When you enter a club, you can't go in there looking to get a specific girl, because the odds just aren't in your favor. The girls are there to work, for the most part, so thinking it's possible to seduce the exact girl you want is a bit far-fetched.

You have to be open to picking up any girl who's in that club, be they a dancer, a waitress, a customer - whatever. Your focus should be broad, not narrow.

I have a friend who's a musician, and he looks like one. He's got the long hair, tattoos that cover his arms and back, who dresses in all black all the time - typical heavy metal rocker guy. He loves to pick up Strippers, and when he and I go to a club, we go there with the express intention to get a girl and not spend money.

While I hang out by the bar and be social, talking to girls and whatnot, he'll sit quietly in a chair somewhere and just wait for women to approach him, and he'll keep waiting until he finds the one who responds to what he has to offer. He'll wait all night if he has to. And though he's not as consistent as I am with getting the girls, he will eventually find a girl who'll like him.

He plays the numbers.

He waits until he finally finds a girl who's into him, who responds to his look and his style, and when he does he'll pursue her and try to get her outside the club.

You have to be the same way. You have to play the numbers and look for the girls who respond to you. They will be the ones you have a chance with.

Meeting Strippers Online

Believe it or not, sometimes it's easier to meet Strippers in places other than clubs. I somewhat touch on this in the section where I explain about "After Club" hang outs. But there are many other places you can meet Strippers that won't get you anywhere near a club.

The best place I've found to do this is on the internet.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Where the hell do you find Strippers on the internet?"

Well, finding them on the internet can be a bit of a task... if you don't know where to look. The fact is, a great many Strippers are quite online savvy. There are two major reasons for this.

The first of which is for business. Strippers will often go online to look up clubs they want to dance at. There are also certain message boards they will frequent that deal either with actual stripper issues (such as a board where Strippers will exchange tips and tactics and reviews of clubs), and sites that deal with customers (such as message boards that people will write about them on. Some clubs have mailing lists devoted to them where every girl is critiqued and rated. Some girls find this helpful in improving their ability to make money). Strippers also use the internet to buy new clothes and sexy things to wear.

The second reason, and probably a bigger factor in the internet playing an important role in most Strippers' lives than business, is for a social life.

Yes, that's right. A social life.

Now, you may say to yourself "But the girls work in a strip club! Isn't that their social life?"

Well, let me ask you this, is your social life confined to where you work? Or do you have friends you make outside of the workplace? Do you go to work on a Friday night to have fun? Or do you go someplace fun or chill to hang out with friends?

Remember that Stripping is a job (it can be a fun job, but it's still work), and the girls usually work at prime socializing hours, like Friday and Saturday nights, Holidays, etc. And they work LATE, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning, which means they have to sleep all day long, waking up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

And after you factor in eating, showering, shopping, errands, cleaning, bill paying, playing with the kid, etc. where do you think they find the time to have fun and unwind?

A Stripper's social life is pretty much confined to that of the club she works at. This is why the girls usually end up dating the bouncers or DJs who work at the club. They simply don't get out enough to meet other guys.

However, with the advent of the internet, they no longer have to "get out" to meet people. They can just go online to do it!

I've seen Strippers who've had some of the biggest Instant Message Buddy Lists I've ever seen, and they'll spend hours IMing people. They'll text people on their cell phones (when they're not turned off, that is) for hours as well. They'll post on message boards too.

But the single, best place that Strippers go to socialize on the internet is.


That's right, Currently the internet's #1 online community. This is a free website that allows you to have your own web page where you can post info about yourself, along with pictures and a daily diary. Not only that, but you can go on other people's pages and post stuff on their site, and add them to your "friends list."

In short, it's like networking with other people online.

The thing that makes stand out is that it's geared towards a very diverse and young crowd. It revels in pop culture. Many of the Strippers I know have profiles on this site with hot and sexy pictures of themselves and friends lists that range into the hundreds. With this site, they're notified about various parties and events their friends are having, and it helps give them an outlet to do something outside the walls of the strip club. Strippers also like to use MySpace for business purposes, adding regulars to their friends list so they can update them about where they'll be appearing.

Often times, I've used the line "I like you, I'm going to add you to my MySpace friends list." When the girls hear this, their eyes will light up and say "Oh my God! You're on MySpace too? I love that site!" And then they'll babble on about how much fun they have on it.

Admittedly, getting a Stripper's email address is more reliable than getting their phone number. So offering to put her on your friend's list is a great way to get her email. Not only that, but once you can see her profile, chances are she's going to have a lot of hot stripper friends in her Friend's List. After that, all you need to do is get yourself added to their Friend's List, and before you know it, you have the ability to contact literally HUNDREDS of hot, sexy strippers!

You can also just search the site for people in your area. Usually, the girls with really sexy pictures or pictures of them in lingerie or dancing are Strippers (there are exceptions since some of the girls on the site can be pretty exhibitionist, but for the most part, you can't go wrong with this tactic).

So don't dismiss any avenue you have available to you. Sites like and AOL IM or Yahoo! Messenger are good ways to meet Strippers too, but I find them to be more random than a site like

PART II: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Strip Clubs (But Were Afraid To Ask)

How Strip Clubs Operate

If you're going to be operating in strip clubs and going after Strippers, it's important to know how things operate and what the girl's job entails. Most guys are ignorant of what a career as a Stripper is really like. They think that these girls get naked and rake in the dough, but there's more to it than that. The better you understand how strip clubs operate, the better you'll be able to seduce the girl you want.

