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Core: How To Connect With Your Masculine Energy

Most men feel stuck in life, empty, and unhappy despite having a lot of wealth, good job, fame, and several conquests with the opposite sex. These men experience these problems because they lack the mature masculine energy. In fact, this is the reason why most men who seem to have it all sometimes decide to take their own life. Fortunately, someone has decided to provide a solution. David Tian is a Ph.D. holder in psychology. In his course known as the CORE, he reveals various ways any man can reach the ultimate masculinity and achieve true joy, happiness, and live a more fulfilling life. The Core comes with 8 video seminars, downloadable meditative audio exercises, PDF slides, worksheets, and 3 free bonuses. Currently, you can be able to purchase this course at a discount price.

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Core: How To Connect With Your Masculine Energy

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The truth Feminism is not declaring war on masculinity but on femininity Feminism is a political Tower of Babylon to

And I LOVE foreign chicks. They are just so feminine. Here, the chicks act masculine and get fat. They find it shameful to place their time and talents into their family and children (whereas, it should be their greatest joy). I think it is great honor, joy, privledge, and pleasure to be a Man. Women can trump us as they can be a Mother of Men. There is much glory in masculinity and They attack masculinity and femininity as the former being the cause of oppressing, and the latter as the effect of the oppressed Feminists desire a dull gray androgenous world without the sparkling lightning and glow that sexuality What answers are these Where there was once the concept of Man as warrior, Man as philosopher, Man as many things, Manhood has been savagely attacked and brought down by the earthly beast who glitters with political maxims and whose crown is academic 'scholarship' that is supposed to 'prove' its glitter. In other words, the concept that masculinity and...

What a real Man is like and what it means to lead

But what she craves is a real Man. And here's the twist That Man is not a real Man for her alone, but for all other women as well. He has qualities to which all girls will respond. It's wired inside them. He is now the one in the position of power. So, in the end, she will have to do the dirty work and seduce him. Women don't spend hours in front of the mirror just to be sure that they look their best, but also to ensure that when a real Man comes, he notices them. And this is how an ideal seduction looks. The man CHOOSES first. He expresses his interest in the woman through his attentions. If he is POWERFUL enough, the woman will like him. But she will also know that he has CHOICES, so she will try to seduce the Man and tame him to stay with her. So what do I mean by powerful Looks, money, fame or influence None of the above. These are just external qualities that can trick a woman into feeling that you are powerful. True power comes from the inside. A real Man will make...

Be Sensitive Without Losing Your Manhood

Okay, so we've got the idea of sensitivity down. Now it's time to talk about why men cringe at the notion of being sensitive. Men, by virtue of our social order, should be masculine, and sensitivity has often been seen as a threat to masculinity. It's common to view sensitivity as the line in the sand beyond which manhood no longer exists. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Don't get the wrong idea it's perfectly reasonable to be a bit uncomfortable with sensitivity at first. But there are ways to get around it, and they're well worth the effort when you're trying to advance your relationship. First, remember earlier when I mentioned that sensitivity is all about being in tune with yourself and with others. Being in tune with yourself simply means knowing yourself and not being afraid to tell your companion who you are and how you feel. That doesn't mean you have to become overwrought with emotion. It just means you should be able to express yourself, your desires and your...

On Masculinity

Courage is the essence of masculinity. It is the initiator resulting in some form of professionalism. From then, it spirals out into a general good, a type of altruism. This is not to mean that we all rush out and become firemen. This study from the University of Liverpool illustrates the particular characteristics women respond to. Thank you ladies (Pook gives them a kiss and then some.) You three were most helpful


He doesn't look away instantly out of nervous self-consciousness Instead he keeps looking, as If to say I see somethfng that might Interest me,,, let me take a moment to consider It . He Is cool and calm at all times, and his movements are Just a little slower than those of other men. Everything about him suggests that he doesn't need to hurry, because things are going to work out the way he wants In the end anyway. A REAL MAN communicates with attractive women In a way that confuses and excites them at the same time. Because he Is so un-self conscious and he's NOT looking for a woman's approval, he says things that are totally unexpected. A REAL MAN Isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, or to even make fun of a woman Just because he feels like it. It's obvious that he's being who he is, and this easy grace and lack of Insecurities about himself are magnetic. He's respectful - yet brutally honest. He's not apologetic or overly eager to say he's sorry (especially because he knows how...

Towards Manhood

Towards Manhood The fault is not in the women but in ourselves that we have failed to be men. For if you always think the way you are, you will always do the things you did. Thus, change comes with how you think. (If you do not control the way how you think, someone else will ) Nature has given us all that is necessary to accomplish our destinies. It has provided a social form as well as a human form. And these masculine traits are so constituted that they develop themselves through the clean and unpolluted mind, free of feminist imposed guilt, developing themselves harmoniously in your best pursuit. Away then with feminists and guilt felt males Away with their stones of sensitivity programs to tie us down Away with their whips of laws Away with their ropes and bindings of legalities that shuffle our success and wealth to women Away with the stones of guilt that push us to pessimism Away with the hanging of annihilation whose executer's hand is but our own Towards Manhood And through...

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees

There is a need to recognize certain things about men and women that - at first glance - appear to be not very politically correct. I will cover these later, but suffice to say, I want every man reading this to understand that this book is intended as male empowerment, not woman-bashing or promoting anger at the opposite sex. Everything I tell you is for the sole purpose of building up men as the leaders and masculine roles they are meant to play - and once did. (For you English majors out there, I will use the participle he instead of the trendy non-gender specific he or she. ) A midlife crisis happens to a man because he wimped out at some point and gave up his Alpha Man behavior to be a she-man tenant in his wife's house. They lost touch with the fact that humans are the dominant species on this planet partly because of male strengths. So he goes out and buys a sports car, or bangs a twenty-something gal to regain his lost sense of masculinity.

