will be fiercely loyal to their significant other and do their best not to stray from them. And if they ARE willing to stray, know that you'll be dealing with a jealous and possibly violent man who'll come looking for you should he find out (and they usually do).

It is rare that you'll find a Stripper who just divorced her husband or broke up with her boyfriend, but it does happen. This is also preferable, but timing is just the luck of the draw.

Know that many of the girls you meet will lie to you if you ask them if they have a husband or boyfriend. This is because if you think the Stripper is single, you will spend more money on her. So never believe a Stripper's answer to the question "Do you have a boyfriend?" or "Are you married?" because it's sure to be a lie. In fact, don't even bother asking.

I can remember I once knew a dancer who was married with two kids. She was up on stage one night and getting a lot of attention from one guy in particular who was being quite generous with his money. When he asked her "Do you have a boyfriend?" she unthinkingly said "I'm married." But then, having caught herself, she quickly backpedaled and said "But it's nothing serious!" However, the damage was done, and the man's tips soon dried up to find their way to another, more "available" girl.

A lot of Strippers claim they're single even in their personal lives. Indeed, some of these women are so bitter about men because they have to deal with all types of degenerates due to their job, that they don't want to get involved with a guy. They sit around and lament about how "single" they are and how there aren't any good men around.

Don't believe this either. The girls are deluding themselves. Most of them have guys in the wings they are having sex with but don't really care for (and in some instances don't even like!). Others maybe have lesbian relationships or female lovers that they fool around with, even if they really are looking for a guy.

And some Strippers are so bitter and angry about men, that they're NEVER available, even if they are single. They're just too emotionally closed off to ever be in a decent relationship with anyone.

Its best just to go in knowing you're going to be dealing with a girl who has other men (or women) in her life, and prepare yourself for it. It will save you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

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