And the simple best way to do that is to Not Spend Money On The Girl

Now, not spending money on strippers will not endear them to you right away. But there are ways around that. However, you must learn that spending money on strippers will not get you what you want (well, sometimes it will, but for a much greater sum than you may be willing to pay!).

Think of it as a game. The girl's job is to get as much money from you as you can. Your job is to spend as little as possible. If you succeed, you will have opened the doors for you to stand out from the other walking ATM machines in the club and actually have a chance at seeing the girl you like outside the club.

Don't Let Her Dance For You

This rule kind of goes in hand with the "No Spending Money" rule. Remember when I said there are two types of men in a strip club? Well, this relates directly to that.


And dancers don't date customers.

I don't care if it's a $1 floor dance. If you give her money in exchange for her rubbing up against you or performing for you in some way, you are going to be seen as 100% customer. That means your job at getting to see her outside the club just got much harder.

A Stripper makes most of her money from lap dances, be they for $20 in the booths or $100 in the VIP room, that's her bread and butter. No Stripper could ever live on the singles that get thrown at her while she's up on stage. So if you get a dance with a girl and you're paying for it, guess what? You've just become another walking ATM to her. $20 for a two minute dance. Not a bad payday, eh?

Now there is an exception to this rule.

The exception is if you get the dance for FREE.

If a girl is willing to dance for you without the money, then by all means, go for it! Sometimes the girls will WANT to dance for you because they like you or they're attracted to you. So if they offer, by all means, do it! Sometimes, they may say that it'll cost half price because they still got to give the club its split. If this is the case, go ahead and pay the $10 for the lap dance or whatever. But make it clear that's all you're going to pay and that you don't usually do this. Some clubs do take a split of every booth dance the girls do, so this isn't necessarily a lie, and even if the girl is lying, the fact she's willing to do anything for a discount is making headway.

Another great way of doing a freebie is having a friend pay for your dances for you.

Me and a good buddy of mine used to do this regularly. Before going into a club, we'd agree that only one of us was going to buy dances for the night, so if it was my buddy's turn, I'd give him a hundred or so dollars to spend on me for the night. Then in the club, I'd pick the girl I'd like, and he'd go approach her for me, saying something like "My friend really likes you, and I think he'd like a dance, but you got to go butter him up a bit."

Then the girl would come over to me and sit and talk for a while. Eventually, she'd ask for a dance, and I'd reply "I really like you, but I don't do that kind of thing." Then my buddy would jump in on cue with one of my $20s and say "You don't have a choice tonight, this one's on me!"

And of course, I'd then be "unwillingly" dragged away by the girl into one of the booths for a dance, all thanks to my good friend's "generosity." ©

Now, that said, even free dances can be problematic because the girls can slip into "stripper mode" once that song clock starts ticking. When in "stripper mode," it's all business. The trick here is to further distinguish yourself from the average nudge even in the privacy of your dance booth.

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