The Fundamental Problem With

We are entering a new age, where men are losing touch with their masculinity. It is going to take an active education of the masses to get this message out to guys everywhere, but in the age of the Internet, I'm hopeful that we can get there. You see, a hundred years ago, a book like this wasn't necessary. Men assumed a leadership role, and while that age of society may not have respected feelings (as today's society seems so obsessed by), it did allow for a clearly defined gender role. Today's men and women seem so confused by what was once the easiest thing in the world to understand what a man and woman's roles are.

The Science of Alpha Behavior

Yes, if you look at the impact of sexual dynamics between men and women and how we are drawn together from certain behaviors. Men are needed for the qualities that make them men and masculine. That's what attracts women. Maybe we don't have to marry a woman right out of high school anymore just to save her from a job as a secretary like it was back in the 1940s and 1950s, but we do have to provide for them in other ways. For the sake of this book, I use the term Alpha Man to indicate the dominant human Alpha Male that combines all our inherited masculine traits with our improved Alpha thoughts and beliefs.

Forget About The Size of Your Dick

You get a hundred emails a day telling you your cock is too small. That you can add three inches to your manhood with a magical herb from Outer Mongolia. Somehow men have been brainwashed into thinking that their dicks are equivalent to their manhood. Maybe it's too much joking in the locker room, or watching porno flicks with unrealistic cocks being poked everywhere. The reality is that most of the guys with the biggest peckers are the biggest peckers. Giving her pleasure is about 90 of your game with the ladies. Learn how to fuck the right way, and with the right focus, and your manhood will be more about how many women you have, not what kind of freakish sideshow pecker you've got stashed in your pants.

The Secret Of The Jerk

And she laughs only to say, These are very well and good, gentlemen. But are you not aware that imitation is suicide You forget that confidence is experience, that puffed muscles are not to be a masculine dress, that any guy can buy me lobster, and that countless many can sing the guitar songs. Are you so unaware of what I need

The Mystery of Mysteries

These boys are not exactly feminine, but they certainly aren't masculine. They are neither. They are the androgenous blob who, without a spine, is clay to fit to any woman's desires or whims. Nice guys love women as a drowner loves a life preserver. He clings on to her because he cannot swim the waters of Nature. Tossed and tossed he becomes through his love life.

Everything Flows From The Source

When it comes to being a man, your behavior and attitude are the crucial elements, and this is what makes a woman feel attraction. There is no excuse for you not to be your ultimate in masculine behavior, because you can control this more than you can control your looks. (Although most guys can also massively improve their looks through dedication- exercise, diet, wardrobe, etc.)

Get Your Game Together

On the other hand, average looking guys can sneak in under their radar. If she starts out with a large attraction for you, you have a buffer zone for screw-ups along the way. If she starts out with just a little, she has a lot less forgiveness for lapses in your ability to communicate your security and manhood. it's a sliding scale in between, and it's up to you to help cultivate it.

Being The Man Pivotal Moments

The thing to remember is stereotypically ideal masculine behavior- being calm, relaxed, cool, and tough, emotionally. The more masculine and cool you are about everything, not just on your outlook on women, the more women will want you. At worst, her bad behavior is her testing your sense of confidence and self-respect. In other words, she is testing your MASCULINITY.

Manner where you have resolve strong belief passion and certainty you are distinguishing yourself

There is a special meaning to exuding masculine energy. It means something to be a man. This is not a sexist statement. Women have their own positive points with their feminine energy that provides a balance in nature. If you have close female friends, perhaps you can ask them to share their fantasies with you. You'll find out very fast that their fantasies do not revolve around a guy who sits around sobbing with them and listening to their drama. They fantasize about the romance novel guy I just mentioned. About the one who has that look of determination in his eyes. They fantasize about being taken. They fantasize about being swept off their feet, and this is a good thing. It's the way we have been wired by evolution and there is nothing wrong with it. You can be a good person and still provide that masculine energy.

Most of a womans questions reflect a legitimate need to establish a level of trust for you

Women need a certain level of trust to enable them to progress with you along the chain of seduction. If you don't work through her trust barrier, you won't get very far. She asks these questions to have you prove to her that you have a background and you didn't just arrive here on Planet Earth this morning with no ties and no established background. She wants to be sure you're a real man, not a fly-by-night fraud and womanizer - or creep. When she first meets you, you are nothing more than a two-dimensional cartoon character. What gives you the three-dimensional reality of a good man who she can trust (and sleep with) is your connections and back-story. Where did you come from Who knows you What is your background and history What do you do when she's not around These are the questions her mind is asking about you.

Embrace Your Sexuality

Oh, poor Nerd Boy Women do not possess the faculties to see beauty as men do. Women do not care for your intellect (i.e. masculine chatter). The guy that woman is with may be ugly, may even be stupid, but he is absolutely sexual. Nerd Boy is blind to sexuality and, therefore, blind to life.

Evolution And Instincts

What can we learn from this A girl meets two kinds of guys in her life the providers and the real Men. She will marry a provider and have sex with the real Man. The real Man creates Regarding this, I have to tell you that WOMEN TEST MEN occasionally. They will consciously create certain situations to see how you react. A woman will always test how far she can go with you and push to the limit. These tests are used to sort out the males who are not powerful enough and to find a real Man. If you fall for it, you lose your chance. But, if you act like a real Man, she will be instantly attracted to you and won't care so much about your looks as long as you are neat and well groomed.