All clubs are different, with different rules depending on state law. But there are general similarities in all clubs.

Most Strippers are hired to work as "independent contractors" rather than as actual employees. This means that most Strippers are not paid a salary, therefore their income is totally dependent on dances and tips they get from customers. Strippers usually have to pay for the privilege of working at a club, which is usually known as a "house fee" or "stage fee."

Most clubs require the dancers pay out 40 to 50 percent of their income for stage or couch rental (this means that everything they make on stage and with lap dances is divvied up between the club and the dancer). There's usually also a "tip-out" to bouncers and DJs which can be around 10 or 20 percent of the girl's overall earnings for the night.

Usually a shift quota is set and the Stripper must, at the bare minimum, turn over at least that amount before she leaves the club. If a dancer does not earn the quota for the night and wants to continue working at the strip club, she owes the club and must pay off that shift's quota by adding it to the quota for the next shift she will work.

The clubs usually have other ways of making money independent of the girls. Most sell promotional items like shirts or hats, pornography, sex toys, etc. There's also the cover charge to get into the club, along with sales of drinks and any fines they may have in place to be levied against the girls who break the club's rules. Some clubs also get kickbacks from dancers who perform sex acts on customers while in the club.

Since the girls all work as independent contractors, none of them are entitled to file discrimination claims, receive workers' compensation, or unemployment benefits. Club owners are free from tax obligations and liability. Owners of clubs pay no Social Security, no health insurance, and no sick pay for the dancers. Some club owners require Strippers to sign agreements indicating that they are working as independent contractors and some clubs require women to sign a waiver of their right to sue the club for any reason before they're allowed to dance there.

Although strippers are independent contractors, they are actually treated more like employees of the club they dance at. Regardless of the agreements claiming independent contractor status, most clubs maintain a lot of control over the girls who dance there.

The club controls the schedule and hours, requires the girls to pay "rental fees" (like renting out the stage so they can dance on it, and renting out booths or couches so they can dance on them too), tip the

support staff of the club, and even sets the price of table dances and private dances.

Some clubs have specific rules about costuming and even dictate the sequence of the stripping. For example, by the middle of the first song the woman must remove her top, she must be entirely nude by the end of the second song, and must perform a nude floorshow (all this regardless of whether customers are tipping her or not).

There are even clubs that regulate when women may use the bathroom and how many of them can be in the dressing room at one time. Some clubs don't have seating available for the girls in the dressing room and enforce a strict no-smoking policy in that room. This is a way to keep the girls from slacking off in the dressing room and keep them out on the main floor with the customers (like, if a girl wants to sit down and rest, she must do so with a customer. If she wants a smoke, she must do on the main floor or in the smoking lounge/area so she's in contact with the customers).

Every club enforces their rules through the use of fines. The type of fine differs from club to club, but to give you an example, girls can be fined $1 per minute for being late, as much as $100 for calling in sick, and other arbitrary amounts for giving attitude to management or the staff, talking on her phone without permission, etc.

The girls can also be fined for prostitution, fighting with a customer, being late on stage, leaving the main floor before the DJ calls her off, not cashing in one dollar bills, being sick, not cleaning the dressing room, and various other arbitrary things. Usually being late to the stage is the most typical fine that's levied on the girls.

One of the initial appeals of working at a strip club is that the job is flexible, but this is far from the truth. Most of the time working at the club takes over your life. You tend to work long hours late at night, sometimes you have to deal with the fact that drugs and alcohol are all over the place, and for girls who work at different clubs, there's the added stress of travel too. For someone who wants to function during

"normal" work hours, this type of job can be quite problematic.

But on top of the physical stress involved in working at a strip club, there's a great deal of mental and emotional stress too. There's always drama and rivalries between girls. There can be dry periods where the girls make little money. The girls can suffer from verbal abuse from customers and employees at the club (as well as from other dancers). There is also a small amount of physical abuse girls suffer, be it from rough or aggressive customers or injuries that accrue from dancing on stage.

There's also a great deal of sexual abuse that goes on in strip clubs as well. In fact, you could define a Stripper's entire job as that of "sexual abusee," even though the clubs are geared towards protecting the girls (usually), they are still oogled, fondled, groped, licked, kissed, and in some instances penetrated by various types of strange men. Needless to say, putting up with that type of stuff can take its toll psychologically. I know a lot of Strippers who have to get drunk before they even show up to the club just to make it through the night. This is also a reason many Strippers initially turn to drugs. The girls need something to help them disassociate themselves from the experience of dealing with working at the club.

There's also the added pressure or temptation to perform prostitution while working at certain clubs. While there are a great many Strippers who draw the line at performing sex acts for money, there are a great many who are willing to take that leap. Lots of clubs frown on this type of behavior because it could shut them down, but other clubs tolerate (and in some instances encourage) it due to the extra money it brings in.

Most strip clubs tend to be divided up into certain areas. There's the main floor (where the customers sit), the stage, the bar, the DJ booth, dressing room (sometimes the girl's bathroom doubles for the dressing room), the lap dance areas, and in some cases the VIP room.

Continue reading here: The Main Floor

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