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"A woman I was dating told me that women earn only 80% of what a man makes. So I told her fine, you can pay 80% of your half of the bills. She dumped me. I guess feminism is okay when the money's coming in, but not when it's going out."

"Women seem to think that men are intimidated by intelligent women. For what possible reason? Intelligence is what I'm always looking for in women. It makes for interesting conversations. But most of them want to go shopping instead of to the library."

"I saw this book, 10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives. That's a little short, isn't it? It should be an encyclopedia."

"We used to call it petting. Now they call it date rape. Women expect you to spend money on them, but no sex in return. If you touch them, they yell rape and sue you, and get even more money."

"Women have it so easy in this country. They can do anything they want and get away with it. Look at Tammy Faye Bakker. Wasn't she just as guilty as her husband? He goes to jail while she skates and has a great time. Or how about Loreena Bobbitt? She cuts her husband's dick off, and her only punishment is "psychological observation". If John Bobbitt had cut one of Loreena's breasts off, he'd be rotting in jail right now."

"I've gone out with several women who make more money than I do, and who are always going on and on about how they're getting screwed by men, and they jump on you if you call them a 'girl' instead of a 'woman', and all this feminist bullshit. But I'm always expected to pick up the check. If they're such great feminists, why don't they put their money where their mouth is?"

"The same broads who scream at men for reading Penthouse and watching X-rated movies will go to one of those male strip clubs and stuff dollar bills in some guy's jockstrap. How can they go through life being so hypocritical?"

"These feminists are a joke. They're just as greedy as the rest of them, but they don't have the looks to get a man."

"When a woman turns off sex and her boyfriend has an affair, she blames him. When she doesn't have the brains or the guts to make it in the business world, she says it's because men oppress her. When she stuffs her face with chocolate and junk food and gets fat and men don't want her anymore, it's because men are shallow. Nothing is ever her fault. Men are always to blame."

"No matter how liberated a woman is, if a man doesn't pay for a date, she'll dump him. But if she's so liberated, why shouldn't she expect to pay her half?"

"Let's hope we never have a woman president. She'd start a war with another country just because they have better clothes."

"When a man starts to make money, the first thing his wife does is quit her job. But when women get bucks, do you see men staying home?"

"Just tell me how women are oppressed. They can get anything they want from men. They rule the fucking planet!"

"Explain this to me. If a woman wears men's clothes, she's sexy. But if a man wears women's clothes, he's a pervert."

"Feminists say that God is a woman. I suppose this could explain why nature is so cruel. But you never hear them say that the devil is a woman. Well, I've got news for you. She is."

"I love women, but I resent most of their behavior."

"If women make only 70% or 80% of a man's salary, why don't companies just hire women? They'd be saving them selves a lot of money. Maybe because women are 20% or 30% less efficient?"

"Now all these bimbos are screaming sexual harassment, which really means that they're looking for money from a lawsuit. I think it's sexual harassment when they tease you and give you blue balls. Do you think I could sue for that? Good luck!"

"If you work 60 or 80 hours a week and pay the mortgage and keep food on the table, and you don't have a lot of time to spend with the kids, you're a terrible father. If you get divorced and your ex is bopping some new guy and won't let you come around to see your kids and so you don't want to just hand her a check, you're a deadbeat dad. If you start going to PTA meetings, or try to involve yourself in your children's activities, the women look at you like you're some kind of pervert. My ex refuses to honor my visitation rights with my kids, but she sure doesn't turn down my child support check. On top of that, I can't deduct the child support from my taxes, but she isn't taxed on it at all!"

"Women want it both ways, and at the same time they don't know what they want."

"Women blame men for being violent. But check out the stats. Most child abusers are women. The number of women who batter their husbands is also very high. And mental abuse God! But nobody talks about this. All you hear about are these poor, defenseless women being knocked around by asshole men. Poor and defenseless-what a joke!"

"Most women want to sit on their asses and do nothing all day, and get paid a lot of money. It's why they want to marry rich men."

"I hate working with women. They're indirect about everything, they can't make a decision, and they think with their emotions. There was a woman at our office who didn't know how to run a computer program, and instead of asking for help, she cried at her desk for two hours. Then she quit."

"Men and women belong together. Why don't they stop the bullshit and start acting like decent human beings!"

"Women don't want equality. They want dominance and control."

"Ever hear of a men's shelter? Women just want to be coddled."

"If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a sexist pig. But if she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman."

"The problem with women is, they don't think for themselves. Some dyke feminist wacko goes on Oprah and tells them that men are bad, so men are bad."

"Women aren't victims. They're victimizers."

"Women think with their hormones, not with their brains. If you ask a man what time it is, he'll look at a clock and tell you. If you ask a woman, she'll start telling you about the pretty watch she saw in a store window."

"They're all saying now, 'I don't need a man. I earn my own money'. But do you see them reaching for the check? Do you see them stepping into the line of fire when there's danger? No, they just stand there and wait for a man to solve their problems. And then if you don't, they sneer, 'What ever happened to chivalry?"'

"I'll hold open a door for a woman and she'll scowl at me. I'll smile at a woman as I pass her on the street and she'll have this look on her face like I'm trying to rape her. This is just common courtesy. The feminists have got women's minds so fucked up that they can't even be pleasant people anymore. Next time I'll let the door slam in the broad's face-see if she likes that better."

"I wish women would treat me as a sex object."

"I heard a feminist slogan that says, 'What part of 'no' don't you understand?' That's easy-the part that means 'yes'."

"Women scorn men as violent, as hunters. But you don't see them turning down the meat."

"Women's biggest problem is growing up reading Cosmopolitan and all the other crap you see in the check-out line. Sometimes I'll read the covers of these things. It's, 'How To Find A Rich Man Who Isn't A Jerk' and 'How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You'. Just unbelievable. No wonder they're so screwed up!"

"Women should be walking around with an IV alcohol drip all day. It might make them sane."

"If a woman lives off a man, she's a homemaker. If a man lives off a woman, he's a bum. Very sexist."

"If a man gets a promotion ahead of a woman, it's favoritism. But if she gets ahead of a man, it's equal opportunity."

"Have you seen these soft drink ads where the women cluster around a window to see the hunk take his shirt off? Turn that around. What if it were men staring at a woman? It would be like World War III with these feminists. But don't they realize that the women's ad is incredibly sexist?"

"What all women need is a good fucking."

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