Sexuality Problem 1 Looks

How is a guy supposed to look To be male is to drive against Nature, to pierce her. He is not a pretty boy (though, this might get some girls too). It is almost a 'rough' look. A guy has a look of some masculinity about him. It is well known that women like guys who have some feminine aspects (i.e. PRETTY BOYS). To get the 'Brad Pitt effect', you need to figure out where you are on the sexuality scale (though many males like NERD BOY aren't on the scale at all ). If you're a feminine male, you are probably thin, innocent, modest, shy, pretty boyish, curls for hair, large eyes, and have an almost aristocratic style about you. The masculine male is muscular, large, loud, motorcycle, has a goatee or shadow, and has a sporty or outdoorsman style to him. Now that you know where you are at, simply add in elements of the other. Some guys, when they go onto Manhood, carry a piece of adolescence with them. These are the guys that end up with the 'Brad Pitt effect' though you can make it your...

Delayed Gratification Go SLOW

I've been asked many times in the past to point out role models that would help men understand by example what they should emulate when it comes to behavior. There are a few that have stood the test of time, and when you watch them in action, you understand why. Real men are timeless, even if they sometimes appear chauvinistic in their context. If you've seen any of the old movies (Pre-1965), you'll notice how differently men are portrayed there. They can be very two-dimensional at times, but they always derive their characters from the essence of masculinity. When you hear James Dean, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, you don't think wussy you think strong, confident men. Of the older role models, none stands out as being better developed than Cary Grant. If you've seen him at work, you've seen a master. The traits that run contrary to the self-confident male qualities I've noted stand out in stark comparison. I won't cover them in detail, since we're here to focus on what to do, not on...

On The Nature Of Sexuality

Nothing was there. Was Weineger correct The more time progressed, the more it became clear to me that I was trying to define a mirror. In my mind, it seemed I posted an article on femininity but it ends up being on masculinity instead The more I looked into the core of woman, the more I saw the spirit of man.

New Paradigm Of Women For

Attractive women are actually often spoiled rotten to the core by the fact they get endless attention by men. They are desperately waiting for a REAL MAN WHO DOES NOT KISS THEIR BUTT. Most attractive women are not afraid in the slightest of men, and even toy with men to see if they are real men or not. Pathetic loser 500,023 so far in my life, and he's just salivating at the thought of worshipping me, kissing my feet and ass, this guy probably hasn't had sex in his entire life, he must be garbage, after all, not all guys treat me like I am god, only desperate guys treat me like I am god ugh, he's so .so non-masculine, so unsexy, so the hell do I get rid of this guy as quickly and maybe, just maybe, politely as I can. After all, I don't give a damn about him, but I don't want to destroy his feelings, at least not at this given moment. A MASCULINE guy, who is not afraid of anything, and a guy who does not lose his cool over anything, no matter what. If they sense you do not...

Reluctance Resistance And Tests

Wants to know, Is this guy a real man, or what A conversation or so down the road, she wants to find out if you're a real man, so she rejects you gently to see how you handle it. If you get angry, she figures she's already got you, The End. You also fail when you act like a hurt, little boy. To prove your worth, you must react like a man. Walk away calmly and quietly as if it is no big deal. Do not utter a word. The unspoken message you send is, I was slightly interested, but no longer.

Guys search for sexual experiences in the same way that girls crave emotional ones

Do you understand now why your fear and shame and all the other various trouble that you have with this subject have come to focus themselves directly on this issue of having to be the first one to open your mouth and start a conversation You certainly realized how this moment -- unlike any other in the world -- is the most important appraisal of your manhood that you will ever encounter. In that split second with no hope of rebuttal, you would be judged on your acceptability as a potential lover who can give her the emotions that she craves from any future romantic entanglements. It is your audition for a woman's heart The dilemma is that you may not have had a sincere appreciation ofjust what it was you were being graded on when you attempted to speak to her (answer you do now your dominant male attitude ). The combination of these

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

The trouble seems to be centered around the fact that people simply don't know what it is they're supposed to be looking for in a potential life partner, although some do have a greater 'sixth sense' for this sort of thing than others. Your job, as a great seducer, is to demonstrate (through actions, not superficial words) that you understand what her primary emotional needs are, and that you are able to fulfill them without surrendering your manhood in the process

More On You Must Be

One problem I have now are guys thinking I am gay. Have I crossed the line Am I now a flaming Pook No, when I talk to them personally they respond. You will get this from guys in high school who seem obsessed with gayness and so insecure of their own masculinity (since they are still just kids).

Tip 16 Understand dominance and submission at a dynamic level

Basically the masculine inputs to the feminine, be it penis in to vagina, or states of mind in the encounter. This is simply biology and psychology of how we are hard wired. SO if you project a masculine state of being, she will in fact match your more dominant frame and take on your state. We can reverse this by projecting the more powerful frame of masculinity, BEFORE she is ever attracted to us and get her to match whatever states we enter. We can then of course enter the sexual state and we have her in an attracted state when she matches it.

Article 9 Seduction without Speed by Adonis

Speed Seduction, or SS, is an advanced collection of methods to quickly cause the woman to feel for you the things she wants to feel when in the presence of a real man. There are lots of resources on Speed Seduction both on SoSuave's Discussion Forum ( and on the site dedicated to the practice -

Courtship Gestures and Signals

Female Courtship Signals

It was interesting to note that women described Graham as 'sexy', 'masculine' and 'someone who makes you feel feminine' their reactions to his constant array of courtship signals. Men, on the other hand, described him as 'aggressive', 'insincere', and 'arrogant' their reaction to the aggressive competition that Graham represented. Consequently he had very few male friends, and the reasons for this should be obvious - no male likes a rival for the attentions of his female.

