The Stage

Stages come in all styles and sizes. Some stages wouldn't even be considered a "stage" by any standard, but it's the place where the girls perform for the customers.

Stages will usually have a bumper on them where customers can sit down and watch the girl dance up close, as well as lay down tips. These buffers are usually padded in some way so the girls have the option of getting close to the customers to hustle more tips.

There's usually a rotation for the dancers working in the club to go up on stage and perform their set. During a set, a dancer will strip, dance, walk around, show off her goodies, and if she's really into it, perform acrobatics. Generally a girl will start her set fully clothed and over the course of a set of 2 or 3 songs she will remove her top and in nude clubs, her g-string. In some clubs, the girls will crawl or move around on the floor posing in sexual positions and spread their legs at the customers' eye level.

During a floorshow, a dancer changes her movements from upright to positions on her knees and squatting in order to 'flash' tipping customers. ("Flashing" is when the Stripper pulling her g-string aside, revealing her naughty bits). Strippers will ordinarily only position themselves in front of customers who are tipping when they're on

stage. The guys who don't tip are pretty much ignored.

The stage is also the area where live sex shows are performed. Live sex shows involve 2 or more girls engaging in simulated or actual sex on stage for the customer's enjoyment. "Lesbian sex shows" can be an advertised feature for certain clubs and two girls partner up and split the profits from the show (with the club getting a nice cut, of course).

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