During my time in strip clubs, I've seen every trick in the book a guy can use to get one of the girls to sleep with him. And probably the most common tactic is what I like to call the "Arrangement."

This is basically where some customer offers to pay the Stripper for sex whenever she needs money. Does it look like you're going to be short on rent this month? Give me a call! I'll pay your rent in exchange for a romp in the sack. Can't quite make your car payment? No problem, I'll take care of it for a little extra lovin'. Feel like getting away for a while? Don't sweat it, I can take you down to my beach house for a romantic weekend.

Blah, blah, blah.

The only thing I like about customers who try to make "arrangements" with the dancers is their honesty. They just lay it out for the girl. "Money for sex."

The thing I never understood is this. if you're willing to pay for it, why go to a strip club? Why not get a hooker or an escort? It's much more cut and dry and less headaches (and work) than going to a strip club to try and find a girl who'd be willing to do that.

I guess most guys don't know where else to go to find girls who'll have sex with them for money, and the strip club is the best they can do. In places that aren't big cities, it can be hard to find "working girls," so Strippers are the next best thing.

Personally, I'd never attempt to make arrangements with any Stripper. It's not a positive way to create a relationship. You may see it as a simple business transaction, but the girl will not have any real respect for you, and this could lead to theft or extortion. Not only that, but you're also tempting Strippers to become whores when you offer them arrangements, and that shows them that you do not make a distinction between the two professions - not good for your image.

Its common knowledge that most Strippers are not wise with their money. I once dated a Stripper who would make around $500 a night and the next day she'd spend it all on shoes or clothes. She was seriously making over three grand a week and was always broke. This is not only why most Strippers keep dancing, but why a lot of them are tempted by these arrangements that customers offer them.

But do yourself a favor and refrain from making arrangements with Strippers. It may cost you more in the long run, either in terms of finances or health (or both).

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