Because girls who are inexperienced at stripping are much easier to pick up than hardened veterans

A girl who's been stripping for a while knows the ropes. Chances are she's fallen for every trick in the book and has learned to protect herself from most guys' tactics and focus on making money while in the club.

Girls who are just starting out, however, are still learning and are more open to guys who are trying to pick them up.

In the words of one of my good friends "The younger, the dumber."

Now, that's a crass way of putting it. I'd say "The younger, the more open they are to new experiences." I've dated a few dancers who were really young (like 18 and 19) before, and I've even coached a few of the younger girls to look out for some of the pitfalls of the business. But you can't argue with the fact that the greener the girl, the easier she is to pick up.

Just be careful dealing with the younger girls. You don't want them to have bad experiences with you, you want them to have good experiences just like every girl you date, right? So treat them with respect and patience. A lot of them aren't very good lovers OR strippers, but again, that's because they're inexperienced.

You should also be careful because it's not unheard of for underage girls, like 16 or 17 years old, to try and sneak into clubs by pretending to be 18 with a fake ID or something like that. If you hook up with one of these girls, you could be in real trouble should anyone find out!

Most girls who are new to stripping are very insecure about themselves. They are insecure about how they look, about how they'll be received, about their skills as a Stripper, and about how much money they make. Many new girls are nervous about asking for money when they first start off and shy about revealing their body. They want their customers to like them and don't quite know the distinction between the fact that it's a job and not a social experience. They're still looking for validation that they're pretty and men will find them attractive.

You can use all this to your advantage when picking them up.

Be fun and positive and nice to the younger girls, but be sure not to act like a dumb customer as well. Follow the advice I laid out in section one of this book.

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