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One good way to further endear yourself to Strippers is to find the "After Club"hang out. I discovered this little gem in my days as a bouncer at a strip club.

Invariably, once 3:30 am rolled around and the club was closing, the girls would be ready to leave. This means they're all dressed in their street clothes and heading to their car.

Now, some of the girls are tired after a long night of bumping and grinding, or maybe they have families, whatever the case may be, and they usually go straight home. But almost always there would be other girls who weren't quite ready to go back to their place quite yet.

The reasons for this are many. They might be wound up and not ready to go to sleep. They might still be turned on or high and looking for something to do. Or they might simply be hungry.

Whatever the reason, there will always be girls who won't go home after the club closes. There will usually be an "After Club" hang out place the girls always go to, whether to get drinks, food, drugs, or any other thing they crave.

Depending on the location you're in, this can be different. In most parts of the country, the typical "After Club" hang out is some form of 24-hour restaurant, like Denny's (the universal After Club gathering place). If you know of a Denny's or other 24-hour diner in the vicinity of the strip club you've gone to, chances are pretty good you'll see some of the Strippers there after the club closes, usually around 4 am.

In other places, like Las Vegas, where you have 24-hour everything, you have more choices. If there is a casino or a bar close by one of the clubs, chances are you'll see a lot of Strippers migrate there after work. Sometimes there are "after-after-hours" clubs that most people don't know about that Strippers go to. With one dancer I used to date when I was in Las Vegas, she took me to a dumpy little bar way off the Las Vegas strip that looked like an abandoned building which turned out it was an after-hours drug den which also happened to serve booze, and lots of Strippers would go there after work to either score drugs, get drunk, or maybe even solicit a few guys for some extra money if the night was slow.

Needless to say, if you find out where these "After Hours" hang outs are, you can further ingratiate yourself out of the "customer" frame and into the "insider" frame. More girls will get to know you and get comfortable with you, and that will always help you out when it comes to dating them.

So the first part of this tactic is finding out where the hang out place is. One of the best ways to do that is to ask.

Just ask one of the dancers or the bouncers or whoever "Hey, is there a place around here that serves food 24 hours?" Whatever the answer is, it's a good bet that place will be where the girls go after the club closes, especially if it's a dancer who tells you the name of the place.

If you're in a bigger city, like Las Vegas, it can be trickier to find out what kind of "After Club" place is the best. Food places are always a good bet, but it's usually the closest casino to the club that wins out. Still, a good question to ask in this case is "Hey, where's a good place to party other than this club?"

If you don't find out on the first try, be patient. Eventually, you'll discover where the "After Club" place is. Just be persistent in asking around, and eventually, you'll find out. I would strongly recommend that you not resort to following the girls in your car after the club closes to try and find out where this place is. Not only can you not be sure if the girl is actually going there, but should you be caught (even if your intentions are innocent), you'll be branded a "stalker" and before you know it, all your hard work is washed down the drain. If even one girl tells the club she saw you following her, you'll be persona non-grata for a very long time.

When you do find the "After Club" hang out, it's time to actually interact with the girls. If it's at a diner, invite them to sit and eat with you. Be like "Hey, you're the girls from the club! You guys wanna join me?" Be fun and playful. Act like it's a coincidence you just happened to end up there too. Try to get them to sit with you, or to join their party, even if they're with other guys.

(A quick note here: Sometimes girls will go to these After Club places with their boyfriends or husbands who pick them up from work. Only approach the girls if they're in a group of other girls just so you don't run into any boyfriend trouble)

If you run into the girls someplace other than a restaurant, just approach them like you would any other girl in a bar. Have fun with them. Be playful.

"After Club" hang outs are where you really get to work your way into the girl's inner circle, because seeing you outside the club in a social way sets you apart from the average customer. And if you've followed rule #1 and haven't spent any money on them, you're in even better shape!

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