Introduction A Pook Is A Pook

Thus, a male and a man are not one but two. Anyone can be androgenous. And being an androgenous is not a virtue, and being masculine is not a vice. Gender theorists hold that masculinity and feminity are socially imposed, in other words, artificial. I didn't realize they were the source but I did realize then that something was off sexuality wise in our world (the Nice Guys seem, not born, but manufactured). So I said, Be a Man I want to free sexuality from 'just intercourse' else the world beocmes androgenous and very dull. In Toward's Manhood , this thought got dealt with more. I ask a group of guys what a guy does that is MALE. The only answer they repeated was 'sex with women'. As big of supporter I am of sexing women, it shows that sexuality has been chased away and confined to the bedroom. I believe we're entering a new Puritan age where sexuality is outlawed, and allowed only through intercourse. The idea of a woman being feminine or a man being masculine drives some people...

Was Female Pussy Harder In The Paleolithic

Yet feminists continue to harp about an all-powerful masculine conspiracy which frustrates their potential and keeps them sexually enslaved . In psychological language, this is projection, because just the opposite is the truth. But to maintain such an intentionally one-sided view of the world, feminists require proof of their assertions, and they find corroboration in statistics largely of their own manufacture. Radical feminists insist that rape is a crime of violence and power, but the majority of rape victims are young and attractive, which argues forcibly that this assault is a crime of frustration. Interestingly enough, a recent survey of high school students found that over 50 of females and 75 of males believed that forced sex was permissible in some circumstances and among 11-14 year-olds, about half of both genders assumed that forced sex was acceptable if the boy spent a lot of money on the girl.

Womans language and seduction

If you are having difficulties in seducing women almost probably this is because you talk to women using masculine language and women do not understand it. Women communicate both at the logical and at the emotional levels. The percentage of emotionality in the feminine way of feeling and expressing things is much greater than in the masculine way of doing so. You need to remember in particular that at the precise moment a woman is in contact with a very masculine man, her mental state changes and she starts to feel much more emotional than in other cases. For this reason if you want to seduce a woman who is a jet pilot or works as an engineer, remember that she will apply logic at her workplace like a man, but when she is in your presence and senses the presence of a very masculine man, her mental state will change. You need also to remember that a woman who is very careful in other interactions about not causing problems to other individuals such as her parents and friends will, in...

The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet challenge

In a typical feminine way if I had gone to the table where she was with her girlfriend - instead of taking control of the situation - she would have tried to have me involved in some kind of small talk. The purpose would have been to block me even more in my attempts at seduction in spite of the fact she was dying of the desire to have a real man. In fact she has to change the Alpha male into a beta to have him become a provider, to bind him to herself for the long term. Instincts oblige her to act like this. Otherwise he might leave for war or try to seduce the lady next door. And he is so appealing, so erotic and most important so masculine

The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

The subservient state is like a green light, telling the woman that she has reached her evolutionary purpose the man is now hers and she owns him. But there is a big problem in this it is also like a signal telling her He is not a real man anymore. Ironic the same mechanism for making her sure to possess a man with the best genes, a companion and a father for her children has her loosing her sexual interest for her man. Many men sense at that point something strange and start to do stupid things like drinking alcohol or gambling or staying out of the home all the time in order to get themselves back into the Alpha state (look further in this book for the Alpha and beta states) but it is already too late. Always apply the above rule it is a formula for masculine erotic happiness.

The Eternal Irony Of The Community

It is not the pole opposed to masculinity, but what abolishes the differential opposition, and thus sexuality itself, as incarnated historically in the masculine phallocracy, as it might be incarnated in the future in a female phallocracy. The seduction itself is coupled with a parody in which an implacable hostility to the feminine shows through, and which might be interpreted as a male appropriation of the panoply of female allurements. The transvestite would then reproduce the situation of the first warrior - he alone was seductive - the woman being nul (consider fascism, and its affinity for transvestites). But rather than the addition of the sexes is not this their invalidation And doesn't the masculine, in this mockery of femininity, rescind its status and prerogratives in order to become a contrapuntal element in a ritual game In any case, this parody of femininity is not quite as acerbic as one might think, since it is the parody of...

Feminism Put On Trial

The thought of whether she likes you should never cross your mind. It is not important BEFORE you ask for the number. The important thing is you WANTING her. Always ask yourself Do I want this one . And the answer should be 'Wow. Boy do I ' That is all you need to know. Real men TAKE what they want.

The article below is very descriptive and explicit

It turns them on. Every once in a while, they also like to dominate a man. This is natural. Used properly, you are going to give her something that no man has ever given her. If you cannot dominate a woman in the bedroom, then you cannot truly fulfil a woman sexually. This has nothing to do ignoring her needs, or being selfish, but has EVERYTHING to do with expressing your sexual desire in a manly way. A real man doesn't apologize for his sexual wants and needs. It is part of who he is. If a woman doesn't recognise this, then she is a woman in name only. Real women are excited by dominant men in the bedroom.

How do I know if he or she is interested in me

Men's voices are much deeper and this is directly connected to testosterone levels. I have already mentioned that when a man is in the company of a woman, he will instinctively lower his voice to improve and show his masculinity to her. All women have different body parts that will excite them when they look at a man. These are normally faces, bottom, chest and arms. This usually manifests itself in a strong athletic shape. They will like strong features, a strong jaw line and brows.

MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships

As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself How can I satisfy my masculine sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term relationship

The Foundation For Success With Women

In this book, I will often refer to a man who is the epitome of MASCULINITY, and the epitome of what women want, as THE MAN . The difference is that a man feels attraction to a woman primarily based on her looks, while a woman will feel attraction to a man based on BOTH his looks and his sexy masculine behavior. As a matter of fact, a man's personality outweighs his looks when it comes to women. THE JOURNEY BACK TO YOUR MASCULINE SELF And don't just act the part with women. You must be masculine at all times, everywhere. Eventually, this will re-awaken your original, natural impulses. Do you speak in a meek voice Your voice will affect your own self-concept as well as how others see you. LOWER your octave to a more masculine level and speak clearer. Understanding this concept is a crucial component of the de-brainwashing process and fundamental to the recapturing of your masculinity. Women are attracted to masculinity, which embodies strength and power. Being NICE is synonymous with...

