Withholding sex is a lesson which encourages a young girl to overrate the value of her body. By the time she's in her twenties and searching for "Mr. Right" (Mr. Cash), she innately believes that her vagina is worth an expensive car, a huge house, and a lavish lifestyle, no matter what she looks like. After all, Mom, trained by her mother to be a prostitute as well, has always been fond of telling her, "It's just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor one". She believes that a man should provide her with everything she wants without expecting any sort of reciprocal payment. When she dates, she will passively wait to be asked out, thinking that only a "desperate woman" or a "slut" chases men; she will not pick up a check, or even make the offer. If for some reason she should feel pressure to make such a gesture, it will only be perfunctory-if her date takes her up on the suggestion, she will never see him again. As before, he has tacitly implied that her body isn't worth paying for. She will judge all prospective lovers explicitly by how much they are willing to spend on her.

Still, she fancies herself a feminist. At work, she bitches about how unfair it is that men are earning more than she is, even though she hasn't bothered to train herself adequately for a better position. She hates her job, and resents having to work at all, since she actually has to perform labor and doesn't have enough time to flirt with the unmarried up-and-coming executives, which is why she chose to work for this company in the first place. She explains to her friends that she doesn't care how much money a man makes, because "money isn't important", yet she won't even acknowledge the delivery man or the technician who try to catch her eye. At night, she leafs through her women's magazines, poring over articles about where to find rich men, while she fills out relationship surveys with responses that she wants a guy with a sense of humor who will be considerate of her feelings. She has become an expert at lying to herself; she has learned to internalize her hypocrisy.

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