So the first rule is to never ask a Stripper for her phone number

Either she won't give it to you with an excuse like "We're not supposed to give out our numbers," or she'll just give you a fake number.

The second rule is to never give the girl your number or business card. They won't care. They'll either lose it and throw it away. Should you do this, do not expect her to get in contact with you unless she thinks she can squeeze more money out of you, in which case you might hear from her again, but it won't be a social call.

The third rule is that should a girl willingly give you her number without you soliciting it, chances are it's a working number, but don't count on it as a means to see her again. I've gotten Strippers to give me their numbers before without asking, and some were legitimate, but getting them to meet up with you can be hit or miss.

So going for a Stripper's phone number is a waste of time. I've found e-mail addresses to be more reliable, since its easier for them to get new anonymous email accounts on yahoo and hotmail, and also more convenient for them than handling hundreds of phone calls a day from guys they don't really remember from the night before. But even that is hit or miss. Usually the emails are just a means to let you know when they're working at the club again in the hopes you'll come to see them and spend money.

The best tactic is to try and get the girl to meet you outside the club after she gets off work. Pulling a Stripper from the club is almost a guarantee that something is going to happen with her. Even setting up a date to meet while you're in the club is preferable to getting a number. Something like "This place is dead, you wanna meet me at the bar down the street for a drink in an hour?" is preferable to "What's your number? Let's go out."

Don't Brag or Complain

This is another good rule to abide by when you're in a strip club. Most Strippers know that their job is to talk to guys, and its a job they do quite well.

And seeing as how they do their job well, they're used to hearing all sorts of things from their customers.

The two biggest things the girls hear the most are: Bragging and Complaining.

Guys who go to strip clubs are usually looking to escape whatever is ailing them on the outside and blow off some steam or have some fun in fantasy land for a while. They want to feel important, like big shots. They want to impress the girls or dump their problems onto them.

Every time I go into a club I see guys throwing around money, bragging about how great their job is and what kind of car they drive. The girls are used to this. They're used to guys lying to them about what they do, in order to impress them. They're also used to hearing about how much money a guy makes, because he thinks that's the way to get her to sleep with him.

If you brag to a Stripper, all you're going to do is bore her. They've heard it all before, and they don't care. The only thing they care about is how much money you're going to spend IN THE CLUB. Your fancy car or yacht on the Caribbean is of no use to them. But that $20 in your pocket is.

By the same token, you'll also bore a Stripper by complaining to her. If you start using her as a therapist and unloading about how crappy your job is, or how crummy your family is, or whatever it is that's bugging you, you're not doing anything to further your cause of getting a date with this dancer.

Most Strippers have trained themselves well in the art of "smiling and nodding." They can act like they care and be understanding of your problems, but in the end, they simply don't give a damn about you. They have their own problems to deal with.

All bragging or complaining to a Stripper will do is make you look like your average customer.


Just act cool and stay positive. Keep your problems to yourself and be a bit humble. This will make you stand out from most losers.

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