Bar none, the best method I've found to pick up Strippers has to be either working at a strip club, or being close friends with someone who works at a strip club.

Remember how I've spent most of this book telling you that if you want to date a Stripper, you don't want to be seen as a customer? Well, when you work a strip club or you're friends with someone who works there, that INSTANTLY separates you from the customers. You have a reason to be there other than being a lonely, horny loser who likes to oogle the dancers. You've got a job to do.

I've also talked about how women who strip at clubs have very little social life outside the club. When you work at the club along side the dancers, you become part of the small social life they DO have. This gives you many opportunities that the average chump going into a club doesn't have, and makes picking them up much easier.

That being said, working at a strip club is not exactly the most desirable profession one could want.

Sure, it can be fun and exciting at first. But it soon turns into a job. You show up at the club early and have to help clean it up. You have to deal with all the problems the girls bring with them to the club and all the petty drama there is. You have to handle rude and sometimes violent customers. You have to deal with drugs and prostitution, and sometimes the authorities. You have to put up with crooked management sometimes. You have to break up fights, either between the dancers or the customers. You have to work late into the night and suffer from a great deal of the social shortcomings most of the dancers do. You also don't make very much money unless you're working at a really large and popular club.

But in exchange for all that, you get laid.

So you have to weigh the pros and cons of working at a strip club and decide if that's something you really want to do. Strip clubs are one of the few workplaces where you don't have to worry about "sexual harassment" or any other crap like that. But what you have to deal with sometimes can be much worse.

There are different types of jobs you can get at strip clubs. There are jobs in management, in being a bouncer or a doorman, or in being a DJ.

Getting a job as a manager in a strip club can be tough if you don't have experience. Also, depending on the club, you have to deal with various degrees of unsavory elements, like bad employees, crazy dancers, drug dealers, organized crime, the authorities, and all sorts of other headaches. That being said, management definitely gets the most out of the girl in terms of sexual escapades, because every girl is looking to get favors from the boss.

Being a bouncer or a doorman is not a very rewarding job either. Though you don't have the same kind of burdens management does, you still have to deal with a lot of the same problems. The pay isn't all that great either. Sure, you can make a living doing it, but depending on the club, it might not be a very good one. You get tipped out by each dancer who works at the club, so if you get a job in a big club in Las Vegas, it's possible to make some good money, especially if you help hook-up customers and accept tips from them. If you're going to college or just out of high school, this might be a good job to start out with and do part time. Just be sure you know how to defend yourself and that you can take a punch, because at some point you will have to get rough with someone (that is part of your job, after all).

Being a DJ in a strip club is probably the best way for an average guy to get involved in the scene. It takes very little skill to perform the duties of a DJ in a strip club. The schedule is really flexible, and the perks can be amazing, because EVERYONE wants to be the DJ's friend. Since the DJ sets the tone of the club, a lot of dancers like to befriend the DJ to make sure he doesn't mess them up by playing the wrong type of music or not helping to sell them to the audience. You also meet a lot of customers who are big businessmen around town, and can make a lot of hook-ups for special treatment at their businesses.

And the thing about being a DJ is that it doesn't require any prior experience. You just show up and say "I'm a DJ!" and BOOM, there you are. And since all the strip clubs have their own equipment, you don't have to spend any money buying DJ gear. Occasionally you might want to have a laptop with a couple thousand MP3s on it that you can plug into the system at the strip club and run your own selections, but for the most part this isn't necessary.

I could go into more detain on how to be a strip club DJ, but there's already an excellent book on the subject by a guy named Bill Hibbler called "I'd Kill For That Job: How To Make $500 Every Day As A Gentleman's Club DJ." In it, he details pretty much all you need to know to get a job as a DJ at a club. You can check out his website by clicking here.

PART III: Tricks Of The Trade: Stripper Secrets

Beware The Hustle

No, I'm not talking about that dance from the 70s (although, you should probably beware that too! © ). When I say "The Hustle," I'm talking about all those subtle, manipulative little tricks Strippers do to separate you from your money.

This is called "Hustling."

A Stripper who really knows how to hustle can make thousands of dollars a night. In fact, there are even seminars and courses dancers can take to learn how to hustle better and make more money.

So in strip club parlance, a girl's ability to hustle is her ability at selling what she has to offer to a customer.

Whenever you walk into a strip club, expect to be hustled by at least one girl while you're there.

Hustling can happen on many different levels with varying degrees of success. But should you fall for a well planned hustle, not only will you be spending money and breaking rule number one, you'll also be pegged as one of those "chump customers" you're trying so hard to disassociate yourself from. And believe me, nothing tells a girl you're an "insider" more than when you call her on all her little hustling tricks!

At most clubs, the dancers walk around and ask the customers if they'd like a private dance (or lap dance depending on the club). Some clubs just have stage dancing. Often there is a private area that you can go for a dance. Since at most clubs treat the girls as independent contractors, they won't get fired if they don't work hard and no one will say anything if they decide to hang out at the bar and talk all night. However, a girl who does this doesn't make any money.

