Be Adventurous

Note that I didn't say "be sexual." If you try to talk dirty to a girl in a club, you're going to be pegged as a customer. The girls are inundated with sex the minute they step into the club. You want to remind them that there's more to life than sex and you're the pathway to that life.

Display qualities that show you're spontaneous and fun. Tell her stories about places you've been and things you've done. Most Strippers lead pretty boring lives and can be intrigued by men who've experienced exciting stuff.

I'll often ask a dancer I'm talking to "If you could take a vacation right now, where would you go?" No matter what she answers, I'll tell her a story about the best vacation I ever took down to Bermuda, and how she has to go down there and experience some of the things I did.

In a way, this leads us into our final tactic...

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