Go To Clubs Alone

There's always the question "Should I go to a strip club alone or should I go with friends?"

Here's my answer to that.

If you want to go to pick up a Stripper, go alone. If you want to go to have fun, go with friends.

When I go to a strip club to pick-up, I don't spend very long in the club. I just stay long enough to maybe get a number or pull a girl. When you go with friends, there's an added pressure to stay longer than you should if you really want to pull girls.

Now, sometimes having friends with you can help you out with a pickup. If your friends are fun and you guys are the life of the party, that can help. But if your buddies are running around acting like loser customers, being associated with them can impede your chances of getting a girl.

If you're going to a strip club to pick up a girl and you want to go with friends, have a few "wingmen" who enjoy strip clubs too who know what they're doing and can support your efforts to get a girl.

It's also important to have an "exit strategy" when you're out to pick up girls at a club. If you do succeed and should find a girl who wants to go home with you, the last thing you want to have to deal with is the fact you drove to the club with a big group of friends. In the end, I'd say it's always preferable to go it alone if you want to try and pull a girl from the club.

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