The smart girls treat dancing like a job, not a social experience. They're there for one reason and one reason only - to get paid. The career Strippers know they have a shelf-life of only a couple years and really bust their humps to make their nightly "money goals" which they will usually smartly pack away in a savings account somewhere.

These are the girls you have to watch out for - the ones who look at it as strictly a business, because they will be looking to get your money and nothing else (at least, maybe, not initially).

So don't take a girl who's trying to hustle you as an insult, since almost every girl in a strip club will be trying to do it. After all, their mentality is "if you didn't want to spend any money, why did you bother coming to the club in the first place?"

If you know anything about sales, then the Hustle will be nothing new to you. Hustling is basically any trick that gets you to spend money on a girl, and it can take many forms. Usually, an experienced hustler will follow this 3-step pattern.

The Beginning is walking up, introducing herself, and starting to gain rapport with you... essentially making you comfortable with her being around and talking to you. Girls who just walk up and say "Want a dance" are usually inexperienced hustlers who rely on their looks rather than their selling skills to make their money.

The Middle is the dancer getting you to open up and start talking so they can get you into a "buying mode." Little things like asking you questions that get you to open up so there's a connection made, and getting you into a "yes chain" (a tactic that gets you to say the word "yes" frequently). This is a selling tactic where it's believed that small commitments lead to big commitments. Here's an example:

Stripper: "Care for a dance?" Customer: "No thanks."

As opposed to.

Stripper: "Hi! Can I sit down with you?" Customer: "Yeah, sure." Stripper: "You having a good time tonight?" Customer: "Yeah, I love this place."

Stripper: "That's great. I saw you when I was up on stage. Did you like my dancing?"

Customer: "Oh yeah, it was hot."

Stripper: "I'm glad you liked it. I'm even better in the back room you know?"

Customer: "Oh really?"

Stripper: "Um-hmmmm. Would you like me to show you?" Customer: "Okay!"

See the difference? The first was a "Yes/No" question. Either the customer wanted a dance or not. In the second one, the Hustler started off with an innocent question she was sure she'd get a yes to (after all, no guy minds if a girl sits with him in the club). Then she gets him to keep saying "yes" to her questions, until he's so used to it she knows he's properly "buttered up" for her close, which is to get a dance with him.

Which brings us to the last part of any successful hustle: The Close. How a girl closes the deal is how she makes the sale. There are countless different ways to do this and yet ultimately, it just comes down to her selling that dance or that trip to the VIP room.

You can always spot a Hustler because she's a very busy girl. She'll always be the one walking around the room talking to customers. She'll be going in and out of the back room, doing dances and VIP trips with guy after guy. If she's sitting, it's with a customer she's buttering up. If she's not with a customer, she's usually scanning the room, sizing up her potential targets, or walking around looking for a guy who's open to making contact with her.

A good hustler will also notice which guys are spending money and which ones aren't, and she'll usually ignore the ones who aren't spending money (she looks at this like a business, remember?). However, she will never come off "business-like." The best hustlers are the ones you don't know are hustling you.

Bad hustlers can be spotted easily. Either they don't make it believable that they're really interested in you, or they have weak closes. If a girl is sitting and talking to you and suddenly asks "So, you want a dance?" that's a sure sign she's a mediocre hustler.

If a girl comes up and starts massaging you in some way, like rubbing your shoulders, know that despite how good it feels, you're being hustled. If you start hearing questions like "That feels good, doesn't it?" know that you're being baited with a "yes chain." And always remember my rule about "never trusting when a Stripper touches you."

Some Hustlers will use guilt to try to bait you into falling for their sell. I used to know this one Stripper who was quite pretty and innocent looking. She wasn't a great hustler, but she had this one trick that almost always worked on guys. When she would walk up to a guy and ask him for a dance, if he refused, she'd suddenly look sad and rejected, like he'd hurt her, and start to sulk away. Usually, the guy would see this and feel bad, and if he didn't stop her right there and invite her to sit with him, he'd find her later and apologize.

Other, more experienced Hustlers will say things like "I've been sitting with you all this time and you still don't want a dance! Don't you like me?" after you refuse their close. Invariably, the customer will enter her "yes chain" of "I do like you! I think you're beautiful!" And then the girl will say something like "Then why were you leading me on thinking you'd get a dance from me? If I don't pay my rent soon I'm going to get evicted!" (notice how they make it seem like you're at fault and you were leading THEM on?)

This is, of course, complete BS, but it effectively guilts the guy into giving in and buying a dance.

DO NOT FALL FOR THE GUILT TRIP! Women in general are masters of the guilt trip, and hustlers even more-so. But just remember its their last-ditch attempt at getting you into that back room where they make their real money.

Picking up Strippers who are in the club to hustle can be quite difficult, so I usually dismiss these types of women as good targets to try and date (though usually these women will be the most faithful and trustworthy because they are able to disassociate between their private life and their job). It can be done, but it takes time and perseverance.

