The Male To Do List

Immediately stop buying women drinks and picking up the check. "Drink whores" abound everywhere. Not only does such behavior set the stage for a dishonest whore john relationship, but it also patronizes the imperious attitudes of women. Men, you have to truly understand how cold and calculating women are, how they count on you to be chumps, and how expert they are at manipulating you. If only you could see the glutted smile of triumph each time they know they've gotten away with it once again! Never forget, a woman always appraises dating and marriage as business deals, and such an attitude does not deserve encouragement or support.

When you go on a date, insist that your partner pay her fair share, even if sex is assured. This is true equal rights. You are taking the time and effort to make love to her, so why shouldn't she pay for it, just like you have to? Even though a woman will use every trick she knows to force you to back down-she will call you "cheap", or tell you that you have no class, or try to belittle you by implying that you don't make enough money, or simply pout like a child and not talk to you-it is imperative that you stand your ground. You should feel no hesitation or remorse at taking this vital step toward personal male freedom. After all, you have been conned into funding women's good time ever since you started dating; you've been taught that fulfilling their needs over yours is what a "gentleman" does. You have been brainwashed well by women, whose interests you serve. Isn't it time you started getting paid back?

Yes, you will be denied sex-there's no getting around this. The very second you expose a woman's con or refuse to bow down to her Pussy Power, she will fly into a rage. The absolute worst thing that can happen to a woman is the loss of her ability to control a man's pocketbook. So when you stop dancing to her tune, you will be cut off. But don't worry, this can only last for the short term, because when women are forced to act like normal human beings, they will realize that they need men as much as men need them, and that is the road to relationships based on friendship and trust.

Don't fall victim to female "romance" games. There is nothing wrong with real romance at the proper place and time, but in the initial stages of courtship, a woman uses "romance" to control you and to convince herself that she's not a whore.

Stand up and be a man. Put your foot down. It's time to start playing hardball, if you ever want to enjoy a positive relationship. Refuse to be "politically correct". Stop cowering at trumped-up charges of "sexual harassment". Fight back. Don't allow yourself to be emasculated by the abuse of Pussy Power, which is true sexual harassment. The flip side of tyranny is servitude, and no real man kneels down like a cringing serf, catering to female whims. A real man serves nothing but independence, dignity, and pride; he does not flinch like a beaten dog when he sniffs the scent of a woman's vagina. Take no bullshit from women. Moodiness, bitchiness, brattiness, and harping criticism are not to be tolerated. When she has PMS or a headache or a bad day, you are supposed to bend over backwards to cater to every nuance of her behavior as if the fate of the world depends upon it; but when you're sick or in a lousy mood, you're a "baby" or "unable to communicate". Many times women will nag and demand, testing you to see "what kind of man you are", and if you give in to them, you will be judged a weakling. This is pathological behavior. If a woman treats you like this, tell her to clean up her act or get some professional help. If she doesn't return a phone call, or breaks a date, she is again playing sick games (assuming she's interested in you), and the same reasoning applies.

Start thinking of yourself for a change, instead of organizing your life around the support or maintenance of a woman. When you underwrite a woman's life, you free her to pursue self-fulfilling interests (even if they are shallow). Shouldn't you give yourself the same chance? What sort of career path would you follow if you could escape the yoke of female greed, if you weren't forced to slave at a job you hate in order to earn enough to afford women?

Make it a priority not to buy any product advertised with an anti-male bias. These commercials are appearing with a greater frequency, as corporations pander to the female dollar. They are unmitigatingly sexist. Examples would include women drooling over shirtless hunks, small penis compensation references, ladies' nights at bars and sporting events (there are no compensating men's nights), and insinuations of male "stupidity" and "inability to make a commitment". Write or call these companies and explain to them that you won't buy any of their products until they stop the offending advertising.

Beware of the psychologically damaged-those who have let themselves be so hurt by men that they will never allow anyone to get close to their emotions again. The truth is, they have made bad choices (usually for money), and blame all men for their own culpability. Any woman who wants to be "friends first" or who is a professional virgin is psychologically crippled and in dire need of therapy. These women have profound problems with their relationships with men and are expert manipulators and ballbusters. Stay far away from them.

Constantly monitor your thinking. Women are an incredibly powerful lure, and it's very easy to slip into the mindset of "Well, that's just the way things have always been" when a pretty girl walks by. Hold your ground. Don't be a volunteer victim.

Support and encourage true feminism, which promotes personal growth and positive communication between the sexes. True feminists are open-minded women, more interested in egalitarian discussion than in shouting at you and pointing out your supposed faults.

Never let women intimidate or demean you for appreciating the female body. Lust is a very normal and healthly biological function. Nature has designed protruberant breasts and soft curves so that you will notice them. It is in a woman's best interests to teach you to think that sex is dirty or sinful, or that pornography is degrading to women (it most certainly is not).

Participate fully in the coming backlash. The founders of our nation championed the slogan "no taxation without representation", and you cannot any longer pay tribute those who abuse and take advantage of you. By continuing to manipulate men while still reaping the rewards of equal rights, women have abrogated their rights to easy privilege. Misandry is rampant and insidious in the American culture.

Women hold the whip hand, and a bloody whip it is. Even though men are living in a world which women have created, they don't have to end up as obedient martyrs of female abuse. The backlash-more like a revolution-is coming, and it's coming fast. The time for liberation is here, and the time has come for all men to fight back, to reclaim their humanity, to assert their well-earned right to equality. For women, the price of this parity will be having to pay for their own dinners, and having to offer sex gladly without compensation, but for both genders, the aftermath will be genuine intimacy and the possibility for true love. It will not be the case of the mouse lying down with the cat with one eye open, but the birth of an entirely new attitude, and the ushering in of a new age of harmony and respect.

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