Note About Your Appearance

I know there are probably some guys out there who think that because of their looks, they can't get a "normal" woman. A great many of these guys resort to strip clubs in order to fulfill their need for female contact.

I used to see them all the time. They're awkward around the girls, seemingly uncomfortable in their own skin. Maybe they're a little short, or fat, or old, or their ears stick out too far. Whatever it is, they think they're ugly (and most of them usually are).

The great thing about strip clubs is that you don't need to be good looking to get the female attention you desire, as long as you have the money to pay for it. In that sense, it's a great equalizer, and I believe it does serve a type of function for men in today's society.

But that said, if you're looking to date a Stripper, paying for their affections is a poor way to go about it.

The thing to remember about Strippers is that they are usually very sexually adventurous women. Sure, you got a few prudes who like to delude themselves that what they do isn't really who they are, but for the most part, there are a lot of girls out there who are very open to all types of men.

A lot of Strippers I have known (and dated) in the past - women who by all accounts are drop-dead gorgeous by any standard - have had sex with some truly disgusting guys.

Seriously. I'm talking truly, truly disgusting here.

I've known a girl who's banged smelly punk-rock guys who never showered and had rotting teeth. I've known a girl who's jumped in the sack with a huge, fat, greasy man with horrid acne because he was funny and made her laugh. And my favorite is one girl who had sex with a wheelchair-bound midget who's colostomy bag broke and spilled all over her during the act.

All these girls were smoking-hot and none of these guys paid for it! It was all done of the girl's own free will.

So what does this mean for you?

It means the good news is that it doesn't matter what you look like or how old you are. The odds are in your favor that there's a Stripper out there willing to date you no matter what. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the more odd you look, the greater your chances of scoring with a dancer!

However, I do think you should take care of your appearance. Shower, smell nice (a little cologne never hurt anyone), comb your hair, wear deodorant, and dress well. This'll put you at an advantage over the sweaty, greasy losers who wander into the club.

A little note about the dress code of clubs... though there is no official Strip Club dress code, be considerate about what you wear. Don't wear shorts. They make you look like a geek. Wear long pants. Try not to wear jeans, because they're a rough fabric, and should you end up getting a dance (which you shouldn't, but if you do), it will scratch the girl up. The softer the fabric, the more the girl will enjoy it. I usually go for a nice pair of khakis when I go to a club. If I'm feeling really festive, corduroy pants are always a big hit. ©

Nice shirts are good too. A button up silk shirt can be a big hit, or a soft tee-shirt can work too. Just be aware of what a shirt is going to look like under the black lights. Seriously, every stain and smudge will come out. Lighter colors tend to glow, so those will help make you stand out more in the club.

Also, wash your face before you go to a strip club! A friend of mine once entered a club with acne medication on his face, and it glowed in the black light! He had all these unsightly blobs smeared on his face. Once I told him he quickly rushed to the bathroom to wash them off, but had I not been there, he might have gotten a few laughs from the girls.

So in short, look your best, and don't sweat your level of physical attractiveness too much. Strippers aren't like other women. They're more sexually adventurous and open minded than most.

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