However do not recommend this approach

I will admit I tried using this approach in the past, which is why I can recommend not doing it. When you tempt a woman with drugs, you're going to get a drug addict.

Plain and simple.

You're never going to know if the woman is with you because she likes you or because she likes the drugs, and not only that, but girls who are heavy drug users also tend to be prone to more sexually transmitted diseases, so you're putting yourself at risk. And most of all, you're contributing to the destruction of another human being through substance abuse, which I personally don't find cool.

The drug of choice for Strippers is cocaine. I learned this when I tried to tempt a Stripper I was attracted to into coming back to my place after the club by telling her I has some weed. She indignantly looked at me, ruffled her nose in disgust, and said "Ew, I don't smoke pot." Feeling like an idiot and like I was about to get lectured on why I shouldn't be doing drugs, the girl suddenly pipes up "I only do cocaine."

At first I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. Many Strippers I know do cocaine. It's the "party drug" that is most prevalent in clubs. There's also a great deal of ecstasy that works its way through clubs, and pot is pretty common too. To a certain degree, there are some dancers who are involved with heroine too, though it's not usually done in the club.

When I was working at strip clubs, I'd often see drug dealers who would come in and hang out, offering to hook the girls up in exchange for coming home with them. A lot of these drug dealers would eventually recruit the girls and pimp them out outside the club. I never had much respect for these guys, and after witnessing the "pimp out" more than once, my opinion of them dropped even further.

You also have to take into account police involvement when dealing with drugs. Too often, there are undercover cops who hang out in strip clubs to try and observe illegal activity. They have also been known to stake out the parking lots of strip clubs as well and follow suspected offenders to their home in order to make a bust.

Drugs are just too much trouble to really consider using them as a method of pick-up. They will get you the type of girl who will cause you trouble in the long run, and possibly attract attention from unsavory elements in society or the authorities. At the very least, it may get you banned from the club.

So always be sure to follow that old 80's mantra and "Just Say NO" to drugs.

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