If you're going out for the purpose of picking up a Stripper, do not stay in the strip club for extended periods of time.

I've had bouts of indulgence where I've gone out partying with my buddies in a city like Los Vegas (strip club capitol of the world), going to a strip club at 9 at night and not leaving until noon the next day. But that was a situation where we were looking to spend money and grope women we didn't have to work for!

But if I want to go to a club to pick up a Stripper for a date, sex, whatever, I try to limit how long I actually stay inside the club.


Because a guy who stays in a strip club for too long becomes a LOSER CUSTOMER, that's why!

Think about it. If a girl comes in to dance and constantly sees you sitting around for hours on end, she's going to peg you as a club junkie, and by extension, a customer.

The trick is to go into the club, make contact with a few girls, chat them up, and then leave. I can do all I need to in about 30 minutes, but after paying a $20 cover or whatever, you may be tempted to stay longer. I say an hour and a half is the maximum amount of time you should spend in a club. An hour is ideal.

This means that while you're in the club, you want to position yourself for "maximum meeting potential."

So when you walk into a club and see the guys at the stage, and sitting in the chairs, and in the back booths, or whatever, laugh at them. Those are the sucker customers who are never going to get anywhere with the girls.

In every club, there will be a "high traffic" area where you'll want to position yourself. This will usually be the bar area, if the club has a bar (which they usually will). If they don't, look at the places where the girls tend to mill around. This can be the DJ booth, tables, or couches by the dressing room. Where ever it is, you'll want to STAND there.

That's right, don't sit down. Stand. Guys who sit down anywhere other than at the bar are customer-potential. Make yourself different. Stand.

Standing also has the added benefit of helping you to quickly meet and chat with girls who are walking by. I don't know why this is, it just is. Especially if you get in that coveted high-traffic spot. You'll suddenly be meeting more girls than you know what to do with.

But standing also has the added benefit of creating a "buffer zone" between any girl you come in contact with. This is important because the next rule is.

No Touching The Girls

This is another hard and fast rule you can take with you to the bank: NO TOUCHING THE GIRLS!!!!

Now, I know this is like putting a three-inch thick steak in front of a starving man and telling him not to eat. I mean, who wouldn't want to reach out and touch these beautiful, sexy women anywhere they'll let you, right? But bear with me here.

Ask yourself this: Who's grubby, sweaty hands are pawning their bodies all night long?

If you answered "customers," guess what? You got it!

Customers touch the girls. You do not want to be a customer. Therefore, do not touch them!

This means don't shake their hand, don't rub their shoulders, don't put your arm around them, don't caress their knee, don't even let them sit on your lap.

Most Strippers abhor the fact that they have to let themselves be felt up by guys all night long. And even the girls who don't mind it have to deal with overly-frisky morons who my try to grab their crotches or suck on their breasts.

If you want to stand out, control your urges to touch the Strippers. Most of them will notice the fact that you're not all over them like most guys. Some will see it as a challenge, others may take it as an insult, but they will all NOTICE, and that's the important thing.

By the same token, don't fall for the girls who touch YOU.

See, touching is the Stripper's secret weapon. The more a woman touches you, the more your brain goes "Whoa! What's going on here? Sexy woman feeling me up! She must like me! Wheeeeeeeeee!"

Well put the breaks on that thought right now. It's complete BS.

You have to look at each physical contact by a Stripper as a means of manipulating you into spending money on her. This is a bad thing, because she's treating you like a customer. You cannot take her touching you as meaning she's attracted to you. You wouldn't believe how many Strippers I know who were rejected by guys who didn't want a dance, then after a few minutes of sitting on their laps and rubbing their chests, they got them into the VIP room for a couple hundred dollars worth of dancing.

Just shrug off any touching by the dancers, and keep your hands to yourself.

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