Dont Stalk The Girls

Seriously. Don't. It's a bad idea.

If you find yourself uncontrollably attracted to a girl you've met in a strip club, leave that club and don't come back. Move on with your life. Don't look back.

Remember that the girls sell a fantasy. They are not what you think they are. You may think one of the girls likes you and is maybe even attracted to you. But she's not. Her job is to make you BELIEVE she is. Remember rule number two? STRIPPERS LIE. Do not believe a word they say or a single touch they administer to you.

Even girls who'll perform sexual acts on you in the club don't necessarily like you. Know that if you start getting obsessed with a girl and become one of her "regulars" in the hopes she'll be yours one day, you've definitely been in "strip club land" too long.

Sometimes the urge to indulge in the fantasy Strippers provide can be really tempting. But in the long run, it's a losing proposition. Your bubble will eventually burst, and it will not work out in your favor. Either you'll have a run in with the police, or friends of the dancer who don't care too much about your safety. No matter what happens, though, you'll never be welcomed back at that club.

When I was a Bouncer, I used to go out after the club had closed to check all the cars left in the parking lot to make sure there weren't guys hiding in the back seats of the girl's cars. There have been untold countless kidnappings and murders at strip clubs because some guy snuck into a girl's car and caught her unawares as she was driving. That's how serious most clubs take the girl's safety (after all, what girl is going to want to work at a club that doesn't protect them?).

Stalking is not only unhealthy to you, but it will ruin any chance you have at getting the girl you want! So you need to be sure that you.

• Don't go to the club every night of the week just to see one girl.

• Don't spend all your time in the club hoping to see her.

• Don't get jealous if she dances with other guys.

• Don't give lavish gifts or propose marriage (especially if your only interaction with her has been in the club!)

• Do not pay for her expenses or bills.

• Do not follow her home after the club closes.

Stalking is a bad idea, and its not a good thing for anyone involved. It will only lead to heartache and pain. There are other women in the world, don't obsess over just one.

Become An Insider

Strippers live a very closed existence. They spend most of their time working in the club, so they tend to date guys who are somehow associated with the club itself.

When you walk into a strip club, know that every guy who works there is currently, or has at one time, slept with one of the dancers. The DJ is usually most notorious for this, because he has lots of contact with the girls every night.

In addition to the guys who work at the club, there are also the guys who are FRIENDS of the people who work in the club. Be they friends of the dancers, the doormen, the DJ, whoever it may be, if they have a connection, they have an "in" with the girls.

I can remember one night in Las Vegas, I went to an after-hours party where I ran into an older guy who must have been in his 50s. He looked like my dad, except he had his gray old-man hair spiked up into an extreme flat-top. It was a pretty bold hair-doo for a guy his age, so I walked up to him and told him how cool I thought his hair was. We got to talking and had a few drinks together. Before he left, he gave me his card and said "I like you. Give me a call sometime and I'll hook you up." Turns out the guy owns one of the largest strip club chains in the country! Since that day I just call him up when I'm traveling to a city that has one of his clubs in it, and he calls the management to expect me and treat me as one of his "personal friends." I have to practically bat the girls away from me with a stick when I walk into the club, even though I've never been there before in my life!

Thus is the power of being an "insider."

Now, we all can't befriend the owners of the club chain, but there are ways to get the same effect.

To become a true insider takes time, like visiting the club something like once a week to become a regular. I can remember when I was first driving around those two Strippers after I got out of high school, we'd go to a certain club every Saturday for them to dance at. After about my 3rd time there, one of the bouncers came up and introduced himself because he noticed I was coming around a lot with some of the girls. After that, I got to know all the bouncers and eventually the DJ and management of the club. Then I became friends with all the girls who danced there and I never had to pay for a cover charge or a drink.

The best way to become an insider is slowly. Get to know the people who work at the club gradually. You don't have to go there every night, but once a week can be good. Sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. This is always a good first target on your track to becoming an "insider."

Bartenders at the club are usually the manager or girls who used to dance or are on their way to dancing at the club. To get to know them will get you in good quickly. Just buy a drink and sit and talk to them. Before long, you can claim to be their friend.

Bouncers and doormen will usually take a little bit of time to warm up to you. If they see you come around often and you don't cause trouble, they'll start to be more social with you. Talk to them about what they do outside the club. A lot of these guys are musicians or students, or they have a hobby they are passionate about. If you can get to know the DJ, that's a great hook-up to have too. Talk to him between songs. After a song you like plays, go up to him and ask "What was that song you just played?" After he responds talk to him about whether he DJs outside the club at all.

In one night, you can learn enough about the people who work at a club to pass yourself off as an "insider" to any girl who dances there. After a few visits, you can actually BECOME and insider. And after you start dating a girl who dances at the club, your status as an insider will be solid.

What To Do To Get A Stripper Interested In You

In a previous chapter I talked about the two big things you should never do when talking to a Stripper - namely bragging or complaining to them. Know that introducing anything negative into a conversation with a Stripper you're trying to seduce is a bad idea. People in general like positive things. So the real trick to getting a Stripper excited is to be positive and exciting.

By this, I don't mean acting overly cool or being an ass hole. If you walk into a strip club and tell a dancer "This club sucks. Let's go somewhere cool," you're not helping your cause. The club may suck, but that girl is WORKING there. She probably has friends there. It's a part of her life. In a way, you're insulting her by saying the club sucks.

In my opinion, there are four major things every guy can do to come off as a positive and exciting guy a Stripper would want to get to know better.

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