From the very first moment you meet a woman and for the rest of your life with her or any other woman dont make

By the way, they usually never run away, because they are too excited by the prospect of being with a real man. since she knows you are trying for her again, and this makes you look pathetic and not sexy masculine. This light and fun, yet masculine approach works because you disarm women with your good mood. Your mood is also catchy. In addition, you come across as a sexy, masculine man that already has his needs fulfilled. You are not a weak man who would crawl on his knees for a woman. Add a sense of humor, and all she can think is that she will be laughing with a sexy awesome guy who can take care of her.

The Act Of Going Up To A Woman

That means even the way you walk up to them OOZES with confidence and assurance and masculinity. No jittery walking, just a smooth calm slow walk, taking your time as you get up to her. Every bit of physiology speaks volumes about yourself, so your body language, voice tone, breathing, should all be calm, cool, and relaxed. Women will not forgive a man for not being masculine. So you must banish all inner doubts to TRULY BE THE MAN. Slap yourself silly if you need to, but there is no room for weak minds in the game of attracting women. Now, remember, these women are bombarded by men who want them, guys that talk to them, so these women are VERY experienced with sizing up a man's manliness and can tell if you are A REAL MAN or not right away. Guys come up to her, she already knows that 99.99 percent of the time they are not masculine, and so she gets automatically goes into defensive mode and just gets rid of them.

Do Part IV Romance or Advanced Techniques for Attraction

Consideration is simply demonstrating that you have her well-being in mind. You can manifest it both on the large scale and the small scale. Bringing a small present when you first meet her is a good start. A single flower picked on the way to her apartment is the right idea two dozen long-stem red roses are too much. Pick nice places to spend time with her, and take her needs and dietary requirements into account. Surprise is great, but make sure she's not a vegetarian before taking her to a steak house, and think twice about going to the monster truck rally with her if she's more of the ballet type. Gentlemanly behavior always conveys the right message of consideration. Always open doors for her, especially car doors. When she's getting in your car, open her door and close it after she's in and only then go to your side. Pull her chair out for her, take her coat, help her put it back on, order for both of you at the restaurant. Remember to maintain balance here you're taking care of...

The Plague of Feminism

Feminism has castrated the male mind. Masculinity, noble, wise, triumphant, essential to civilization, is damned as decadence. The key to success in dating and with women in general is NOT finding out how a woman's mind works. To the contrary, the secret is finding out how a MAN'S mind works and being not a Nice Guy, not a Jerk, not some male, but a man. The Dragon ladies shriek Masculinity is accused of the following. But ladies, so bitter and cold, are you not aware that you persist on a path for certain unhappiness and destruction You damn masculinity but then wonder why real men disappeared You catapult your first thought toward the mirage of being female without feeling the sexual tension (Nature herself) but then merely toss the second thought as wondering why that Nice Guy, that desexualized male, is not exciting you Oh pernicious women I do hereby say and enunciate that every charge feminism has made against Masculinity is what femininity is guilty of. It is women who desire...

Have Making Relationships Last

If you've done everything right up to this point, congratulations. You embodied a strong masculine presence, you were compelling, you were romantic, you were an all-around stud, and by golly you got the girl. Now I've got news for you the work has just begun. As the old samurai proverb goes After the victory is won, tighten your helmet. Right after you've done everything right is when you are most likely to falter. Don't let that happen. Remember that the man's job is to maintain the lead - always. Keep up the good work you've done up to this point and fulfill your promise by maintaining a strong masculine presence (with the internal frame, total self-acceptance and leadership), staying compelling and keeping up the romance. Getting the girl is not a license to backslide into the bad habits of yore. If you do, she will notice, and you will lose her. Maybe the last two paragraphs got you down a little bit. You're thinking, Look, I have a good heart, and I just enjoy doing nice things...

Drop Dead Gorgeous Defined

Over and over again in surveys, men have tofd me they are really turned on by a feminine woman, i began to question what that means. is it aJI about frills and froufrou No, not really, A woman can be a carpenter in overall and still be feminine. Femininity is at once mere abstract and more profound than ali the outer trappings with which wti've come to associate it, The simplest way to put it is that a feminine woman mukei n man fee like a man in her presence. And don't wony we're not talking about old-fashioned, sexist rote playing, but rather about the very essence cf masculinity and femininity.

What Women Really Want

Because for millions of years women were searching for protection, power and safety from their man. Over million of years, it became part of their genes that they need a real man Hundreds of thousands of years ago, if a girl had the option to mate with a strong, dominant, masculine guy or a weak guy with little power, of course she would choose the masculine guy. Quick jump to our reality -- today, girls still have attraction towards dominant males because it has become wired into them through evolution. Things are a little different though. Today it isn't just the most muscular guy who has the best chance for survival, though women still find this attractive. It is also the guy with the most social power and confidence who dominates in our world. The guy who is high status, confident and able to get what he wants from the world is the modern alpha male. And women are programmed to be attracted to men who display these alpha qualities, because it's built into the right Hemisphere of...

Perfection is boring To be Human is Beautiful

There was this guy who went to the gym almost all the time. His diet was PERFECT. His workout routines were PERFECT. His clothing was PERFECT. His six pack- no, EIGHT pack was PERFECT. He MODELED. He got involved in ACTING. He looked like a GREEK GOD. When he walked about, all the ladies noticed him. He used his flesh like a masculine dress. Aside from those that used and discarded him as a boy toy, the ladies always broke up with him. How could they break up with this ADONIS He is so BORING they all said in chorus. After all, he spent most of his time in the gym or being consistent with his perfect diet. If this guy spent less time being perfect and more time being human, he would be much more successful with the ladies and much happier.

