The Logic Of Love

A man assumes that the money he's spent and which his date has accepted freely seals a contract for sexual services between them. He has no hallucinations about "romance": the clarity of his logic tells him that he has participated in a straightforward business arrangement. But he is treading on treacherously slippery ground. Even though he might not have any illusions about the nature of the transaction, nevertheless women have taught him that he must dissemble. If he wants to get laid-get his money's worth-he must act out a starring role in his partner's drama of lies. He must pamper her like the spoiled child she is, compliment her on her intelligence and independence, tell her what she wants to hear so that she can play out her role of "virtue". He knows the sham is ridiculous: while he's picturing her naked and spread-eagle on the bed, she has climbed up upon her pedestal of illusion, having visions of the two of them strolling hand-in-hand under the rattling palms on the beach of some exotic resort, where any imagery of sex is symbolized by a cut to the crashing surf. He, however, has both feet in the real world; he understands that someone must pay the price. Her fantasies somehow fail to include scenes of her partner opening the American Express bill a month later.

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