Okay, so now that you know the types of clubs and when to go, you still have one more decision to make: Topless Bar, or Nude Club?

This is actually a more important decision than you might know.

See, there's a different type of girl who works at a Topless Bar than the type of girl who works at a Nude Club. In fact, it's rather funny because both types of girls look down upon the other type.

Girls who work in Topless Bars think that girls who work in Nude Clubs are more like whores. There's a certain snootiness there. Girls who work in Nude Clubs think the girls in Topless Bars are stupid because they can make more dancing in the nude.

However, these two attitudes don't affect you directly. But other attitudes associated with them do.

Let me explain.

Girls who dance at Nude Clubs do so for the money. They know they can make more money by taking off all their clothes, so usually you'll find lots of hustlers at these types of clubs. But girls at Nude Clubs are harder to pick up because they're more closely guarded. Most Nude Clubs in this country don't serve alcohol, so the girl's don't have to deal with drunk customers (unless the club is BYOB), so there's that But anytime a girl is exposing herself as completely as they have to in Nude Clubs, she's going to feel a little vulnerable and try to compensate for this through disassociation with the men she's dancing for (ie: The customer mentality is more prevalent in all Nude Clubs).

When it comes to Topless Bars, however, it's more of a social atmosphere. The girl's in Topless Bars never get completely naked, so there's a bigger comfort factor there. Plus, the added bonus of a bar that serves alcohol makes it more of a fun, party place where dancers and customers can unwind, maybe even shoot some pool.

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