What can I say about this post that hasnt been said before Simply put its a work of art This is the post that probably

There is a prize to the person who correctly answers this question, What is a Man . When asked what they want in a guy, women say simply, a man But, alas Real men are becoming more and more sparse these days. Women are tired of the sensitive wimps who have no backbones. One woman even wrote a song about the subject, Where have all the cowboys gone They are simply acting as women do, as in their nature. The problem is not with them, it is with guys. We are afraid to embrace our nature, that of being a Man. Being in a culture that sees Manhood as predatory and oppressive and uncouth, we cover it up within Real men are not available. They are climbing mountains. They are swimming across rivers. What are you doing Making spaghetti Would a WOMAN apologize for her feminine acts So why should YOU apologize for your masculinity Tries to always win in what he does. (After childhood, there are real winners and losers in life.)

Another Warning

I'm here to show you how to win the relationship game for you and the women in your life for that critical first few months of dating. I'm here to show you how to reclaim your masculinity and self-esteem, and in the process improve not just your dating, but also your life.

With Women

It critical to remember that in order for a woman to feel FEMININE, she must be with a man who is MASCULINE. If you do not behave in a masculine manner, a woman cannot imagine you fulfilling her sexual needs. It is as if you do not exist in a sexual dimension unless you make it clear that you are indeed masculine.


In addition to these 'generic' signals of interest, there are specifically male and female posture signals which are often seen in flirtatious encounters. These tend to be postures which enhance the masculine or dominant appearance of the male, and the femininity of the female. Males may adopt postures which make them appear taller, larger and more impressive, such as placing hands in pockets with elbows out to enlarge the chest, or leaning one hand at above shoulder height on a wall to appear taller and more imposing. Females either adopt postures which make them look smaller, such as drawing the knees towards the body when seated, or postures which draw attention to physical attributes attractive to males, such as arching the back to display the breasts, or crossing and re-crossing the legs to draw attention to them.

Buying her a drink

Her (thinking Ha Another supplicating male to buy me a drink just because I asked him. What a wimp. Do they really all think I'm gonna go in bed with them for a bottle of beer Jeez I'll take my drink and continue searching for a REAL MAN. ) Thanks You're so sweet Bye now ) Her (thinking Argh Gmph He didn't supplicate Could this be a real man What's this, I'm getting wet ) Am. um Yes


So she has plans for her poor husband. Soon after their marriage, she begins to wield her sexual tool like a club, hounding the bewildered sucker into greater earning power. She doesn't pout, like Lucy Ricardo, brattily crying and stamping her foot when Ricky says he can't afford to buy her a fur coat and withholding sex is too benign a weapon. Instead, she attacks his male ego, shaming him, belittling him, flogging him remorselessly to find a higher-paying job. jabbing an accusatory talon at him, she snivels that he's not a real man unless he finds the means to support her in style. He is a loser . He has ruined her life . Going home for him has become a living, sexless hell. What happened to the nice girl he married, who swore that all she ever wanted from a man was respect Love, which had never really been an issue in the first place, has fled in disgust. And when he straggles home after his new 60- or 70-hour work week, does she offer sympathy, or do they talk about their plans...

The List

In your relationships, you usually stay passive and expect the man to lead. You want a real man who can do it. On a first date or in a longer relationship, you don't like to decide where to go. You like it when the man chooses the theater, the film and arranges everything even when he tells you where to sit. The list is a general description of an average girl who is in her early 20s and likes going out to clubs. Although it's an amusing tool, it will help you get to know women better. Read that list many times, and notice the keywords a real man, staying passive, expecting him to lead, emotions, excitement, variety, little details, being critical about herself and others, periods, love at first sight, Prince Charming. I'm going to talk about these in detail. For men, keywords would be something like hot girls, good sex, cute faces, big tits and sexy butts, rational thinking, racing and competition, challenge, sports and cars. Compare the two, and you'll begin to realize why it seems...

Gender Roles

We are also responsible, to a certain degree, to fulfill these roles. When we deny who we are by trying to be something that is not in our nature, we wind up with confusion. Witness how men have been convinced to lose their masculine behavior. When a man tries to be more sensitive, caring, and romantic, he's turned into the one thing that women do not want - a wimp. Ultimately, this whole topic of women earning less than men is a bunch of bunk. Sure, there are some cases of discrimination out there, I'm sure, but on the whole, the reasons for the statistics you hear from the media are delivered in a way that is easy to misinterpret. It's also easy to take that kind of misinformation and let it erode your sense of masculinity. After all, with all these Bad Men out there doing Bad Things to women, what right do you have being a MAN You must be Bad, too.

Fifth Girl

I don't think that women are attracted to jerks, but they are attracted to men that illuminate power. Those type of men(powerful, strong and masculine) are sometimes jerks, which accounts for the confusion. Finally A woman links the jerk to masculinity. But it is the effects of testosterone she sees. Ultimately, I love nice guys that illuminate strength and masculinity. There is no better combination.

Tenth Girl

Rand's words, a 'noble' vision of Man which characters like John Galt as symbols. But Objectivism is more of a style of masculinity than it is a philosophy. Her heroes usually blast philosophical 'niceness' away. Why, my dear, said kiki, he's not good-looking at all, but extremely masculine. Extreme masculinity. This is what the beautiful woman wants.

Eye Contact

To attract the opposite sex, both sexes will go through a ritual of presenting what makes them look more masculine or feminine. When a woman wants to attract her mate, she will start to go though a process of making the most of what she has to offer physically. She will straighten her back, this will push out her breasts. She will show off her legs by standing with hips tilted to show them off. She will sit to show off her legs by crossing them, thus creating very appealing muscle definition.

