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You can't save someone who doesn't feel they need to be saved, and you can't change who someone is. If you date a Stripper, that's who you're going to be dating - a woman who sells sexual fantasy to other men.

Most guys I've known who dated Strippers were cool with the job for the first few weeks. But then jealousy can set in. You can never be sure what they are doing at the club, and it's easy to imagine her being unfaithful. All your insecurities start to bubble up, and before you know it, you resent what she does (even if that's how you met her!).

When I used to work at Strip Clubs, I'd have to see the girl I was dating walk around and flirt with guys. Sometimes it was too much for me, because she wouldn't even look my way for the length of her shift. I worked at the club myself and even I started to resent her job! But I learned to get over that because I knew how the game was played and strip clubs were a part of my life. Like the girls, I learned to detach myself from what goes on in the club, and after that I was fine.

But most guys don't know how to do this. I had to learn how because I was working at a club. Other guys don't have that luxury. Most clubs have a policy that prevents boyfriends of the dancers to enter the club as a measure to prevent any embarrassing or violent scenes. I usually recommend that guys who date Strippers never think of setting foot inside the club(s) she works in. It's important you detach yourself from that lifestyle as much as possible and be the place she comes to in order to escape the life of the club.

You must also be prepared to deal with issues of substance abuse, sexual abuse, and bisexuality. These are common issues that arise in a relationship with a dancer, so be prepared for them. If you don't feel up to it, don't get involved with a dancer!

Probably the hardest thing to deal with in relationships with Strippers is the notion of them not being faithful to you. Indeed, most girls who dance do have a tendency to stray from the guy they're dating. This usually doesn't happen with customers, but more with guys who actually work at the club they dance at. I've had more than one girl leave me for a bouncer or a DJ at the club they worked at (this was after I left the life of being a Bouncer and a DJ myself, of course).

And of course, there's the issue of your girl fooling around with other girls, which can be much more prevalent than you might think because few Strippers look at that as "cheating," especially if their boyfriend is involved in threesomes. But make no mistake, it IS cheating. Many Strippers have both long term boyfriends AND girlfriends that they keep at the same time. It's a weird relationship, and it takes a certain kind of guy to handle that. And trust me, the first time you have a girlfriend who leaves you for another woman, that hurts almost more than if she were to have run off with another guy.

So don't delude yourself if you want to date a Stripper. Go into it with your eyes wide and be prepared to deal with the consequences of dating such women. As I said before, you can have many great experiences with great girls, but you can also have terrible ones. Just know what you're getting into.

Afterward & Disclaimer f f

So there you have it, over a decade's worth of Stripper knowledge, all in one book. I hope you learned a lot and will enjoy great success in whatever endeavor you undertake.

The writings and tactics I've laid out in this book is designed to inform and provide strategies regarding the goal of dating a woman who works at a strip club. However, no method is fool-proof, and each individual's experiences and success may vary.

All Strippers are individuals, and because of that, every situation is different. That means that these strategies may or may not work exactly as you intend them to. I have based the information in this book solely on my own experience over the course of my lifetime, and I firmly believe that what I've presented in this book is accurate and works. However, neither I, the author, nor publisher will assume responsibility for any errors or omissions.

I also specifically disclaim any liability resulting from the use or application of the information contained in this book. This book is for entertainment purposes only and is intended for persons 18 years of age or older. Note also that I (the author) and publisher do not endorse, encourage, or accept any liability for any use of coercion; sexual assault or other criminal acts carried out by a reader of this publication. It is my strongest belief that the only acceptable form of sexual activity occurs between two consenting adults. I do not encourage or condone prostitution or drug use.

Furthermore, I strongly advocate the principles of "safe sex" to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. I highly recommend using protection, such as condoms, when engaging in any sexual activity.

So in conclusion, be civil, and be safe. Use your knowledge wisely and for the benefit of everyone you know, including yourself. I hope you strive for a successful and happy life, and find the woman you're looking for to share that with.

Good luck, and God bless.

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