I'm not going to say that ALL strippers are bisexual. But I will go so far as to say that a great deal of them are!

I'd venture to say that 2 out of every 3 girls who strip for a living are into sex with other girls. Some are just into sex, some are more into relationships with other women, and a few are hard core lesbians. This is typically a by-product of the sexual molestation most girls who become Strippers endured, and it's also a by-product of the job.

I used to date a Stripper who'd get incredibly turned on when she worked because she was around so many other sexy women. This often led to many, many threesomes for myself, and I'm sure lots of girl-on-girl hanky-panky behind my back.

Lesbians Strip Club Havesex

But this is a reality. Many girls you get involved with who dance in strip clubs will have sex with other women. And those who aren't bisexual will usually also perform lesbian acts for the stage in the club, simply because they can make a lot of money doing it. (Things like kissing other girls and pretending to eat them out are always a big hit at strip clubs)

The fact that most Strippers are bisexual can be both a blessing and a curse.

It's a blessing in the sense that it opens up the realms of sexual adventurism for you. It allows you to have threesomes (and sometimes even foursomes) with sexy women. In fact, a bisexual girlfriend can help you pick-up other girls quite easily!

The curse is that she's not going to be faithful to you. If she doesn't fool around with guys, she will with girls. This may not seem like a big deal, but I've been the victim of a girl coming along and stealing my girlfriend before, and let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more angry or confused than having your girl leave you for another woman! It is not fun.

Not that you should ever expect a Stripper to be completely faithful to you. It comes with the territory that she's going to stray every once and a while, and better it's with a woman than with another guy. But it's a factor you'll have to take into account. I've seen even the best, most devoted woman stray from their man after dancing in a club for a while, and there's little you can do when your competition is another woman.

So if that's okay with you, and you really do want to experience those viagra-fueled nights of two or more girls, then you're going to love dating a Stripper!

Threesome Tactics With Strippers

Okay, so now that you know most Strippers are bisexual, what're you going to do about it?


C'mon, who we kidding? What red-blooded heterosexual man wouldn't at least THINK about doing that?

Well, the first thing you should be aware of is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. What I mean by that is, you can't go to a strip club expecting to get a threesome unless you're already dating a girl or another dancer. So if you're looking for the threeway, be sure you've already got at least one girl you're sleeping with. This is an important factor in getting a threesome.

Another thing you have to accept is that it's up to the girl as to whether or not she wants to have sex with another woman. I've dated Strippers in the past who did not want to have sex with women, so I never pressured them to. The girls who want to have threesomes with you will eventually warm up to the idea if you're patient. In fact, they may even suggest it!

So if you want to get two girls in bed at once, gentle persistence is the key. Never come out and say "Hey, want to have a threesome?" Just imply your willingness to do so, plant the seed, talk about her attraction to other women, and wait and see if she's up for it.

Why is this?

Because in the end, it's going to be her job to recruit the OTHER girl for the threeway. And you want her to feel comfortable that she can do so safely and that you're not going to stray from her emotionally.

Bisexual Strippers never have a hard time getting another girl to go to bed with them. There are women who go to strip clubs looking to pick up girls, and there are (of course) other dancers who are open to it. In fact, women have a much easier time pulling Strippers from clubs simply because most Strippers resent and mistrust men.

So if your girl is a Stripper, once you two settle on the idea to bringing another girl into the mix, let her do the recruiting. Most likely she'll find a girl who's willing the next time she goes to work, or she may already have a friend who is into it.

If you're not dating a Stripper, but are dating a girl who's open to being with another woman and wants to have a threesome, the best way I've found to make this happen is to take her to the strip club! The better looking she is, the more girls will easily flock to her.

When I take a girl into a strip club, I'll sit with her for a while and let her get comfortable with the surroundings. Then I'll take her up to the stage and start throwing down dollars in front of her and have the dancers come up to her. After a little while of girls rubbing their breasts in her face and physically seducing her, your girl should be nice and turned on and having a good time, and the dancers who are into women will notice this (especially if they were up on stage dancing for her).

Eventually, when we pull back from the stage, dancers will approach us and I'll start buying lap dances for the girl I'm with. Its important to wait and let the Strippers approach you, because those are the ones who'll be into women to begin with. Once they go in the back, its then your girl's job to "feel out" the dancer and see if she's game to go home with the two of you.

This isn't a fool-proof method to get the threesome, because sometimes you just can't find a compatible girl in the club for whatever reason. If that's the case, just try another club. Remember that your job is to be the leader and guide things to make sure they happen, while leaving the seduction to your partner.

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