Strippers And Religion

This might be hard for a lot of guys to believe, but many Strippers are actually quite religious.

Now, I know this seems like BS. How can a woman who partakes in the "sex industry," who sells her body (and sometimes sexual favors) to men, actually be religious?

Well, I'm not saying all the girls are religious, but most of them do have a strong set of beliefs and values which they live by.

This is why they're not walking the streets looking for johns. They really do have a set of values that helps them live their lives, and they find religion or come from a heavy religious background, and these religions help them to shape their beliefs and values.

Most Strippers partake in counter-culture type religions, such as Wicca or Satanism (not to say the two are synonymous, I actually think Wicca is quite an interesting and positive religion). Others can be really hard core into Christianity or some other religion that would frown on stripping, but they seem to be able to justify the fact that what they do is separate from what they believe in. Though there are some girls who strip as a way to rebel against an oppressive religious upbringing, but that doesn't mean they still don't believe in what they're rebelling against.

Almost all Strippers are spiritual or believe in metaphysical stuff in some fashion. They believe in "higher powers" and "ghosts" and "spirits" and "energy."

Because the girls usually have strong religious beliefs, religion can be a good thing to connect with them on. I once hooked up with a Playboy model who was stripping at a club I was working at because I commented on the pentagram necklace she was wearing and started talking about Wicca (I had dated a girl who was Wiccan before so I knew a thing or two about the religion). She lit up when I commented on it and we got into a deep conversation about her beliefs. This was probably the primary reason she ended up going home with me that night, because I was one of the few guys who really seemed to "understand" her.

A lot of Strippers have a very open mind towards different beliefs and can become really interested when you talk about different religions. My favorite one to talk about is Mormonism. When I lived in Los Vegas, I actually found out a great deal about Mormonism and all of its interesting secret ceremonies and beliefs. Girls find it an intriguing subject.

So knowing this, you can always fall back on what a Stripper's beliefs are as a way to make yourself stand out from the average customer.

Never Believe A Stripper Is Single

I don't care what you hear or what she tells you. Strippers are never, ever, ever, ever, EVER single!

Every Stripper you meet will have either a husband, boyfriend, sex-buddy, or multiple boyfriends.

She will never be single.

So no matter what, you will have to deal with competition from another man.

In the cases where the girl has a sex-buddy or multiple boyfriends, this means that she's still open to seeing you socially. But when you get the husband or boyfriend in the mix, things become harder.

Usually, the husband or boyfriend will know the rules of their girl's game. They will stay out of the club and trust her enough to behave herself with other men when she's out of his site. Typically, the girls

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