Womans Scam

The average woman has the mind-set of a parasite. Her age-old scam is to live off a man's hard work, to con him into spending his assets to finance her lifestyle. The more resources he controls, and the more willing he is to part with his cash (her conscience-balming euphemism for this is "being generous"), the more attractive he becomes in her eyes. Good-looking young women do not marry fat, balding men twice their age because they're hopelessly in love, despite all their innocent protestations to the contrary. A woman is for sale and her body is her commodity. She packages it with make-up, perfume, and wire-girded bras and offers it to the highest bidder. A woman's entire concept of self-worth is determined by the price she can command for the use of her vagina. Possessing an almost infinite capacity for self-adoration, she is obsessed with her appearance because she knows that this is what she is marketing to men. She measures her self-worth and status as a human being not by intelligence or significant accomplishments, but by how rich a man her looks can command. The more attractive she is, the more she is going to cost her partner. If a man doesn't have enough money to make him worth the time investment for exploitation, she will either dismiss him as a non-entity, or assign him to "friend" status (of course, he'll still be required to pay for her, but without any possibility of a sexual return on his investment).

But if a woman scents cash, her predatory instincts hum into action. She will dangle her sexuality as bait, drawing her prey close with seductive eye contact, a glimpse of bare flesh, the smell of her body, and "accidental" touches of breast or thigh. He will be the most important person in her life, and as quickly as she can divine what matters to him, she will tell him exactly what he wants to hear. She is a master saleswoman. She will make him "feel like a man" every time he shells out dollars for her enjoyment. She'll coo and ooze and keep him so distracted with her body that the poor fool won't realize he's being bled white until it's far too late. To him, it's an exciting romance; to her, it's business as usual.

Because she is so skilled at manipulating men, a woman is a world-class con artist. In her mind, her body is simply a useful tool to extort money from the opposite sex, and so she cannot comprehend that a man can desire sex for pure pleasure, or even for the celebration of existence. These concepts are as foreign to her as facial hair. But she fully understands the tyranny of male biological drives, and she will capitalize on a man's passions without conscience or mercy. She knows very well that the promise of sex is an irresistible lure for men, that with a touch of her hand she can arouse a man to a frenzy of desire. This is true power, and she knows it, and she wields it coldly. The average man is a pawn to her sexual domination and abuse. He will buy her drinks, take her to dinner, pay for her vacations, and all she has to do is hint at the possibility of sex, even when she has no intention of going through with it. When she does decide to take her partner to bed-and the decision is always hers, and always after he's spent an appropriate amount of money so that she can assure herself that her vagina doesn't come cheap-it will be strictly on her terms. What he wants, what his needs are, is unimportant. He must play the game by her rules, if there is going to be a game at all.

Even though in some long-ago shuttered recess of her soul she might realize that she's prostituting herself, she will never admit this, and so she feels absolutely no obligation to fulfill her side of the implied sexual bargain. She believes that a man should pay for her just because she was born female, and should ask for nothing in return. When she scams drinks and meals from men, she calls it dating; if she did the same to a stranger, she'd be arrested for fraud. In a woman's mind, a man is merely a walking wallet, ripe for the picking. He should work hard for her benefit, so that she can enjoy a way of life she would never be able to afford herself. To this end, she will grant sex, or withhold it, only to suit her purposes, and always for her gain. And even though prostitution presupposes a completed bargain, she will take money from men even when sex is the furthest thing from her mind.

Thus, the average woman may be a whore, but she's a dishonest whore.

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