Since the mind-bending days of the late 60's, the equal rights movement has struggled to come of age. But it has been a journey beset with complications. Since wom"logic" is mercurial at best, it was hardly unexpected when the original coalition of like-minded thinkers splintered off into rival factions, each devoted to their own polemical agendas. One such sisterhood is the radical feminists, a peculiar and vicious cult of man-haters who prey on lesbians, the psychologically crippled, and unsuspecting college co-eds as recruits for their fanatical crusade. In archetypically cultish fashion they insist on a polarized philosophy: if you're not for us, you're against us. This is the worst kind of intellectual cowardice.

A truly paranoid cabal, they are alienated from any appeal to reason, convinced that some ill-defined "patriarchy" is conspiring to oppress the female gender, and is solely responsible for all the horrors ever conceived by the human race, from rape to war to having sex with men. They have tried and convicted male society in the kangaroo court of their sadly freakish dogma and have pronounced the entire gender to be scum: in fact, a man's only hope for salvation is to have his testicles shrivel up into ovaries. "Male", it seems, is a particularly nasty four-letter word.

Radical feminists indulge themselves in half-truths, skewed statistics, and outright lies. Hopelessly chauvinistic, they refuse to tolerate any criticism or intellectual scrutiny of their claims. As with all women, they have quarantined themselves against reality with seasoned self-deceit. A typically egregious example of their data manipulation is an oft-cited "fact" in feminist literature which mourns that each year at least 150 thousand women die from symptoms related to anorexia and bulimia (since, wouldn't you know it, it is men who pressure these poor victims to be thin). The actual number, according to government statistics, is about 100 (not thousand-just 100). But such alarmist teachings will be a booby-trap for uncritical minds. The radical feminists are far too narrow-minded to get it through their heads that women contract neurotic disease because they are uninhibitedly obsessed with themselves and their appearance; because they are trying to mimic the willowy models glamorized in check-out counter magazines (published by and intended for females); and because they are aspiring to such an unrealistic ideal because they have been brainwashed (by women) that such an appearance is beautiful, and will therefore attract a wealthy man.

The radical feminists are militant bigots; they are bitter and mean-spirited hate-mongers. They divide the world into black and white, them and us. Their doctrine sanctifies the female as the moralizing and ennobling force of the universe, angelic victims of male treachery and perversion. In contrast, all men are potential abusers, killers, child molesters, and rapists, a hand's reach from the violation of their precious female bodies (someone might want to inform them that men don't have sexual thoughts about women with butch haircuts and figures like packing crates). Men are despots who plot to control women's bodies by denying them birth control and rights to abortion; they are domineering opportunists lusting to procure women as sexual playtoys. Marriage is another trap of the "patriarchy", enslaving women to drudge as housewives "for free" (they conveniently ignore the actuality that if a housewife were to be paid a fair wage for labor, out of which was deducted her share of the mortgage, utilities, various insurances, repairs, car payments, food, clothing, and entertainment, she would have to get a second job just to pay her husband what she owed). Make-up, presumably another male fiat, degrades and victimizes women; and men invented high heels to hobble women from fleeing from sexual advances.

It should be obvious to any rational thinker that such hysterical nonsense is the fruit of a very perverse solipsism, the equivalent of a lunatic ranting at his own reflection in a mirror. But it's pernicious nonsense all the same. Like all women, the radical feminists are masters of self-delusion, and so they have hyperbolized a world of sweeping generalizations unencumbered by facts. To pronounce that all men are potential rapists is like saying that all boys can grow up to be President-the possibility may exist, but the odds are exceptionally low, and depend on many specific sets of circumstances. But by depersonalizing men into rapists and the "oppressive patriarchy", the feminist bigots can assuage any sense of guilt when they despise the masculine gender. These women desperately want to ennoble themselves as martyred revolutionaries, but the truth is that they are nothing but angry and bitter broads who can't get a date. If men are "pigs", then these deluded evangelists are sexist sows. If one of them were suddenly transfigured into a beauty queen, she'd be thrusting her cleavage at men instead of screaming at them from behind a protest sign. They are too self-indulgent to be proper whores-it's far less trouble to scorn men than to go on a diet.

Radical feminists are responsible for the majority of negative aspects of the equal rights movement,, including "sexual harassment" and "date rape", which open a Pandora's box for false charges and flagrant abuse of men's rights. They warp logic by trying to deny that hormones define and control female behavior, that emotionalism is biologically determined. They insist that human beings are born sexually neutral, clean slates on which society etches prescriptions of gender-specific behavior patterns. Unfortunately for their unstable theories, science has proven beyond doubt that the male and female brain differ not only in size (the male brain is bigger), but in functional activity. In many respects, behavior is hard-wired into the neural structure. What's more, these women argue for test-tube conception, so that marriage and mating would become redundant. They promote androgyny in the schools and workplace and attack traditional sex roles. Their notion of "equality" is really sexist fascism: women should have absolutely no contact with men. And they are oddly obsessed with feminizing the vocabulary (women instead of women, ovular instead of seminar), as if a new language can somehow validate their credo or invent novel ideas. These are women with immense chips on their shoulders, raging because their bodies are too unattractive to be able to control men. Radical feminism is a failure because it is a segregationist movement, interested only in promoting its own poisonous agenda, not in assisting beneficial cultural change. Like a billboard with meaningless jumbles scrawled across it, the radical feminist message may evoke curious attention, but in the end signifies nothing.

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