Sexist Society

Ours is an overtly sexist society, biased toward women. The evidence is obvious and overwhelming-you don't have to look any farther than common sense. In times of war, men are the cannon fodder conscripted to die in battle, while women are offered the choice of military service; it is men who are forced to initiate courtship and finance sex; men must shoulder the primary responsibilities of mortgages and college tuitions and weddings (not to mention diamond rings). The justice system is disgracefully female-friendly: judges regularly give the nod to women predators who practice divorce as a business; custody of children is routinely awarded to the wife, even if she is a known abuser (fathers win custody of children in less than 2% of divorce cases, and usually only when the mother is deceased or otherwise incapacitated); and when men and women commit the same crime, men are many times more likely to be sentenced to prison. Women have hoodwinked male society; the slave mistresses have conned their drones into thanking them for a beating. They bully men with their vaginas. But by positioning themselves as innocent, sexually pure "victims" of male "domination", women have manipulated men into granting them tacit sanction of their whoredom. It is women who are the true oppressors, not the oppressed: the logo of the feminist movement should be not a female gender symbol, but a leather-clad dominatrix raising a bloody whip But even though they can gain easy access to male-incomes, still, like spoiled children, they want more. They lust after men's jobs as well, manifestly in a spirit of personal validation. With one hand dipping into masculine pockets, they brag of their equality to men. But the ethics of "liberation" must have made their prostitution self-evident, even to them-a situation absolutely intolerable for such practiced self-deceivers and their response was to campaign harder to insinuate themselves into the workplace, to try to legitimize their gender with titles and offices.

In the business world men are natural egalitarians-proof enough is a recent Gallup poll which recorded that 99% of men approved of equal pay for equal work. The emphasis here is on the word "equal". Men don't care who does the job, as long as the job gets done and done well. Accomplishment generally presupposes hard work, but a new generation of "feminists", trained from childhood to be takers, and so accustomed to manipulating men into giving them what they want, marched into office buildings expecting a sinecure and found labor instead. They assumed that men would hand them equal jobs and equal pay just because they were biologically female, and were shocked to learn that their superiors weren't writing out fat paychecks for flirting and baring cleavage. Instead of working harder, women began to use their energies to bitch about how unfair the "man's world" is. It would never dawn on them that they are the sole authors of all their problems.

For centuries, business has evolved as a male domain because men, conditioned by women to have to purchase female attention, have been constrained into performing as workhorses. Women have forced men to create such a unique environment, yet they are dismayed to discover that their idle and alien presence is not particularly welcome here, unless they are willing to toil as hard as men. What works well in the bedroom fails miserably in the boardroom. Business depends on effort-that is to say, giving, not taking. With few exceptions, the higher the salary, the greater the requirement of time and labor, and women, spoon-fed a diet of female pornography (women's books, magazines and television shows), have discovered that the true-life business world isn't elegant lunches and deal-making on the slopes of Aspen, but stress and deadlines and traffic jams. So accustomed to getting something for nothing, they have to come face to face with the awful realization that profit exacts a price: the road to commercial success imposes an expensive toll.

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