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Why is this? Well, for the moment, imagine that you're a car salesman. You spend all day talking to people who want to buy a car, and you work your ass off to sell them those cars. But after that customer leaves the lot, do you want them to come back every time the car has a problem and complain to you? Do you want them to drive you around? Do you want them to come to your kid's soccer game?

No. You sell them a car, and you move on. The customer is your paycheck. Your life is separate from that car dealership.

The same is true of Strippers. To them, dancing is a job. They clock in, make their money, and clock out. You, as a club patron, are no different than the people who want to buy a car. It's basic supply and demand, and it doesn't go beyond that.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule, but that's basically how it plays out.

However, go back to imagining you're a car salesmen again. Think of the people you work with. The other salesmen, the clerks, the mechanics, whatever. You see them all the time, you get to know them, you like some of them, you go out and socialize with them. You meet other people at bars and parties, and you incorporate them into your life, and if they need a car, you hook them up.

This is Everyone Else. To them, you're who you really are, not just a car salesman. They don't hang out with you because they want a car, they hang out with you because they like you, and that's why you hang out with them.

The same is true for Strippers. They hang out with other dancers, doormen, bouncers, DJs, and people they meet outside the club. Why? You guessed it...

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