However, should you go to a club just looking to blow some cash and have a good time, a good hustler can be a lot of fun because she'll make you feel good and give you a good dance. But always be on your guard. There's a fine line between a girl who knows how to hustle and a girl who is looking to rip you off.

I've been to clubs where girls have upped the price of their lap dances. If a lap dance is $20, they charge $30 so they can make a $20 profit on the 1 / minute dance instead of just $10 (remember they usually have to give the club half). Always know the club's prices before you go in (ask the doorman what the club usually charges for dances). If a girl over-quotes you a price, do NOT get a dance from her, even if you call her on her crap. She may say something like "We get to set our own prices," which isn't necessarily a lie, but know that if she tries to rip you off once, she will try to rip you off again.

Beware the multi-dance hustle. If you take a girl in the back for a dance, make it clear how many dances you want before going to the booth. Some girls will start dancing for you and go one or two songs over, and then tell you "Okay, that's $100." Suddenly, your one or two dances become four because she just "assumed you wanted more since you didn't tell her to stop." If you make it clear up front how many dances you wanted, you have a defense against her rip-off tactic. If not, then you're going to have to pay up unless you want to deal with management.

Make it clear what your policy on tipping is right up front. I don't like to tip, unless the girl REALLY goes above and beyond the call of duty, then I'll pony up an extra $20. But I'll tell the girls I get dances with that I don't tip, and if that's a problem, we should go in the back. If you are willing to tip, be sure you tell her that you only tip after the dance is done based on how well you feel she did. Some Strippers will try to get their tip up front, which is a crafty hustle because it puts pressure on you to give them extra money once you're already in their

"domain." If a girl pulls this with you, make it clear you don't tip until the end, and only if you feel she gave a good dance. Some rip-off dancers will get their tip then just go through the motions until the song is over because you have to pay for the dance no matter what. But if she has to work for her tip, then she's going to perform better for you (and if she doesn't, tell her you found her dance unsatisfactory and un-tipworthy). She may get pissed off at this, but hey, better that than throwing away your money.

Be really careful about VIP rooms. They're almost always a rip off. You pay a whole lot of money for very little in return. Always negotiate what you want before you go into a VIP room, and be sure you know how much money you're going to have to spend before hand.

I can remember I was at a club in Las Vegas one night where I fell for a rather good hustle that took me into the back VIP room. Little did I know that the VIP room had a two-drink requirement per person, which included the dancer, so on top of the $300 room charge, I had to spend $80 ($20 a drink) at the bar, plus a $100 tip for the girl that was "required" up front. Before I knew it, the club was presenting me with a $480 bill, $180 of which I was not aware of nor willing to pay for (the dancer neglected to mention the hidden costs to me).

That is an example of a rip-off hustle. Personally, I've come to believe all forms of dances and drink buys in strip clubs are rip-offs, since you get very little for your money (most clubs cut the songs after a minute and a half or two minutes so they can squeeze as much money out of you as they can. Be sure to time the songs in a club so you know how long each dance you pay for really is! Tricks like "two for one" may be two songs clocked at a minute each, and a regular dance is already two minutes long, so you're really not getting a free dance at all). Therefore, I call your attention back to rule #1.

If you really want to protect yourself from hustlers, read up on sales techniques. There are lots of good books on the subject of sales which many dancers read to get better at making money. If you were to check them out, you'll know all the tricks and how to protect yourself.

Stripper Names

I hesitate to give this subject its own chapter, but I guess it's important enough to talk about so it has to go somewhere.

All Strippers have different identities. They have their "real selves," and their "performer selves," and lots of girls form performer identities to help them do what they have to in order to make money stripping.

Hence the "stripper name" was born.

Every stripper I've ever know has had a stage name she goes by. Names like "Honey," "Meadow," "Martini," "Goldie," and any other cute girlie name you can think of. More recently, girls have been adopting common names for their aliases, such as "Vanessa," or "Bethany," or various other normal sounding names in an attempt to keep people from asking what their real name is in the club (the psychology being that this IS her real name).

The first real step to getting your foot in the door with a Stripper is to discover her real name. This can be easy or hard, depending on the girl. Lost of Strippers don't feel comfortable telling a guy in the club her real name because of security issues. Others don't think a guy knowing their real first name is a big deal. It all depends on the girl.

By knowing the girl's real name, you now have a tool to use in order to start relating to her as who she really is, and not as her performer persona. Whenever I find out a girl's real name, I'll always start calling her that, because it helps take me out of the "common customer" frame.

The way I find out a girl's name is with a little joke. After I ask her name, she'll give me her stage name. Then I'll say "Is that your Christian name?" This'll usually get a laugh. If the girl doesn't get it, I'll say "You mean your parents actually named you (insert her stage name here)?" After that I can usually squeeze their real name out of them, though some girls will still give you a fake name.

I had one girl tell me her middle name. I later found out her real name was "Margaret," so I started calling her "Marge" as punishment. After that, she started saying "You're the only one who can get away with calling me Marge." Not long after that, I was dating her.

So do what you can to find out what their real name is. It will only help you connect with who she really is as opposed to the "shield" she puts up around her when she's in the club.

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