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Studies of animal populations point out that females prefer to mate with high-status, dominant males-that is, the males who are the biggest, strongest, or most aggressive. Women interpret such data as justification to seek out wealthy men. But human beings are not herd animals driven by instinct alone. Nor in the western world are men permitted to keep great harems of females. Physical strength and aggressiveness at defending territory are no longer necessary to protect a mate or discourage rival suitors-any nerd can pick up a gun and aim it. Yet women still force men to "defend" them by requiring a display of earning power before they will consent to sex. They equate the control of resources with high status; this is why they are attracted to men with power-not for protection against enemies, but because money and power go hand-in-hand. A man doesn't have to be intelligent to be rich, nor does he have to be sensitive or considerate or attentive or faithful. In fact, these latter sensibilities are usually notably absent in most men striving for money, power, and influence. Women, however, claim that these more "spiritual" qualities are what they are seeking in a mate. But if this were true, they would be dating poets, not entrepreneurs. Women are liars and hypocrites. One university study showed a group of women photographs of men dressed in fast-food uniforms, and asked whether they would consider dating or having sexual relations with these men. The response was a universal negative. Then the researchers presented the same men to the panel, but in this test, the subjects were attired in more upscale uniforms (white shirts and ties). All the women were willing to consider these men as sexual possibilities.

Love, trust, partnership-virtues which men value highly in a relationship-are at best secondary in the female hierarchy of desires. These attributes only become important after the initial question of wealth has been answered.

Because women want men to take care of them without any obligation or reciprocation, they always search out high-income males who are willing to spend money freely. This is what a woman means when she says that she is looking for an "eligible" man or when she complains that "all the good ones are taken". The world teems with kind, considerate, "average" men, but such candidates are passed over with contempt. In the sexual arena, not only do nice guys finish last, they fail to even qualify for the race.

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