-term relationship first Friendship first


I've had this happen to me numerous times. It can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. But it can also be nightmarish and hellish, depending on the type of girl you get involved in. More than that, though, your own mental state can play a big part in the happiness of your relationship.

A new context

Marriage or an exclusive long-term relationship with a woman has become, in our western society, an ugly affair for men. Once you reach the status of High Status Male, you'd better throw out of the window what your teachers and parents taught you about the possibility of having a family and entering into a new context entering a long-term relationship with a woman

Types of Girls

Party Girls thrive on stimulation and excess and like to try everything, sex, drugs, alcohol, threesomes, etc. They are impulsive and live for going out and having fun. They dress provocatively and are very flirtatious. Usually, they have multiple partners and don't like long term relationships because if they step into a relationship they will lose their crazy lifestyle. Mostly they go for one night stands or short term boyfriends and fuck buddies . Party Girls are often younger girls but not all young girls are as extreme in their excesses as Party Girls. And some women stay this way into their later years. Emotional Girls are more subdued and down to earth. They are generally searching for long term relationships. They don't like one-night stands, but if you do it correctly and create a strong connection, they will do it. They hang out with a lot of friends because they gain comfort from going out in a group. They search for a guy who is like them, a person who understands them....

Being a playboy

Starting from this point of view, a life as a playboy, while waiting for a woman to show up who really loves you and shows that she wants to support and respect you, without trying to manipulate you for her interests or making you feel guilty for your sexuality might be an excellent alternative to marriage or to a long-term relationship

Keeping the Girl

How can she trust that you are not going to have a one-night stand with some other girl how can you trust her that she won't do the same with some other guy So trust is going to be very difficult to establish fully, and trust is a crucial thing in long term relationships. So I'm going to give you some advice about this problem. When you meet a girl you want to keep, a girl that you want for a relationship, don't sleep with her that same night. Instead, just kiss her, or take her phone number after you have built wide and deep rapport with her and then meet her some other day.


Nonverbal Gestures

We often see a high ranking politician standing behind a lectern with his arms tightly folded across his chest (defensive) and chin down (critical or hostile), while telling his audience how receptive and open he is to the ideas of young people. He may attempt to convince the audience of his warm, humane approach while giving short, sharp karate chops to the lectern. Sigmund Freud once noted that while a patient was verbally expressing happiness with her marriage, she was unconsciously slipping her wedding ring on and off her finger. Freud was aware of the significance of this unconscious gesture and was not surprised when marriage problems began to surface.

Attitude Counts

Imagine that your relationship is moving along nicely. Then, for whatever reason your lady's attitude starts changing. All of a sudden she's not as cheerful as she used to be. You try to talk to her about it, but she clams up. After a while the conversations are few and far between. Then you start feeling down. From there it doesn't take very long before both of you are feeling miserable and things can start to fall apart very quickly. And as you can imagine, romance and seduction would be very unlikely when the two of you are feeling that way.

Cocky and funny

With a modern woman it can be a huge mistake to open up to her too much in a long-term relationship. When we take into consideration, however, the instinctual, genetic and evolutionary part of the woman, I can guarantee that the above attitude will ruin all your relationships with women either right then or some years later.

Dating Dysfunction

Stop trying to solve women's issues When you find a significant point of contention in what you want versus what she is capable of giving you, you must decide whether to accept it or move on. Don't be quick to accept her shortcoming, either. Chances are you made something a requirement because you genuinely want it in your relationship, and you should get it. In the earlier example, Brad could fool himself for a while that he doesn't have to have affection from Donna, but in the end, he'll be deeply unhappy.

Sexual viability

The divorce rate has remained steady at around 40 percent (the 50 percent statistic was a computational error that was admitted in 2005 because it divided the number of marriages by the number of divorces without taking population fluctuations into account), but folks are still marrying like crazy at a rate of two and a half million per year in the United States. Either way,

You Walked Away

If you've been reading my newsletters, and you've read my book Double Your Dating , then there's a good chance that somewhere along the way you've said to yourself Does this guy think that long-term relationships are healthy Yes, I think that long-term relationships are wonderful, healthy, and can be a great source of joy and happiness. I think that long-term relationships are great. I just don't like the idea of investing a lot of time, energy, and money if I have no idea whether a girl even likes me No thanks. Keep up the good work, and I hope you're able to put your relationship back together sounds like it was a great thing.