Yin Yang and Balance

The masculine and the feminine must balance each other. However, according to the ancient emperors, Yang, the masculine force, should be the more dominant for true harmony. While this is probably an old chauvinist view, I think it is probably correct where it comes to living systems. However, I believe that dominant in this situation really means assertive or active. Men are the leaders. The masculine is the initiator. (I do not believe that dominant means that men should rule or overpower. ) An Alpha Man has to keep a level of balance in his life with respect to his interests. If he's too much on the masculine side, he runs the danger of being very shallow and two-dimensional. He won't keep a woman that has more sophisticated interests very excited unless he has some depth to him. On the other hand, if he's too much on the feminine side, he runs a big danger of being a complete wuss, or becoming a nice guy. The key to keeping this balance is that for every feminine thing you're...

Who Pays for What

Self-supporting, independent, successful women sometimes deeply resent the idea of not paying their own way. Men have been known to slip the waiter an extra tip to see to it that the check is delivered to their side of the table at the strategic moment that a woman is preparing to pay for it. Is it because he wants to appear masculine and in charge , or is it because he would be embarrassed to have a woman pay for his dinner, or because he really likes the woman and wants to pay Women even the self-supporting, independent, successful ones, have trouble determining the man's motive.

Be Part II Attitudes

1.1 will not give excess importance to what someone else thinks or says. This rule is about having an internal frame of reference. Many men try to behave in a way to conform to what a woman may think. Will she like this shirt Does she think my job is cool Is she going to think I'm cheesy if I say that This is a waste of time and a squandering of your masculine power. You have no idea what she is thinking, and even if you did, it's a poor guide for your behavior. Much better to know what you want, and have her wonder what you think of her. Always assume the position of the buyer. Words can also be deceptive. How many times have you heard 'Yeah, sure' when it meant 'No', and how What does it mean to be a man in today's world Since the beginning of time, tribes and cultures have had initiation rituals to mark the passage of girls into womanhood and boys into manhood. Although some of these rites of passage persist - bar bat mitzvah in Judaism, confirmation in Catholicism - they have...

Structure Of Worlds

Materialists measure their masculinity based on their paycheck. Look at me says the salesman, working god-awful shifts. I am making so much money If someone is making less money then they are, they are an idiot. If someone is making more money then they are, then they are to be treated as a demi-god. Citizen Dildos (my name) for the Seducer Player types measure their masculinity based on how many girls they can sleep with. They demand 'proof' and 'reports' of conquests from everyone.

Sexist Society

Ours is an overtly sexist society, biased toward women. The evidence is obvious and overwhelming-you don't have to look any farther than common sense. In times of war, men are the cannon fodder conscripted to die in battle, while women are offered the choice of military service it is men who are forced to initiate courtship and finance sex men must shoulder the primary responsibilities of mortgages and college tuitions and weddings (not to mention diamond rings). The justice system is disgracefully female-friendly judges regularly give the nod to women predators who practice divorce as a business custody of children is routinely awarded to the wife, even if she is a known abuser (fathers win custody of children in less than 2 of divorce cases, and usually only when the mother is deceased or otherwise incapacitated) and when men and women commit the same crime, men are many times more likely to be sentenced to prison. Women have hoodwinked male society the slave mistresses have conned...

Tests never end

Many women test in that manner your capacity of being a real man fighting for your own interests. If you give her the possibility of not respecting you, your relationship with her is already ruined from the beginning. You will never be able to seduce her. Don't worry about her complaints when she realizes that you are a hard nut to crack, she won't believe her eyes and ears - she will think, feel inside her God, finally a real man - She will feel a very strong erotic attraction for you but she will nevertheless try in a continuous, repetitive fashion to go through your defenses anyway.

History Lesson

In 1963, when Betty Friedan (who, twenty years later would champion Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie as the masculine ideal) published her seminal book The Feminine Mystique, she lit the fuse on a time bomb of social controversy. Friedan moaned that women had been forced into dreary lives as wives and mothers (Gloria Stemem termed the home, unbelievably enough, a pink-collar ghetto ), wasting their brains and talents by being excluded from the business world. She was hardly an inspired emancipator, however-liberation of all sorts was already stirring in the underground, like new shoots pushing up in the spring. In the south, blacks were campaigning for civil rights, and hippies had begun to challenge the Leave-It-To Beaver mythology of suburban comfort and security. Notwithstanding, The Female Mystique touched a raw female nerve for women, it was as if someone had suddenly turned on all the lights in a huge, abandoned mansion. Friedan told them that they could have their cake and eat it, too...

On All Dates

For example, I used to get into arguments with girlfriends all the time. Now, I know that they usually aren't necessary. 99.9 of arguments start when a guy is not being THE MAN in control. (Hence she loses desire to be with him, and in turn is looking for excuses to fight or further test his masculinity.) When you are in control, you expect her to test you, and you pass her tests by immediately showing her you are in control, which brings peace instantly. A woman finds it very disturbing that she made a mistake in thinking that her man was masculine, when in fact, as she discovered, she is actually with a man who can be dominated, overwhelmed, or controlled by something or someone Or maybe it's because so many boys grow up without a father these days, and they have no father to show them what it means to be masculine. Or maybe it's just a culture where anti-men jokes are fine, but women are untouchable- just look at how many stupid men are shown on sitcoms and commercials compared to...

For Shagging

Any woman that's worth your efforts is searching for a man, not an overgrown boy. The two are light-years apart, trust me. I've been both at different times in my life, and being a man is better. You can score a much higher quality of woman if you round out your image to that of a young man instead of an irresponsible boy. The best women out there have outgrown their 'boy' phase and are looking for real men now. A large part of that masculine character will reveal itself in how you currently choose to live. Women understand that things like a hot car and sharp clothes can be faked, but your living quarters will act as a kind of lie detector to separate the real men from the frat boys. They know you won't go through the effort of faking your living style just to look cool, it's too much trouble. But how you live proclaims a lot about your male status, dominant or otherwise. I would even go so far as to say that it can break or seal the deal, if you know what I mean.