The pivot theory

Like I said, they don't HOP IN THE BED WITH ME as soon as I tell them what the deal is, but you can tell that their need for attention and affection and to be desired kicks in when you REMOVE all those things from your relationship. when she realizes that she will get some conversation from you and invited to go out to WATCH YOU meet other chicks that she KNOWS are going to sex you because she would herself if she wasn't bullshitting, she kicks it into gear to get back the relationship she WANTED YOU for in the first place. even if she only wanted to tease you every day and go to sleep ALONE knowing someone wanted her that day, she can't do that as a friend . she has to find a way to get herself OUT OF LJBF to prove herself an attractive, seductive woman. that's her new CHALLENGE


Because of her strong instinct for selecting the strongest and most gifted men, a woman doesn't feel real attraction for a man who fails to show a higher value than hers. A woman may naturally choose a man with a lower value than hers for a long-term relationship, but deep down she will never feel true attraction for that man. - Show that you could at any moment interrupt your relationship with her. - The frame in which you put yourself from the beginning of your relationship with her and during the relationship establishes the attraction (or destroys it)

Romance is a Trance

Because it's really all that you've got. Later on as she gets to know you, your shared experiences will endear you further, and you can both build your relationship on more genuine ground. But that kind of future possibility stuff doesn't help you right now. At the moment of first encounter, you only have one chance to make a knockout impression and very little time to work with, so you'd better make it good. I'm assuming that you're not rich, handsome or famous (if you are, then why the hell are you reading this book ) so the only thing left for you is to create a favorable sense of connection to her with your words.

Flirting with intent

This will give you the best chance of compatability. Most successful marriages and long-term relationships are between partners of more or less equal good looks. There is some leeway, of course, and other qualities are also important, but statistically, relationships where one partner is much more attractive than the other tend to be less successful. Studies have shown that the more evenly matched partners are in their attractiveness, the more likely they are to stay together.

Stepping Back

Long-term relationships is best created with a more prolonged period before you gratify your lusts. Long-term relationships are typically six months or longer. You've worked through a lot of the lusty stages. You know, seeing each other every day and boffing like wild ferrets. Actually, if your goal is a relationship, you should be very careful to avoid that kind of obsessive, high-octane contact. It's like a fire started with gasoline It will burn hot, but quick. If your goal is not necessarily to go for a long-term romance, then you can enjoy this super hot stage for all it's worth. If you want to progress this into something more enduring, however, you'll have to take a different approach.

Eye Games

When a woman is attracted to a man she will often fake that she is indifferent to the contact you have made. Women do not want to send too strong of a signal. After all, she wants you to dance for her. Women don't want to come off as being easy, so they only give subtle hints. To her, there is no middle ground she is either coming off as promiscuous or non-promiscuous. If she is looking for a long-term relationship she will not be giving you the whole body dance that you might come to expect from reading the extensive list of signals in this book. She only wants to give you enough nonverbal communication so that you get the idea. She will then step back and wait for you to chase.


After she signals her interest with nonverbal body language she will expect that you will approach her to open a verbal dialogue. She will, at first, stay just out of arm's reach. The reason for this is that she can better assess how valuable she is in your eyes. The more you are willing to chase, she thinks, the better off she is and the more secure she can be in terms of your fidelity and desire for a long-term relationship. However, if after you start the chase she begins to use negative body language then think twice and back off. She may no longer be interested or you may be moving too quickly. A woman who is interested in you will rarely give off negative body language. She may stop giving you positive body language, but she should rarely present negative signals.

What Women Can Do

Men and women are fundamentally different, and it is to their best advantage to meet each other somewhere in the middle. But it would not be too far-fetched to observe that women seem to view the gap between the genders as an unbridgeable chasm, carved out by a river of testosterone. So males will always be pigs and jerks and dirty old men . If only they could become sensitive and metamorphize into women with penises But this attitude is kept alive because women see sex as a tool, not as a natural act. Even though men are frustrated by women's hormonal thinking and parasitic ways, not one of them would ever dream of wanting a female to change her gender or to be anything less than a woman. Men view the gap between the sexes as akin to the invisible line which separates two countries-the language and customs may seem odd, but the inhabitants are still human beings sharing the same common desires and disappointments, hopes and fears. This point of view defines what men really want from...

Palm Power

When the palm is turned to face downwards, you will have immediate authority. The person to whom you have directed the request feels that he has been given an order to remove the box and may feel antagonistic towards you, depending on your relationship with him. For example, if the person to whom you gave the request was a co-worker of equal status, he could reject your palm-down request and would be more likely to carry out your wish if you had used the palm-up position. If the person to whom you give the request is your subordinate, the palm-down gesture is acceptable, as you have the authority to use it.

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