How Young Girls Love

Men love differently from women (a twist of the body and the man falls in love. He is forgetting that an entire woman is there ). Men love the illusion it is a more pure love. Women don't have time for such nonsense. They prefer the substance rather then illusion. She will love your dreams and passions only because it means you may better your present condition, not because you see yourself as the dream. She could care less about your intellectual philosophies, it is just masculine chatter to her. She wants to know about your education and job prospects. She would rather have you work in a job you hate to bring in more money then to work in a job you love and remain poor. This type of girl sees you only as a piece of livestock, like a mule, to be an umbrella of stability to place her nest on.

What Men Can Do

Men, the only way to reclaim your manhood and to vanquish female oppression forever is to stop paying for pussy. Now. You don't need to go to Mars or Venus or look for wives overseas you don't need to learn to communicate you don't need to run naked through the woods banging on a drum. All of this is just pandering to women, and granting them more power over your thinking, because you are still playing the game by their rules. If you truly want women to act like normal human beings, if you want to participate in decent, honest relationships, or if you want to once again enjoy being in the company of females, just stop groveling before them. Your obedience is their power base, and once the power base is destroyed, so will their arrogance and greed.

For Men Over

Hind masturbating and feeling terribly lonely. She fantasizes what a real man would do with her. If she's a bit drunk she talks to her closest girl friend about what it should be like. Don't get this wrong. She's not obsessed with sex but wonders if she's missing something important.

The Male To Do List

Put your foot down. It's time to start playing hardball, if you ever want to enjoy a positive relationship. Refuse to be politically correct . Stop cowering at trumped-up charges of sexual harassment . Fight back. Don't allow yourself to be emasculated by the abuse of Pussy Power, which is true sexual harassment. The flip side of tyranny is servitude, and no real man kneels down like a cringing serf, catering to female whims. A real man serves nothing but independence, dignity, and pride he does not flinch like a beaten dog when he sniffs the scent of a woman's vagina. Take no bullshit from women. Moodiness, bitchiness, brattiness, and harping criticism are not to be tolerated. When she has PMS or a headache or a bad day, you are supposed to bend over backwards to cater to every nuance of her behavior as if the fate of the world depends upon it but when you're sick or in a lousy mood, you're a baby or unable to communicate . Many times women will nag and demand,...

Tip 19 Be sexual

Finally once you get her in the rapport and conversation and are projecting the masculinity to her in the form of good eye contact and strong frame of mind and voice tone, etc she will begin to match you. THE KEY is practice of this enough, not mast****ting so it is easily entered and natural projection of it so she follows you in to this state as part of her submission to your masculinity and dominance of frame.

Soft signs

Show impudence, dominance, leadership qualities, masculine aggressiveness and determination at the right moment and in right proportions. A modern woman does not screen only for the above masculine attributes. Remember a modern woman is always screening for a mix of masculine and feminine qualities albeit with the focus on the masculine ones. She may need a softer approach. Or she may be a masculine lady who likes to compete with men and may be the one I should cast out of my life rapidly. - If the lady gets angry, she may be a woman who screens for intelligence and other softer Leadership qualities than using a gun in man. Or she may be a masculine


Manners for men direction of masculine strength, not the denial of it. Here we encounter the most popular fiction in our era, Having a woman equals success with women. It is not considered sufficient that we be successful in our own dreams and goals we must have a woman no matter what. Nor is it sufficient that we pick the woman we want no, we must always have a woman, even the most mediocre one, else people question our 'manhood'. It is not enough for one to develop his faculties for physical, intellectual, creative life he must, above all, have a woman. This fiction defines a Man as anything having a woman, thus keeping males forever mediocre. If Schwarzenegger was small, wimpish, but popular celebrity, would he have resonated as much No Pook. Why not The intellectuals tell us it is purely because he is a Hollywood Star. He is the Terminator Ahh If you compare Schwarzenegger to Davis or any other politician, they all look GIRLY or ANDROGENOUS to beefed up Arnold. And no one really...

Romance is a Trance

Checking out her bod is a great way to demonstrate that you're a real man who appreciates her female charms -- but you've got to do it just right. You know that ogling and leering at a woman is impolite, and in a situation where you're trying to impress her it's downright suicidal to your chances of making out. Keep trying to stare down her shirt like that and you'll soon be watching her ass as it sashays away into the sunset. Here's the secret you have to move fast. Look fast, actually. And, more importantly, you have to get caught looking. That's right, you're doing this to communicate your growing interest and desire in her sexually, so she has to see what you're doing in order to get the signal.

Meeting Women Online

For example, in the name section, you could make up a nickname that shows masculinity, confidence, and maybe even a bit of arrogance. Here are a few I've successfully used Untamed , Uncaged , XXX , you get the idea. You could use these, or even better, come up with your own that suit you specifically.

Sisyphus Disease

Purpose, Passion, Persistence, in other words, Strength, Nobility, Mastery- this is Man. Masculinity is uninfluenced by his environments, physically and socially, while femininity is influenced completely by the environment, physically and socially. Sisyphus disrupts masculinity and places feminine characteristics into the male. Physically, Sisyphus will not adventure, risk, and ultimately surmount his surroundings. Socially, Sisyphus will shrink, become a wallflower, become agreeable with everything and everyone, and ultimately bend to the environment (submitting rather then dominating). A woman's fantasy is that her beauty and charm will ensnare great men, the politicians, the lawyers, the firemen, the doctors- in other words, winning the men who can have any woman. A man's fantasy is that his will and strength can overcome any obstacle heroically. You could even say that femininity is matter over mind while masculinity is mind over matter.